>> Monday, June 30, 2008

Greetings everyone and HAPPY CANADA DAY to my beloved Canadian friends and digi-sisters!!!

I shall be brief the wee hours of this morning - HAHAHAHA!!! I'm a bit sleepy and it's been a VERY long day, however, I'm GETTIN 'ER DONE!!!

I have several things to share and will break them up between a couple of posts. I hope I make sense enough for you to follow along easily!!! ROFL!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such an INCREDIBLE response to *SUMMER WEDDING*!!! I had NO idea it would be accepted to the extent it has been and y'all are just TOO sweet!!! I SO appreciate ALL of the well-wishes for Travis and Joan's wedding and for your WONDERFUL input to the future creations in *SUMMER WEDDING* and, of course, I LOVE hearing your about your own events!

Amberlee, CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming marriage of your mom!!! That is SO exciting and I'm with you, I don't know what to do for a second time around either!!! Lacey gloves would be VERY pretty and here again, also GREAT for heritage scraps. I will need to make a list and start thinking as this is an AWESOME challenge for me never having designed anything weddingish before! First time for everything and I be LOVIN' it ... and y'all!!!

MANY of you have sons and daughters that have already married and ANN - WOO HOO!!! Three more weeks for you and WOW, have you made your daughter's wedding dress??? I cannot tell you how long I had hoped to be able to make one. It just was not meant to be!

How many of you have made your daughter's wedding dress or that of another female family member or friend? How many of you have been married in a wedding dress made for you? And, how many of you have married wearing a dress worn by your mother, grandmother or another family member?

I was actually married to my children's father wearing the same dress worn by all four of his sisters! I was quite honored. I think it was more trendy in the 70's to wear a wedding dress passed down than it is today. Wedding gowns had become pretty big business, wouldn't you agree? Now, that's not a bad thing, just another one of those BIG changes in times!

Okay, the rambler is rambling and getting sidetracked!!! Joan sent me a couple of images showing her color palette for her wedding today! I was pretty darn close and will probably stay with what I've started as they are like a mere shade off and can be easily recolored if need be!

I also found out that she is NOT wearing pearls. I had a hunch she wasn't but was struggling to get the look I wanted working with a couple of gems. I will play more until I get the look I wish to achieve. Joan will be wearing diamond drop earrings and possibly her tennis bracelet, however, nothing around her neck. I'm beginning to see more of the "bare" neck look these days, which is fine by me as I'm not big on jewelry anymore.

Come to think of it, I just scrapped a photo of our niece, Kimmi, who was married a year ago the 7th and she was not wearing anything around her neck but did have some pretty diamond studs in her ears. Oh listen to me, what do I know anyhoo. I was married over 30 years ago and when Robert and I say "I do", it will most likely be at the courthouse as I just cannot see spending money that can serve a better purpose, such as a vacation to the Caribbean next year or a cruise with Robert's dad, a new Canon camera for me and some other tech needs. LOL!

Well, since I've gone on this long, I will wait until tomorrow to tell you about a couple of projects I've completed and when they will be ready for market!!! He, he ... and what time is it??? If you don't know, I am NOT telling!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

ENJOY *SUMMER WEDDING*, Part Two and I shall see you later alligators!!! Have a GORGEOUS day and how do we scrap??? Why, HAPPY of course!!!

Linda :)


The time is 4:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order, however I am not!!! Night all!!! XO



>> Friday, June 27, 2008

Well, it is only seven weeks from today that my darling daughter number two will be exchanging vows with her prince charming in an outdoor wedding that will take place at the Academy in downtown Vancouver, Washington. This is supposed to be quite the place to say "I do" in a BEAUTIFUL outdoor setting. Gosh, can it get ANY greener than in Washington state??? You will understand more why I said that in a moment!!!

Joan has still not sent me her colors, however, I think I may have found them last night on my favorite site for experimenting with color - ADOBE KULER!!! Appropriately named as it is DEFINITELY "kuler" than any other site I've visited for the purpose of playing with colors and finding something I like to work with. You will see it listed on my sidebar and I will tell you right now before I forget that KULER not only gives you TONS of options to choose from, but you can create your own swatches by mixing and matching or changing the set of colors to your liking. You can EVEN create a swatch from a photo if you are wishing to create something to go with a specific photo of set of photos!!! Now, HOW "kule" is that!!! LOL!

On to the colors! Joan's dress will be white (she could not find the style she chose in off-white), the bridesmaids in brown and she is using green, which she describes as somewhat similar to a Granny Smith apple!!! The boys are thinking, what is SHE thinking!!! I politely replied, "boys, your sister is getting married outdoors and these are very "earthy" colors"! Hmmm ... perhaps naturistic would be more appropriate considering the palette.

Anyhoo, hoo, brown, green and white are her colors and I'm trying to think of what she might be doing with them. She was mentioning decorating tables with, perhaps, small crab apples (I can hear the conversations circling 'round now .... "how bout them apples???"!!! ROFL!!! Uh, huh, YUP, you guessed it - RUM DUMMY HOUR at Bon Scrapatit Designs!). She is hoping for brown table cloths and there is talk of green roses, calla lilies and peonies I believe. But anyway, the more I write this down, the more excited I am getting and the LOVELIER this is all sounding. I am SO visual, so I am trying to imagine the location mixed in with the colors of choice and the desired decor. I'm a sucker for tulle and white lights and those will be set up for the reception.

I SO wished that I could be with Joan ahead of time to help, however, she wishes me to enjoy my role as mother and not to be concerned about anything. Joan actually has a gal down the street from her who is going to be helping her tremendously. In fact, she will be staying at her house for three days prior to her wedding, which is wonderful and will, hopefully, make for a MUCH calmer Joan!!!

If I remember, I shall post one of their engagement photos taken by a good friend who will also be photographing their wedding. Becca does FABULOUS work and she is fairly new and has her own business and website. If you happen to live in or around the Vancouver, Washington area, she is a DEFINITE consideration for any of your photographic needs.

ROTFLMBO!!! Some of you may be reading this post before I am finished with it!!! I had started last night and got caught up in a movie (rare for me!) with my olderst son and was TOO tired to post afterwards. Good thing as I've got a SPECIAL little treat for you tonight - a FIRST in a series that I have named for the time being (or unless something else jumps out and grabs me), *Summer Wedding*. And, I just SO happen to have used what I believe to be Joan's wedding colors!!! He, he ... see, I keep telling y'all that there IS a method to my madness!!! LOL!

