>> Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hi y'all!!! Hope to find everyone HAPPY, HEALTHY and SCRAPPING!!!

I will be scarce for the next several days while I continue working on a few projects and I've just got to GET 'ER DONE!!! Right girlfriend??? ROFL!

I hope y'all have been keeping up with Snowsmoon Design's GOODIES on her blog. I've not had a chance to stop over in the past day or two so I am hoping that y'all will! The link is located under designers on my sidebar.

Okay, I am going to be posting a few images, but not all as I had planned because there are TOO many!!! There are approximately 80 papers and OODLES of elements! The first image is a preview of my portion of the June Treasure Chest at Treasures-To-Scrap, the second image is the MAIN preview from the store and the third preview is a FREEBIE that allows you a TASTE of this TREASURE TROVE of scrapping delights before you purchase!!! How much better can it get than that??? ROFL .... I know what you are thinking, but somebody needs to make a bit of moola to offset costs!!! He, he ...

Stay-tuned as I will try to be back later on with another goody for y'all from my very OWN box of treasures .... uhm .... well, how about hot out of Photoshop!!! TEE HEE, HEE ....

Oh, to download the FREEBIE from Treasures-To-Scrap, you will need to register if you are not already. It's a quickie and will be well worth the time as you will get to collect a new one on the first of each month when the new Treasure Chest is released!!! WOO HOO!!! AARGH ... aye mateys, this booty ... I mean, "treasure", is WELL worth the few moments to register. Ya don't want me to make ya walk the plank now do ya??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Just kidding ... not my style!!!

For some reason I just had a flash of Johnny Depp play through my mind!!! A fleeting memory of Pirates of the Caribbean. That was my ALL-TIME favorite ride at Disneyland in my younger days!!! Last time I rode it was at age 19 with my Robert Redford look-a-like boyfriend!!! Believe it or not, now that I'm getting a bit nostalgic, he is the one that got me hooked on Chicago!!!

PHEW! I'm rambling. My brain is running on HIGH SPEED as I've got a ton of stuff going through it so I'd better say "good night" and have a FABULOUS week ahead y'all. I might see you later and if not, perhaps in the morning. If not then, tomorrow night for sure, God willing!!! A HUGE " thank you" to all of you that are adding your layouts to the slideshows - they are AWESOME!!!

Sharon, you had me crackin' up! That is "why" I am SO glad y'all can add your own layouts, otherwise I'd have to save them to my HD and then post them myself and I just might miss one or two as well as get sidetracked!!! It is SO cool that I get an e-mail that lets me know that I have photos awaiting approval and then all I have to do is click on "approve" and "update" and they are happenin'!!!

Thank you for ALL of the WONDERFUL comments and shares - I shall have to play "catch-up" in replying to them! I feel the LOVE!!!


Remember to click below the last image to go to TTS to collect your sample of this month's Treasure Chest!!! THANK YOU!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. I just noticed that when you go to check out the FREEBIE at TTS, it lists the cost at $0.00, however in BRIGHT red print you will see this - Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your region at this time. For those of you fairly new to digital, as well as the fact that most all store's shopping carts are different (this reminds me of HOW different ATM's are in each store you shop at!), this is the store's way of letting your purchase continue at NO charge, so just go down to continue. Once you've completed the final step, the download link will be presented right there for you. Hope this helps!


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