the sweetest and most atomic cupcake in scrapland ...

>> Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BriAnna Schultz, owner and Master Photoshop Action Creator since 2005, is sadly closing shop the end of May.  Atomic Cupcake has been a household name in the digital scrapbooking industry and has been in operation since my earliest days in Scrapland (January 2005)!

For those who have purchased actions, templates and scrapkits from Atomic Cupcake in the past, you might wish to mouse-click on over and pick up anything you might have missed before the last day of May, which is the day after tomorrow already!  Eeeks.  Where has this month vanished to?  *perplexed look upon my face*

All product at Atomic Cupcake is 30% off until the doors close.  For those newer to the community and who might not have yet found your way to the sweetest cupcake ever, this would be a perfect opportunity to stock up on some very cool deals on some very extraordinary Photoshop magic!

I have several favorites that I often go to in creating my designs and/or in my personal scrapbooking. Please feel free to share with those you think may be interested!  *smile* 
This is definitely one cupcake that shall be especially good, as well as sweet, to the very last byte!



may 2012 blog train ... "a royal wedding"!

>> Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All aboard!

Okay.  Y'all have already boarded and where was I?  Too horrifying to recount so I'll spare you and me the horrid details.  *sigh*

I've held up the train long enough so I'll simply apologize for the chain of events that threw a wrench in my blogging roll!  *argh*  I am so sorry everybody!!!

I lost three things - my blog post (ouch, and you should be able to here this cry on the other side of the globe), our electricity and as a result of that sweet little adventure, some templates I had been working on!   I am desperately in need of a battery backup.  I think this is the only important facet of safekeeping that I've neglected for the past seven years! 

With all of that behind me, I say, "good morning y'all"!  Happy Hump Day!  Hope you are having a fabulous time making your way through Scrapland and admiring all of the delicious goodness awaiting your digital and hybrid memories,.  *smile*

You may have arrived here at Bon Scrapatit Designs from:

Your next stop will be at:

Virginia State of Mind Designs (I'm betting this lovely lady lives in Virginia.  Whatcha think?  *He, he*)

If you've lost your way or are not able to find what you are looking for, stop by the Blog Train Blog for the entire list of links for all participating designers plus a lovely slideshow of what's on board May's train ride:

We realize that it is difficult to leave comments for all 77 participating designers on our personal blogs, even though you know we love it!   If you are pressed for time, you can always leave a thank you with Trish and Tanya on the Blog Train Blog!  XO

Lest I forget, my little mini-kit includes just about everything in the four colors I chose to focus on from the color palette!  The King and Queen journal cards and frames come in four colors.  One set includes a coordinating color border on the inside and I've also included a plain frame.  If you wish to add the colored border, all you need do is to layer the plain white frame on top of anyone of the King/Queen frames with border and clip/merge them together and voila! 

I'm hoping to create a couple of scrapatits and a few more flowers to coordinate.  Once I got going, I was finding it difficult to stop!  This is a good thing y'all!  It means my mojo is kicking in and I'm having fun!  LOL! 

Here is a preview of what you will be getting here at Bon Scrapatit Designs for this month's festive theme, *A Royal Wedding*:

Sorry, links have expired and will be added to my shop soon - thanks for stopping in!

Thank you all so very for your continued support of Bon Scrapatit Designs and I wish 
you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy reading all of the comments you leave when 
downloading.  The digital scrapbooking community is the most incredible place on 
the Internet!  Besides preserving our most precious and priceless memories, we develop
strong ties and long-lasting friendships based primarily on our common interests.  How
much better does it get than that!  *big grin*

 Bon Scrapatit!


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