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Y'ALL and thank you SOOOOO very much for ALL of the INCREDIBLY sweet comments!!! Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel GOOD!!! I FEEL good, da, da, da, da, da .... just like I knew that I would now ... SO good, SO good, cuz I've got YOU!!! Forgot about the fact that RUM DUMMY hour has long past me by tonight, okay??? LOL!

Carole, I hope y'all had a FABULOUS time celebrating Paul and Shannon's birthdays today!!!

Oh, oh, oh ..... BEFORE I FORGET!!! I have a TON of stuff to take care of plus preparing for my oldest daughter's visit after the 4th of July and then the twins "19th" birthday on the 16th, etc. so if you would do me a REALLY big favor and post a few ideas of what you might like to see in the future installments of *Summer Wedding*, I shall try my best to accommodate your requests. Oh, and I'm sure you'll figure it out for yourselves - this series will also work WONDERFULLY for heritage scraps too!

Night all, sweet dreams and to those of you just beginning your day, MORNIN'!!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Travis and Joan's engagement photos courtesy of Rebecca
McLachlan Photography, Vancouver, Washington



>> Thursday, June 26, 2008


WOW!!! What a month this has been for me and I have not blogged about it all!!!

Thus far, I have celebrated my birthday, my one-year anniversary since becoming a "bona fide" designer AND during the week of my birthday I hit 200,000 hits on my blog and yesterday was my 200th post!!!

SO, in CELEBRATION of my FIREWORKS moments I have put together a SCRAPATIZER, which here at Bon Scrapatit Designs is equivalent to what y'all know as a "sampler", for your FREEBIE tonight!!! For those of you already owning the kit, well, you have everything except for the spiral notepaper. That was an extra tucked away and I decided to add it into the freebie.

REMEMBER: ALL of my NINE scrapkits are on sale through the END of month for ONLY $2.00 and *A Fireworks Moment* is one of them. MOST of you will remember me telling you that it is my VERY first scrapkit EVER sold in my store at 3Scrapateers!!!

*A Fireworks Moment* is an EXPLOSIVE collection of colorful and sparkling papers and elements for all of your magical moments!

With a FESTIVE palette of red, yellow, blue, white and gold, *A Fireworks Moment* scrapkit is extremely VERSATILE and made for EVERYONE'S magical moments ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Weddings, new bundles of joy, graduations, reaching weight-loss goals, being accepted into a university/college, a first kiss or a job promotion are just a few of THE SPECIAL MOMENTS for scrapping with this BRILLIANT display of SPARKLING digital designs! And, naturally, it can be used for scrapping your FOURTH OF JULY photos!!!

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it!!! I will have to tell you that my VERY favorite part of the creation process were the "foil-embossed" fireworks on a semi-glittered background!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day y'all!!!

Linda :)

This is only the main preview and not ALL elements are
represented. If you wish to see all, click HERE to be taken
to the store where you can view all previews - thank you!



>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hi y'all!!! Another quick post tonight as I end *Jeanealogy of a Man* in "priceless" style!!! YUP, no dollar amount can be placed on the ADORABLE young gentleman sportin' jeans and ties for their cyber auntie Linda!!!

Oliver and Harrison are the two oldest boys belonging to my DEAREST friend and digi-adopted daughter, Sarah Laming of Designs by Sassy!!! Sass and I chat MOST every day! There is an eight hour time difference between us as she resides in the UK and I, of course, here in the USA! We usually catch one another as one is arising and the other soon preparing to retire. Many times we touch bases twice daily!

I am still in AWE on a daily basis with our ability to strike up WONDERFUL friendships with people around the globe! Yes, I tell many that it is not much different than the days of "pen pals" (am I dating myself, or what? lol!), but when I really think about it, it is actually MUCH more advanced as we are actually able to see the other person while communicating if we choose to do so, as well as to communicate as often as we wish as opposed to awaiting the arrival of "snail mail"! Gosh, are we EVER spoiled!!!

I have to honestly say that my MOST special and MOST treasured friendships are some of the dear women that I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending while following my passion for preserving my family heritage. Hmmm, how many of us can say that our BEST friend/friends are people that we've never met fact-to-face??? MORE and MORE of us today!!! I am SO blessed to have y'all as my digi-sisters!!! Isn't it AMAZING to hobnob with such a VAST array of like-minded people!!! Yes, we are ALL unique and, YES, we all have differences of opinions, however, we all have similar values and we ALL place TREMENDOUSLY great importance on family .... LOL!!! .... uh, otherwise we wouldn't be scrapping now would we!!! He, he ...

Tonight is the "10th" and FINAL "scrapatit" to coordinate with *Jenealogy of a Man*! I have yet to release the kit in it's entirety and I shall post it a the top of my sidebar when it is ready-to-go for those of you that missed it as a Half-n-Half! It will, of course, make it's DEBUT at 40% off of it's regular price! This kit is HUGE!!! I'd say it borderlines on being a MEGA kit with it's *20 Background Papers*, *124 Elements, which includes a total of 38 black leather word labels and BONUS distressed metal alpha!!!

Tomorrow, I shall have a little something DIFFERENT for y'all as I think we've just about "worn out" our blue jeans, eh? ROFL!!! He, he ..... OHHHH, but "worn out" blue jeans are SOOOO comfortable, aren't they??? LOL!!!

QUESTION: What (brand and/or style) are your FAVORITE and/or MOST comfortable pair of jeans? Where are they? And, do you think you'll EVER give them up???

There is just a tad bit less than a WEEK left on my $2.00 sale at my 3Scrapateers' store!!! I only have "7" kits for sale but, they are all 2-in-1!!! TWO kits in ONE that is!!! Take a peek and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy. Most all of them also include BONUS alphas. One of them actually comes with THREE alphas! They are all versatile as well!!!

Thank you ALL for the support of my designs - it is MOST appreciated!

Have a WONDERFUL tomorrow and I have somewhat of a CHALLENGE for you who are reading this far! ANY guesses as to what tomorrow's FREEBIE might be???

