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Hi y'all!!! Another quick post tonight as I end *Jeanealogy of a Man* in "priceless" style!!! YUP, no dollar amount can be placed on the ADORABLE young gentleman sportin' jeans and ties for their cyber auntie Linda!!!

Oliver and Harrison are the two oldest boys belonging to my DEAREST friend and digi-adopted daughter, Sarah Laming of Designs by Sassy!!! Sass and I chat MOST every day! There is an eight hour time difference between us as she resides in the UK and I, of course, here in the USA! We usually catch one another as one is arising and the other soon preparing to retire. Many times we touch bases twice daily!

I am still in AWE on a daily basis with our ability to strike up WONDERFUL friendships with people around the globe! Yes, I tell many that it is not much different than the days of "pen pals" (am I dating myself, or what? lol!), but when I really think about it, it is actually MUCH more advanced as we are actually able to see the other person while communicating if we choose to do so, as well as to communicate as often as we wish as opposed to awaiting the arrival of "snail mail"! Gosh, are we EVER spoiled!!!

I have to honestly say that my MOST special and MOST treasured friendships are some of the dear women that I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending while following my passion for preserving my family heritage. Hmmm, how many of us can say that our BEST friend/friends are people that we've never met fact-to-face??? MORE and MORE of us today!!! I am SO blessed to have y'all as my digi-sisters!!! Isn't it AMAZING to hobnob with such a VAST array of like-minded people!!! Yes, we are ALL unique and, YES, we all have differences of opinions, however, we all have similar values and we ALL place TREMENDOUSLY great importance on family .... LOL!!! .... uh, otherwise we wouldn't be scrapping now would we!!! He, he ...

Tonight is the "10th" and FINAL "scrapatit" to coordinate with *Jenealogy of a Man*! I have yet to release the kit in it's entirety and I shall post it a the top of my sidebar when it is ready-to-go for those of you that missed it as a Half-n-Half! It will, of course, make it's DEBUT at 40% off of it's regular price! This kit is HUGE!!! I'd say it borderlines on being a MEGA kit with it's *20 Background Papers*, *124 Elements, which includes a total of 38 black leather word labels and BONUS distressed metal alpha!!!

Tomorrow, I shall have a little something DIFFERENT for y'all as I think we've just about "worn out" our blue jeans, eh? ROFL!!! He, he ..... OHHHH, but "worn out" blue jeans are SOOOO comfortable, aren't they??? LOL!!!

QUESTION: What (brand and/or style) are your FAVORITE and/or MOST comfortable pair of jeans? Where are they? And, do you think you'll EVER give them up???

There is just a tad bit less than a WEEK left on my $2.00 sale at my 3Scrapateers' store!!! I only have "7" kits for sale but, they are all 2-in-1!!! TWO kits in ONE that is!!! Take a peek and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy. Most all of them also include BONUS alphas. One of them actually comes with THREE alphas! They are all versatile as well!!!

Thank you ALL for the support of my designs - it is MOST appreciated!

Have a WONDERFUL tomorrow and I have somewhat of a CHALLENGE for you who are reading this far! ANY guesses as to what tomorrow's FREEBIE might be???

Sweetest dreams ....
Love and hugs, Linda :)

P.S. I did wish to mention really quickly for ANY of you who might be interested in a REALLY good deal on some commercial-use items. Bobbie of "One Scrappy Mom" is closing her store in preparation for some NEW adventures and is offering EVERYTHING at 70% off!!! I won't tell you how much I bought, but will tell you that you just CANNOT go wrong with such a bargain!!! She has some GREAT texture overlays, junk drawer items and folded ribbons to name a few. For those of you not the least bit interested in CU items, she has some REALLY cute scrapkits at 70% off as well!

Bobbie also, and I just found this out today (yes, Linda the Late Bloomer and remember ... day late, dollar short and THE LAST to know!!!), makes INCREDIBLY awesome blinkies and banners for designers or whomever wishes to "flash" about the Internet!!! LOL! Bobbie's prices are by far the MOST reasonable I've seen yet at only $3.00 for a 150x50 and $5.00 for a 468x60!!! Once her store is closed, and I just asked her this while shopping there today, she will have a link on her site where we can go to order our custom-made blinkies and banners!!!

Here are links to see some examples and I know MOST all of you have seen these around! (make sure to scroll down the page when reading about the blinkies/banners if you wish to be taken to see Bobbie's examples)




Layout is of Sarah Laming's two olderst sons, Harrison and
Oliver! Aren't they just TOO cute!!! I've used *Jenealogy
of a Man*, Scrapatit #10. Photo courtesy of Sarah Laming.
Font used is CK Man's Print. Thanks for looking y'all!

If you don't already have them, the above is a preview of
scrapatits one through nine. Links will remain active
through the end of the month, so snag 'em now while the
snaggin' is GOOD!!!


The time is MIDNIGHT PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Can you believe it??? It is ONLY
midnight and I'm ready for bed!!! WOO HOO!!! XOXO

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