>> Monday, June 2, 2008

NO, not a typo!!! I really mean JEANEALOGY!!!

I am on somewhat of a roll as I mentioned that I would be scarce for several days, but I did wish to stop in and give you a SNEAK-PEAK of the FIRST part of my new Half-n-Half scrapkit that will be making it's DEBUT in my 3Scrapateers' store tomorrow night during the chat hosted by our LOVELY Ms. Monna Lainson. Monna's Half-n-Half scrapkit, *SPRING FLING* will be on sale through chat time (7:00 pm EST) and until MIDNIGHT EST, June 3rd. If you wish to take a gander, click HERE. It is VERY pretty!!!

Okay, I mentioned that I'd like to discuss with y'all, JENEALOGY!!! That is PART of the name of my new kit debuting tomorrow night and, OF COURSE, I just had to come and give you a sampling (known as a "scrapatizer" here at Bon Scrapatit Designs) of what this study is all about!!! NOT the typical course of study in "genealogy", but a FUN one nonetheless!!! *JEANEALOGY OF A MAN* is filled with a variety of DENIM DELIGHTS that are suitable for not only scrapping the MEN in our lives, but women as well!

I try very hard to make my scrapkits versatile. Even those with somewhat feminine colors will have some generic items that will be usable for everyone (just about!) as well as plain or geometric patterned papers. I'm sure some more than others!

I have to share a QUICK story as to what happened last night while I was sitting here at the computer working on the background papers for *JENEALOGY OF A MAN*!

Robert's #3 son, Travis called. Robert spoke with him and I wasn't paying TOO much attention as I was focused on my designing. About ten minutes into the conversation, Robert handed me the phone. Travis asked if I was sitting at the computer? He, he ... he does not KNOW me quite as well as those that live with me! OF COURSE I am sitting at my computer!!! ROFL!

I was directed to a website of a GOOD friend of he and his wife, Sofie. I hobnobbed with this photographer at Travis and Sofie's wedding ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSAY sweethearts!!! Anyhoo, their friend did a photo shoot of them and our grandson, Lohgan, on the beach at Santa Cruz! WOW! GORGEOUS family photos - for FREE!!! Uh, huh ... free of charge. NICE friend, eh??? They got a REALLY good deal on their wedding photos as well, which I hope to get some of sometime in the near future! They are REALLY beautiful! They had THREE photographers on the scene! How can you miss with that many cameras snapping away!!! They did an ABSOLUTELY amazing job!

So, the story goes, I viewed the photos and was AMAZED to find the BEAUTIFUL trio dressed in blue jeans!!! YEPPERS, all the way down to the baby boy!!! Well, I told Travis what I was working on and he said NO problem for me to use any photos, however, I wish to credit Rossetti Photography in Tracy, California for his INCREDIBLE work! Thus cometh the inspiration for the title, which I might add, I juggled around in my PEE brain along with three or four others before finally settling on this one!!! I swear, sometimes I feel that I have been "cursed" with indecisiveness, but ALL things for a purpose! Hmmm ... not sure what the reason was for this, but hey, I "got 'er done"!!!

Below is a SNEAKY-PEEKY at what I'm still working on and will have together by tomorrow. And BELOW that is a FREE scrapatizer to whet your scrapping appetite!!!

I will be back tomorrow night to explain how you can purchase the FIRST part of *JENEALOGY OF A MAN* for $3.00, create a layout, post to the 3S gallery and receive FOR FREE, an add-on! WOO HOO!!! This will be a splendid kit for Father's Day goodies. Cards, layouts and whatever else your creative imagination inspires you to do with it!!! It is also a scrapkit that can be used ALL-YEAR 'round for all of the SPECIAL men in your lives!

Here we GO!!!

See you tomorrow and I'll probably bump into y'all somewhere out there in SCRAPLAND!!! I've been shopping quite a bit the past several days! I'd better stay put for a while!

Sweet dreams and have a GORGEOUS tomorrow!!! Dawn dearest, I will stop by your blog first thing in the morning. I can't wait to see what you've done! Dawne, I'm in "lockdown" for the rest of the week, but will stop by and visit just as soon as I am breathing again!!! LOL! HELP, I think I need a secretary!!!


P.S. I have to chuckle as these denim papers remind me of just about every pair of jeans you'll find in my house!!!

A little SNEAK-PEEK of *Jeanealogy of a Man*
Photo of Travis, Sofie and Lohgan courtesy of
Photography in Tracy, California

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