Sweetest dreams ....
Love and hugs, Linda :)

P.S. I did wish to mention really quickly for ANY of you who might be interested in a REALLY good deal on some commercial-use items. Bobbie of "One Scrappy Mom" is closing her store in preparation for some NEW adventures and is offering EVERYTHING at 70% off!!! I won't tell you how much I bought, but will tell you that you just CANNOT go wrong with such a bargain!!! She has some GREAT texture overlays, junk drawer items and folded ribbons to name a few. For those of you not the least bit interested in CU items, she has some REALLY cute scrapkits at 70% off as well!

Bobbie also, and I just found this out today (yes, Linda the Late Bloomer and remember ... day late, dollar short and THE LAST to know!!!), makes INCREDIBLY awesome blinkies and banners for designers or whomever wishes to "flash" about the Internet!!! LOL! Bobbie's prices are by far the MOST reasonable I've seen yet at only $3.00 for a 150x50 and $5.00 for a 468x60!!! Once her store is closed, and I just asked her this while shopping there today, she will have a link on her site where we can go to order our custom-made blinkies and banners!!!

Here are links to see some examples and I know MOST all of you have seen these around! (make sure to scroll down the page when reading about the blinkies/banners if you wish to be taken to see Bobbie's examples)




Layout is of Sarah Laming's two olderst sons, Harrison and
Oliver! Aren't they just TOO cute!!! I've used *Jenealogy
of a Man*, Scrapatit #10. Photo courtesy of Sarah Laming.
Font used is CK Man's Print. Thanks for looking y'all!

If you don't already have them, the above is a preview of
scrapatits one through nine. Links will remain active
through the end of the month, so snag 'em now while the
snaggin' is GOOD!!!


The time is MIDNIGHT PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Can you believe it??? It is ONLY
midnight and I'm ready for bed!!! WOO HOO!!! XOXO



>> Monday, June 23, 2008

ROFL!!! Well, that could be answered MANY ways I suppose, however, in my creation of *Jeanealogy of a Man*, Scraptit #9, I found MY #1 excuse!!!

Hope y'all are having a GREAT start to your week. I'm cruising in and flying out. It has been a "strange" past few days for me, but then I'm sure that happens to all of us every now and then, eh??? Come on, y'all know what I'm talking about!!! STRANGE .... just strange I tell ya! Earth to Linda, come in please!!! ROFL!

I'm missing you and THANK YOU to those that have recently added to the *Saturday in the Park* slideshow!!! That put a HUGE smile upon my somewhat weary face today!!!
As MOST of you have seen during your visit, the *Jeanealogy of a Man* slideshow now sits right at the TOP of OUR blog and is boasting some INCREDIBLE masterpieces, wouldn't you say? REMEMBER: You may add any layouts that you create using ANY of the *Jeanealogy of a Man* components, whether it be from the Part One or Part Two of the scrapkit OR from the "scrapatits" offered FREE right here!!! You just KNOW that y'all will make my day!!!

I hope to catch up with you in a couple of days. Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Designs has returned from her trip to Missouri to see her family and has come back with a BIG box full of slides to scan (OH, JOY!) and scrap. Ms. Dawn ALSO has another FREEBIE for y'all from her FABULOUS *NEW ARRIVAL: Pretty in Pink* series!!!

ENJOY and have a TERRIFIC Tuesday everyone! SCRAP HAPPY!


Linda :)

Layout of Travis with his best man and older brother,
Robert Jr. with his son, Andrew and his wife's brother,
Rick (to the left of Travis, the groom!), using my
*Jeanealogy of a Man*, Scrapatit #9. Photo courtesy
of MOI. Fonts used are CK Man's Print and CK Quick
Stitch. I originally had put "can a man find happiness
outside of his jeans" because of the solemn looks upon
ALL of their faces!!! They just look so uncomfortable,
don't they??? Almost as if to say, "I can't wait to get
home and change into jeans"!!! He, he ... NOT!!!


The time is 1:10 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order. Have a LOVELY day y'all!!! XOXO



>> Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okay, well, actually this all happened YESTERDAY as it is now after 3:00 am my time!!! I hope this finds y'all doing AWESOME and getting some QUALITY scrapping time in this weekend as well as family time!

I awoke yesterday morning barely able to move. Well, let's just say that I had to be VERY careful in HOW I moved!!! I shall not bore you with all of the details, however, I was pretty well confined to one of the reclining portions of our sectional! AND, it was over 110 degrees today!!! Long overdue for Northern California and I've been counting my blessings for each day that it barely made it into the 80's!!! I was feeling rather lightheaded for the better part of the day, making it a bit of a DIZZY day.

So, with my not feeling so "mobile" and it being SO hot, Robert and I had a TOTAL "veg" day in front of the television watching some GOOD wholesome movies together. We both adore the Hallmark channel and that is pretty much where we tuned in for the time in between "catnaps"!!! I wish one of the boys had of been home to capture us on film when at one point Robert, Zeke and I were all fast asleep beside each other!!! TOO sweet it was as I awoke and to my left, Robert lay sleeping and to my right, little Zeke.

I cannot believe that Robert, having five kiddos of his own, has NEVER watched Walt Disney's "Pollyanna" or "The Parent Trap"! Today, he did and he LOVED them both as I knew he would! Believe it or not, I got this man hooked on Anne of Green Gables a few years ago when we found the two part set at our local library!!! Oh, and I have to admit, I had NEVER seen "Gone With The Wind" (don't ask me why not!) and he checked that one out as well. OMGosh ... I was TOTALLY swept away for the entire showing!!! Today, was a VERY Disney kinda day!!!

Anyhoo, my loving man is a soft touch. You'd never know it to look at him, unless you look straight into his eyes! He tells me everytime we watch a Hallmark movie or see one advertised that they should call it the "crying channel" as I don't think we've watched an ACTUAL Hallmark movie without shedding some tears! So, it was "Pollyanna", "The Stepmom" (I really BOO-HOOED on this one), "The Parent Trap" and "The Journey of Natty Gann", by which time I headed to my computer to wish our WONDERFUL 3S DIVA, Lianne Carper a VERY "Happy Birthday"!!! I had been thinking about her all day and was THRILLED when I was finally able to get up pain free - WOO HOO!!!

