>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Would y'all believe that I spent my day AWAY from the computer yesterday??? Uh, huh ... I did, I REALLY, REALLY did! I hurt from head-to-toe. Ached as if I had the flu, but I didn't. Was it a FIBRO flare-up? Not sure about that either. All I know is that even the tops of my feet ached!!! Now that is just plain weird to me, but it's not the first time.

Anyhoo, yours truly took a LONG nap on the recliner, cleaned the kitchen, fixed dinner and hung out with my darlin' watching television and EVEN went to bed EARLY ... like around ten-ish I believe!!!

Now, you've just got to know that I'm under-the-weather when I don't touch my computer and watch television!!! ROFL! DEFINITELY something wrong there!!! I'm feeling more like myself today and still not sure why I felt SO bad yesterday, but I shant let that trouble me as long as I'm feeling well enough to be sitting right here, creating and visiting with y'all!!! LOL!

Of course, that puts me BEHIND (shall I adopt this as my new middle name???) and I won't have any photos to share with you until tomorrow night! However, I do have for you some more goodies to add to your *Bloomin' Awesome* collection!!! A few of the items are just downright "charming", but I'll let you be the judge of that! (Be nice to me now, remember I've not been feeling good!) He, he ...

See you CREATIVE wonders tomorrow and I wish you ALL a FABULOUS day! (I'm still waiting for some FABULOUS layouts from y'all - don't make me BEG you now!!! LOL!)

Baci e abbracci,

P.S. The layout below is one that is down below in my personal slideshow. I put it here for those who've not traveled down to the BOTTOM of my blog to see it!!! Just an idea of what I did with the MULTIPLE-PHOTO FRAME that is included in tonight's freebie download.


Layout by MOI using my *BLOOMIN AWESOME* - this was our first meeting of
PRECIOUS Dillon James on Easter Sunday one year ago here in Copperopolis
before Poppa sold his home and moved several hours away

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