Wouldn't you know when I should be sleeping, I'm finally feeling better and able to sit here and play!!! ROFL! Gotta go with the flow, eh???

Today's FREEBIE is yet another "scrapatit" from *Jeanealogy of a Man*. I created this one from a commercial template that I JUST purchased in a grab bag by LB Creations. I made several modifications but ENJOYED using the template as a base.

Thank you , thank you for ALL of the LOVELY comments. You all are entirely TOO sweet you know! Thank you for your patience with me as I continue getting caught up and I am still working on getting the slideshow up for y'all to post your masterpieces to!

Have a SUPER SUNDAY everybody!!! Until next time ...

Linda :)

Layout of Travis, Sofie and Lohgan using my
*Jeanealogyof a Man* scrapkit. Photos are courtesy
of Rossetti Photography (Tracy, CA). Fonts used:
Accidental Presidency, CK Man's Print and CK Script.


The time is 4:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Found a cute quote by an unknown
author just a bit ago: "The grass is always greener where
you water it"!!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day wherever you are!



>> Friday, June 20, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

It's FRIDAY!!! OW, OW!!! Not that it is much different than the week for me, but my ROBERTO is home for the weekend and I just LOVE his company! It's SOOOO cool now that he is computer literate and plays on his laptop before retiring for the night right here beside me. Yeah, I know, try visualizing that!!!

With three of my boys still at home, space is limited so, my computer armoire is in our bedroom and I can literally get up from my computer chair and take ONE mediocre step to our bed!!! Why am I telling you this??? RUM DUMMY HOUR has come and gone LONG ago for this girl!!!

Dawn, girlfriend, I had a rather frustrating Internet day yesterday as I made a good-sized post on your blog as well as Scrap Stew Sue's and neither one of them posted!!! GRRRRR! Anyhoo, I've been thinking about you ALL day and can't wait to see your family portrait and hear more about your AWESOME visit with your family!!! I shall catch up with you later today! Love you!

Ladies, will you do me a BIG favor??? Let's all go over and tell Dawn how MUCH we miss her!!! SNOWSMOON'S DESIGN - thank you!!! She will be TICKLED PINK!!! Pun INTENDED! He, he . . .

Thank you ALL for your WONDERFUL and MOST lovely comments!!! Awwww, I am SO deeply touched that y'all are SO concerned about my getting enough rest. I shall do so just as soon as I've "GOT 'ER DONE" and I'm getting closer!

So, without further ado, here is your FFF! *Jenealogy of a Man*, Scrapatit #7 created with my black denim!!! NO blues today!!! ROFL!

Barb, thank you for stopping by and I've sent you an e-mail in reply to your question of offering yesterday's scrapatit in PSD format. GREAT idea, I just need some input!!!

Kim, you are such a HOOT girl!!! You just know how to have WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!

Rice, you are TOO sweet. I shall be just fine .... thank you for looking after me and I'm SO thrilled that you are enjoying the scrapatits! I'm THRILLED that y'all are!

Nancy - ENJOY your time away and I hope you are coming back with OODLES of photos!!! If you can't have a laptop along, I'm SURE hoping you WILL have your camera with you!!!

Sharon - I just LOVE hearing about your garden adventures and YES, dear Jace had BETTER be helping his mama out and hmmmm .... do you think that we can move the property line over just a WEE bit without anyone noticing??? ROTFLMO!!!!!!!!

Lisa ... and Nancy .... oh, you have my mouth watering at the moment!!! A nice juicy homemade hamburger with the works!!! Lucky ladies! Next trip down to the valley, I shall have Robert stop us at one!!!

Night all ... this girl is about to expire! And with a few hours of sleep, I shall be refreshed!!! POOF!


Linda :)



>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've not yet been to an IN-N-OUT BURGER here in California!!! I'm not a "fast food" kinda gal, but I've heard WONDERFUL things about their food, one source being one of my daughters who tells me every time she comes to visit that she CANNOT come to California and leave without visiting and IN-N-OUT at least once!!!

Well, MOI is IN-N-OUT this morning as I was up ALL night last night, slept for four hours and have been lacking energy all day and don't ask me WHY I am STILL up this morning!!! Doctor in the house??? I need a serious brain physical!!!

I'm leaving you with a little FREEBIE, nothing spectacular but I thought you might like a "scrapatit" that would house LOTS of photos to go along with the rest of the collection thus far! I kept trying to add embellishments, but nothing looked right and I really want for y'all to be able to add your OWN touches and journaling. I did not wish to obstruct any of the frames and figured if y'all wanted something overlapping them, you'd be the ones to do it!!!

ENJOY and I'll catch up with you SOON!

Have a GOOD day my digi-sisters and hang onto those layouts for the upcoming slideshow!

Linda :)


The time is 2:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order, however, I am NOT!!! ROTFLMBO!



>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi y'all, night y'all!!!

ROFL! In your dreams will I EVER be that short in posting, eh??? Well, I am VERY, VERY tired tonight and on my way to bed, but just wished to stop by and share another "scrapatit" with you from *Jeanealogy of a Man*! I've been working DILIGENTLY trying to "get 'er done"!!!

Speaking of which, my BFF, Ms. Dawn of Snowmoon's Designs has been in Missouri now visiting family since Saturday morning. If you are peeking in girlfriend, hope you are having a GRAND time and I shall try to catch up with you in the next couple of days cuz, I'm "gettin' 'er done"!!!

Hard to believe we are a bit more than halfway through June already and this month is PACKED with birthdays in all of my families!!! My digi families and those in my immediate and extended family.

A BIG SHOUT OUT of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DEAREST friend in Kansas, Ms. Carole Nordyke!!! If you are reading this between now and the next eight hours or so, I shall call you at the usual time with BIRTHDAY greeting sweetheart!

All of the BONUS links for PART TWO of *Jeanealogy of a Man* have been sent out and don't forget, those of you who were present at the Half-n-Half chat this past Thursday night, send me an e-mail with the TWO names and/or words you wish custom made on black leather label!!!

I've had SO much FUN with this kit and it has gotten HUGE! Well, I started thinking about it and if I'm going to do a series, then I wish for it to be as complete as possible and I just kept thinking of more things to add to it!!!

Okay, I'm outta here and into LA-LA-LAND!!!

Have a SUPER Tuesday everyone and don't forget to SCRAP HAPPY!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


The time is 2:20 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Slideshow for *Jeanealogy of a Man*
to arrive in a couple of days! I cannot wait to see what y'all
do with this scrapkit. For those who have missed Part One
or Part Two or BOTH, the full kit will be debuting by week's
end! Bon Scrapatit! XOXO



>> Saturday, June 14, 2008

Greetings darlins',

Well, I've gone and done it again! What is that you ask? Oh, nothing really. I JUST deleted my hours worth of posting to you while copying and pasting the download link, forgetting to paste back all of the text I cut to position the previews properly!!! No biggie!!! NOT! I doubt that I shall remember everything word-for-word, but I shall try my best to remember as many of the details as possible. From now on, I shall type my text first in Word and THEN copy and paste here in blogger after posting my previews!!! Is my head made of wood you ask? Hmmm .... beginning to wonder about that!!! ROFL!

I apologize for being somewhat MIA since the chat Thursday night, but my body DEMANDED I rest and stay away from the computer for a bit lest in go into full-blown rebellion and not allow me back here for a VERY long time!!! Of course, I chose the shorter vacation!!!

A BIG "thank you" to ALL of you who made my Half-n-Half chat SO much FUN!!! Y'all are a HOOT and, BOY, can we type FAST!!! Even with my screen floating and the font sized as large as possible, I struggled to keep up every now and then. So glad to see that y'all survived!!!

I shall be sending out your FREE bonus links sometime tomorrow as I've needed to work on a few things in preparation of Father's Day here at home tomorrow. I am sending out layouts/cards to three of our sons that will be celebrating their VERY first Father's Day!!! Awwww .... how SPECIAL will it be for ALL first-time daddy's tomorrow. Of course, most people who know me also have heard me say, EVERYDAY is Mother's Day and Father's Day! Most difficult job most of us will ever have had, yet the MOST rewarding as well! With proper investing, the payoff is HUGE! Mind you, my parenthood has been FAR from perfect (whatever that is) and I still find myself apologizing for many things, but I believe that all of my children have a greater understanding of, "when you know better, you do better" (Maya Angelou)! Or at least, I hope they do eventually!

I am blessed all things considered, as we've walked a rough road together. KEY WORD: together! They are all bright, intelligent, respectful and nice human beings even though I may not always see it at home! I always get compliments on how well-mannered they all are, so that tells me a lot!!!

Dr. Rourke has helped me to understand through our years of counseling together in the past, when children suffer trauma from a dysfunctional (abusive) home and they are left to reside with the "safe" parent, they tend to express their anger there because they know that they are loved unconditionally and, they feel safe! Once I understood that, it has made a BIG difference in how I felt as a parent. I have done to the best of my ability and that is what is MOST important. I continue to learn, grow and change - VITAL for any of us! I SO love my children, with ALL of my heart and soul and I am VERY proud of each and every one of them.

How I have gotten off on a tangent, eh? Y'all are going to send me to my room!!! Oh goodie, that is where my computer is!!! LOL!

Well, I had wished to tell you all how saddened Robert and I were in hearing of the unexpected death of Tim Russert, long-time anchor of "Meet The Press" as well as a well-known and HIGHLY respected political analyst. I won't elaborate as the news media is FULL of tributes to this INCREDIBLE human being.

I've not actually seen a lot of Tim as has Robert. However, after watching several interviews with friends and colleagues, I will say that in my honest opinion, the man is a role model for all of us. I don't think I've heard of any one in his field as highly praised nor respected as he was while living and as he will continue to be in his death. He was REAL! What you see, is what you get. He had a heart for ALL. My kinda person!

I was especially touched when hearing Tim being interviewed about the NUMBER ONE best-seller he wrote entitled, "Big Russ and Me". Big Russ is Tim's father. A father who instilled morals, values and work ethics into the life of his son and who in turn has done the same for his son, Luke. Luke has just graduated from college and Tim had just returned from Rome where he met up with his wife, Maureen and Tim to spend a few days of celebration on behalf of Luke's graduating. Tim went straight from the airport to what was to be his final interview, then off to the studio to do some voice overs, when he suddenly collapsed from an apparent heart attack. How sad for his family and even more so, so close to Father's Day.

Let us keep those who will be celebrating tomorrow without their father's in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers. May peace and comfort be with them all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend SPECIAL thoughts and prayers to my sweet friend and colleague, Kerri Horton who will be with her three sons tomorrow without their dad, who passed away the beginning of last month. Not only will Kerri and the boys be missing Terry on Father's Day, it is also Kerri's birthday and the double-whammy here is that it is also the day that Terry was born. My heart grieves for Ms. Kerri and her PRECIOUS family as they continue their lives day-to-day and moment-to-moment. I pray they all be comforted. The boys are 11, 7 and 5 ... so very young yet.

The 3Scrapateers' Design Team has collaborated together on a VERY special collection of male-oriented goodies to keep you scrapping for a VERY long time. *My Three Sons* is an AMAZING assortment that includes four different products; a scrapkit, a set of brag book pages, a set of scraplets (12x12 and 8-1/2x11) and a set of hybrid projects which includes a DARLING Daddy album. Next week, I shall be posting an ongoing slideshow of all four previews plus a direct link to purchase each part of this FABULOUS collection. I thank y'all in advance for your support of Kerri at this time of need. I also thank all of you who have either attended one of the two chats held last week and/or have already made a purchase. ALL monies collected from any of the *My Three Sons* products go directly to Kerri. A BIG "thank you" to the 3S TEAM for all of their HARD work in putting this AWESOME collection together for our scrapping pleasure and to help our 3S sister, Kerri Horton! It SO rocks y'all!!!

Oh, oh, oh .... I almost forgot. I ran out of time and will work on getting the slideshow for *Jeanealogy of a Man* up and running in the next day or two. I will be adding ALL of the layouts posted in the 3S gallery and I am also hoping that those of you who have purchased PART ONE and did not post a layout, will PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, add your layouts to the slideshow. Same goes for those of you who are collecting the "scrapatits"! SHOW ME THE LAYOUTS!!! ROTFLMBO!!! And it is not QUITE rum-dummy hour, but close enough I guess!!!

Your FREEBIE for tonight is *Jeanealogy of a Man*, Scrapatit #4*, which was derived from the layout/card I made for my son, Mark earlier today. I have two more to put together after posting so I hope my eyes will hold up for me!!! I have to share real quick that the photo of Mark by himself was taken today when he stopped by to pick up his mail on his way to work. I saw the colors he had on and insisted that he pose for me in front of his car as he was a PERFECT match for *Jeanealogy of a Man*!!! Bad mama, BAD mama!!! Poor babe, he's even squinting as it was shortly after noontime and the sun was hard to reckon with!!! He's such a sweetie and a GOOD sport!


See y'all tomorrow ...

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Layout created using my *Jeanealogy of a Man*. Photo
courtesy of ME. Fonts: Accidental Presidency, CK Quick
Stitch and Leaf Queen Script.

Journaling reads: Watching you grow up into manhood,
and now fatherhood, has filled my heart to overflowing!
I love you son and I am so very honored to be called your
mother and Kaleb's grandmother. XOXO


The time is 12:10 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to ALL
of the DADS everywhere!!! Don't forget to SCRAP those
memories and if you use *Jenealogy of a Man*, I'll have a
slideshow for you to add them to in a few days - THANKS!



>> Friday, June 13, 2008

I wish to thank ALL of you that joined me for an hour of AWESOME fun with a GREAT group of ladies last night!!! I had a BLAST and I actually survived the FAST scrolling window using the LARGEST font available!!! And who just had a birthday and is getting a little bit older??? LOL! Dang, can't read that fast anymore!!!

I'm IN and OUT as my eyes are dried up and burning badly!!!

I will update on anything I am missing tomorrow as I really need to call it a night ... hmmm, it is actually morning! Would it be PROPER for me to CALL IT A MORNING and then go to bed??? He, he ....

Today's FREEBIE is a WONDERFULLY creative OPEN SCRAPLET courtesy of Bonnie Beechler, a GOOD friend and 3S colleague. I am posting the preview and a link to the 3Scrapateers' gallery where you can download this baby VERY quickly and efficiently after being logged in. Please be sure to leave Ms. Bonnie some LOVIN' and a THANK YOU for her genius and sharing it with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!!

Until tomorrow y'all and I am functioning with at least HALF a brain - HAVE A FANTABULOUSLY FANTASTIC FRIDAY FULL OF FREEBIES!!! Now that has GOT to be one MASSIVE tongue-twister!!! I can barely say it smoothly ONE time, let along THREE!!!


Linda :)



>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am up WAY past RUM DUMMY HOUR and my bedtime, so I shall make this as brief as possible!!! Is that EVEN remotely possible???

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to ALL of you for helping me to CELEBRATE my birthday by leaving me LOTS of LOVING birthday wishes - I am OVERWHELMED with your kindness!!!

To my BFF, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon Designs - Girlfriend, I am at a loss for words (can ya believe that???) We go back a ways and YES darlin', we HAVE come a LONG way baby!!! He he ... I believe us to be a complimentary pair and we have BOTH helped each other in SO many ways and continue to do so. Although we have not met face-to-face, we share a special bond that I don't believe I have really EVER experienced before in my life. Thank you! Thank you for ALL of the LONG hours that you have put into designing NEW ARRIVAL, PRETTY IN PINK, FRIENDS and HEART-FILLED FRIENDS!!! That you are my dear ... a "friend" whose heart is FULL. Full of LOVE for others on top of a MOST generous and giving spirit. I LOVE YOU girlfriend and I look forward to us having LOTS of FUN together as well as continuing to bare our souls to one another!!!

Ms. Carole, I LOVE YOU! You need not apologize my dearest friend. You did, indeed, wish me a Happy Birthday!!! I am SO sorry that you've not been feeling well and I am SO looking forward to you gaining relief from your upcoming back surgery. I know that you are not REALLY looking forward to it after going through several already, however, as we have discussed, it truly is your only option for the ability to regain an active life once again. Maybe I can hop up on the operating table with you and they can rearrange me a bit so as to allow me to feel "with it" again!!! ROFL! Yes, we do carry on like teenagers, don't we??? LOL! He, he .... I SO love our weekly phone calls and you boost my spirits and energize me for the day!!! Thank you for being such a GOOD, GOOD friend and for being a sounding board when I'm in need of one! Here's hoping that tomorrow is a MUCH better day for you sweetheart. XOXO

Ms. Sarah, Sassy, Sass - thank you again for spoiling me with a gift certificate to my MOST favorite commercial site in SCRAPLAND, Commercial-Use!!! You are a gem of a young lady and I think I've adopted you as a daughter in my heart, though you have such a WONDERFUL set of parents who have done such a NOBLE job of raising you as an only child who has a HUGE heart and who is wise for her years and PURE joy to chat with everyday. Can you believe that we REALLY do that??? I am blessed to be able to watch Harrison, Oliver and Joshua grow up and SO love it when you send me photos. Thank you for being a SUPER friend and for sharing so much of yourself with me. Love and hugs sweetie.

Oh, oh, oh .... I get to see my grandson tomorrow!!! It has been FAR too long and it is hard to believe that he just turned two months old! Kaleb's daddy is SO good about bringing the camera so that Grandma can download ALL of the photos that Mommy and Daddy have taken between visits!!! I can't wait to hold him!

Well, my eyes are burning and getting dry so I'd better move this right along, hadn't I??? I am switching gears for the day since tonight is my Half-n-Half chat in the 3Scrapateers' chatroom at 10:00 pm EST. For those of you that plan to attend, I have a DIRECT LINK posted on my sidebar to your right.

I have a SPECIAL announcement, which I mentioned last night, to make regarding my *Jeanealogy of a Man* Half-n-Half. FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO ATTEND THE CHAT, PURCHASE THE SCRAPKIT AND POST A LAYOUT, I am offering TWO custom-made black leather labels to personalize your layouts using *Jeanealogy of a Man*. I will give you further details at the chat tonight, so be there OR .... don't!!! ROFL - gosh, I am SO tired and I do apologize for my scatteredness!!! I shall overcome it ALL!

I hope I've not forgotten anything, but if I have, I shall post an addendum!

Below, you will see that I have already scrapped my birthday cake. NO! No photos of me.!!! HORRORS!!! I do not like having my photos taken when I'm not well and, especially when I'm still running around in my jammies!!! They are just SO much more comfortable! And, it's not like I'm going anywhere!!! But anyhoo, I'm sure y'all understand not posing for a camera when you feel like YUCK!

I hope you ENJOY the scrapatit. This is from my *Fresh Cut Flowers* designs that you saw during National Scrapbooking Day at 3Scrapateers.

I shall see y'all tonight in chatroom at 10:00 pm EST!!! Yes, of course, I WILL have an attendance gift just for you gracing the chatroom with your presence!!!

Night all. My yawns are getting SO intense that it feels as though my jaw will lock!!!

Lots of LOVE and BIG, BIG hugs,
Linda :)

Robert was SO very sweet to me (he is 99.9% of the time)
and came home with a yummy cake and BIG birthday
balloons. I just melted and enjoyed a quiet evening with
he and the boys! I stood on the dining room chairs to get
photos of my cake from about every possible angle!!!
I finally put the camera down and blew out my candles, at
which time I realized that Robert had transposed the
numbers that SHOULD have read 5 - 4!!! Gotta love him!


The time is 4:45 am PST (I'm SO busted!) - link has been
tested and is in proper working order! Don't forget my
$2.oo sale going on for the rest of this month!!! Thank you
for your support and AWESOME friendship, XOXO



>> Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MY $2.00 STORE!!!

Thank you for looking and helping me to CELEBRATE!!!

I'd also like to tell you that I am OVERJOYED and thank y'all
SO very much for the WARM and LOVING birthday wishes
I've read on my blog today!!! THANK YOU TO MY BFF for
getting THIS PARTY STARTED!!! Now y'all know what we
will be doing next February, right??? ROFL!!! We'll be
CELEBRATING Ms. Dawn's birthday too!!!

A VERY special SHOUT-OUT to a few ladies who put in some
LONG hours helping Ms. Dawn create my VERY special birthday
present!!! Thank you Carole, Kathy and Karen and ANYONE
else that I may not know about already!!! THANK YOU to those
who have taken the time to stop in and leave me some love and to
those who have e-mailed me WONDERFUL e-cards, digitally
created cards and/or a note of birthday wishes. I am BLESSED
to have such AMAZING digi-sisters and FRIENDS!!! XOXO

I may be back later ... LOL!



YES, I do believe that ANY of you would wish to GIVE back to ALL of those that have given to you OVER and OVER again - EVERY day!!! AND so, I shall do exactly that as I celebrate birthday number "54"!!! Yup, just a BABY!!! Okay, so it only in my head. So I think, so it shall be!!!

I was also born in the year of 1954, so there has to be some SPECIAL significance to that I suppose!!! Well, the 'ol mathematician here (yes, my best subject in school along with accounting, business machines and the like!) has added 1 + 9 + 5 + 4 and comes up with the number "19". Add 19 + the date today, 11 and you get "30"! Now, there just HAPPEN to be "30" days in the month of June, SOOOO, I am putting everything in my 3Scrapateers' store on sale through the end of the month for .... NO, not 54% off!!! I may be good at math but something tells me the shopping cart or Paypal or somebody somewhere may not like dealing with such an ODD number!!! Hey, I am ODD enough, eh??? ROFL (yeah, wouldn't you know that I'd be posting at RUM DUMMY hour as well - told ya I was ODD!!!) He, he ...

Okay, anyhoo, to avoid fractions of a cent, I am putting EVERYTHING, all "8" scrapkits (I think it's eight!) on sale for the VERY low price of ONLY $2.00!!! For those of you who do NOT have ANY or are missing any of my kits, they are like getting TWO kits for the price of ONE, so at ONLY $2.00 each, it's like getting one kit for $1.00!!! (does NOT included *Jeanealogy of a Man*) My BFF, Ms. Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Designs, who by the way is having a BIG BASH for me over on her blog all this week, tells me often that I need not create a MEGA KIT everytime I make one!!! Oh well, must be in my DNA, cuz as hard as I've tried, I just cannot seem to make a "smallish" sized scrapkit!!! And we wonder why I am SOOOOO slow!!! LOL!

BTW - I am not only celebrating my birthday this month, but I just realized that it was ONE year ago that I left my position as an Administrative Assistant at 3Scrapateers to become a BONA FIDE and full-time DIGITAL DESIGNER!!! WOO HOOO!!!! I'm still designin'!!! I have SOOOOO much to learn yet, but having a BLAST doing so!!!

And you wonder why I ONLY have "8" scrapkits in my store??? I told you, I am a SLOW designer; however, as MOST of you know, I have been struggling on and off with health issues that leave me fairly low in energy and unable to focus for long lengths of time SO ..... my birthday present to myself this year is to continue on my trek to overcoming my ob'stack'les (enunciated per "O' Brother, Where Art Thou") in life and jumping back on TOP of my game once again!!!

I wish to take this time to thank EACH and EVERY ONE of you who pays me a visit on a daily or NEAR daily basis and leaves me LOVIN' and for you to know how SPECIAL it is to get up everyday, take care of some domestic duties (very few obviously as my house is a disaster this past month!!!), grab a cuppa joe and sit down to check my e-mails and my blog and to read your WONDERFUL and INSPIRING comments and many times, WORDS OF WISDOM!!! Thank you for sharing yourselves with me - I treasure every one of you and am SO thankful for this little bitty thing we call the Internet - ROFL, it's HUGE and look at all that it does! I choose to focus on the POSITIVE things that the WORLD WIDE WEB does for us and the MOST positive is Y'ALL!!! MEMORY PRESERVATIONISTS UNITED!!! LOL! And that, WE DO and then some!

I have a regularly scheduled FREEBIE for y'all as I draw closer to my HALF-N-HALF chat which will be held in the 3Scrapateers chatroom (direct link to your right) at 10:00 pm, tomorrow night, June 12th. I have a little extra surprise for y'all and I will share that with you when I post later tonight. Along with a coordinating FREEBIE (could be two or three or ... ya never know!) to be given out at the chat, I have another surprise for ALL of those who purchase *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part One*, attend the chat and then post a layout in the June 12th Half-n-Half gallery by MIDNIGHT EST, Friday, June 13th!!! I'm NOT telling you any more than that for now. Hint - it will be custom made!

My FREEBIE today is a wee bit different. I told you, I am ODD! One day, I shall be EVEN!!! (That's ALMOST a scary thought!!!) LOL! Anyhoo, I was working on my background papers for *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part Two* (your FREE bonus for posting a layout) and my VERY dear friend, Sarah Laming, owner of Designs by Sassy (link also located on my sidebar under designers that I admire), whom I chat with nearly everyday, sent me several photos from her oldest son, Harrison's, fourth birthday celebration this past Saturday. One thing led to another and to YET another and before I knew it, I had Harrison's photo run through Virtual Photographer's "Diffuse" filter and nestled amongst my background papers. My final paper was created to coordinate with Harrison's dress shirt (that is how it ended up on my canvas) and tie (I had already created two ties!) that his mum had dressed him in for his party. He and his younger brother, Ollie, both looked dashing all dressed up and Harrison just seemed to fit right into the scheme of things and an idea was born. Well, not sure that it has NEVER been done before, but I have NEVER seen it with these two worn out eyeballs!!!

As you will see when you scroll down, I have created for you a "scrapatit" that looks just like this layout of Harrison who is advertising your BONUS papers. If I were to add all of the elements I am afraid we'd not see this PRECIOUS and SWEET little face through all the clutter!!! I did not wish to journal on the page as it just would not "fit" in my mind's eye, but if I did, this is what it would say: Being a kid is SERIOUS business! As you can see, dear Harrison looks like a little business man as I told his mum, Ms. Sarah, and he has such a SERIOUS little look upon his cherub face!!! Isn't he a DOLL? Oh, and I specifically asked Ms. Sarah's permission to post Master Harrison's photo and she cheerfully agreed!!! THANK YOU Sass!!!

I hope you ENJOY this little goody!!! I am including the pewter tie-tack separately so that you have the option of using it or not, or even placing it elsewhere! I am also including, already attached to the "scrapatit", a BLANK black leather label for you to write whatever name you wish to on it. You can even overlay one of the already made labels that you received in *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part One*!!!

Don't forget to visit my store, DIRECT LINK is to your right and I will make up a separate slideshow to display each kit sometime before the end of the week. I've been wishing to do this for some time anyhow. What better motivation to "get 'er done"!!! If you don't see them on sale, give me a short bit as I shall be changing prices right after this post!

Dawn, girlfriend, thank you SO very much for ALL of the SPOILINGS you've been bestowing upon me. You are an AMAZING friend as are ALL of those included in your SECRET SURPRISES!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE and to those that have already left me birthday wishes on a previous post, I feel SO loved!!! And y'all KNOW how much I LOVE YOU!!! Without you, I would have NO one to share my passion and/or creativity with. Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

Much love and a BIG 'ol (I've been using that word a lot in this post, haven't I??? Hmmm ... subconscience thinking maybe??? LOL!) BEAR HUG,
Linda :) :) :)

The background papers in this "scrapatit" are ALL included
in your FREE bonus add-on for creating a layout and placing
it in the June 12th Half-n-Half gallery by MIDNIGHT EST,
Friday, June 13th!!! Master Harrison's photo is courtesy
of his mum, Sarah Laming of Designs by Sassy - thank you!


The time is 1:50 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! The BIRTHDAY GIRL had better
get herself some ZZZZZ's or she will be TOO tuckered to
PAR-TAY with y'all later on today!

Thank you for stopping by



>> Monday, June 9, 2008

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!!!

PHEW! This is going to be another HIP-HOPPIN' week for me so if I sound rushed, that is because I am!!!

Last night I helped Treasures-to-Scrap celebrate their THIRD birthday and we had a BLAST playing games that I'd NEVER thought could be done in a chatroom!!! Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs were my FAVE and what a HOOT!!! I apologize for not getting a post up, but I was not even sure I'd make it with my current schedule!!! I decided I NEEDED to take a break and have a bit of FUN!!! So glad I went!

This morning at 10:30 am PST (my time!) or 1:30 pm EST, we are having our FIRST chat in which we will be debuting our HUGE MEGA COLLABORATION by the 3S TEAM in the 3Scrapateers' CHATROOM (direct link posted near the top of the sidebar to your right), called "MY THREE SONS". This kit has been LOVINGLY created for our VERY dear, sweet FRIEND and COLLEAGUE, Kerri Horton. Kerri's husband passed away the beginning of last month and she has "three" sons at home to care for. ALL proceeds from ALL portions of this collaboration will go directly to Kerri at this time of need. I have known Ms. Kerri for three years this month and she is a VERY special lady!

I am going to post previews here for you and also provide the link to the post in the 3S forum so that you can read ALL of the details.


This kit is MASSIVE (nearly 600 MB's) and GORGEOUS and will DEFINITELY be helping me to scrap LOTS and LOTS of layouts and albums for my new grandson, Kaleb!!! It not only contains background papers and elements, but a large set of BRAG BOOK pages, WONDERFUL hybrid projects and 12x12 and 9-1/2x11 SCRAPLETS!!! WOWSERS, this is going to keep me VERY busy for a LONG time!!!

You may click on each individual image below to enlarge the preview for BETTER viewing as there are TONS of GOODIES to look at!!!

I will be back tonight to continue with my *Jeanealogy of a Man* in preparation for my Half-n-Half CHAT this coming Thursday night at 10:00 pm EST. You can see where the idea for the LEATHER LABELS was born!!!

So, without further ado, FEAST your eyes and grab my FREEBIE at the bottom! I hope to see y'all at one of the TWO chats today. I will be attending both!!! And, OF COURSE, you just KNOW there will be LOTS of GOODIES there for you too!!!

Chat #1 - 1:30 pm EST
Chat #2 - 9:00 pm EST

Ciao bellas,
Linda :)

This is my contribution and it SO pales in comparison to
ALL of the other FABULOUS creations!!! We have such
INCREDIBLY awesome designers!


The time is 2:15 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! It just occurred to me that I've not
been posting my testing of the link lately!!! SORRY! Have
a MOST fabulous day y'all and I hope to see you at a chat!


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