>> Friday, June 27, 2008

Well, it is only seven weeks from today that my darling daughter number two will be exchanging vows with her prince charming in an outdoor wedding that will take place at the Academy in downtown Vancouver, Washington. This is supposed to be quite the place to say "I do" in a BEAUTIFUL outdoor setting. Gosh, can it get ANY greener than in Washington state??? You will understand more why I said that in a moment!!!

Joan has still not sent me her colors, however, I think I may have found them last night on my favorite site for experimenting with color - ADOBE KULER!!! Appropriately named as it is DEFINITELY "kuler" than any other site I've visited for the purpose of playing with colors and finding something I like to work with. You will see it listed on my sidebar and I will tell you right now before I forget that KULER not only gives you TONS of options to choose from, but you can create your own swatches by mixing and matching or changing the set of colors to your liking. You can EVEN create a swatch from a photo if you are wishing to create something to go with a specific photo of set of photos!!! Now, HOW "kule" is that!!! LOL!

On to the colors! Joan's dress will be white (she could not find the style she chose in off-white), the bridesmaids in brown and she is using green, which she describes as somewhat similar to a Granny Smith apple!!! The boys are thinking, what is SHE thinking!!! I politely replied, "boys, your sister is getting married outdoors and these are very "earthy" colors"! Hmmm ... perhaps naturistic would be more appropriate considering the palette.

Anyhoo, hoo, brown, green and white are her colors and I'm trying to think of what she might be doing with them. She was mentioning decorating tables with, perhaps, small crab apples (I can hear the conversations circling 'round now .... "how bout them apples???"!!! ROFL!!! Uh, huh, YUP, you guessed it - RUM DUMMY HOUR at Bon Scrapatit Designs!). She is hoping for brown table cloths and there is talk of green roses, calla lilies and peonies I believe. But anyway, the more I write this down, the more excited I am getting and the LOVELIER this is all sounding. I am SO visual, so I am trying to imagine the location mixed in with the colors of choice and the desired decor. I'm a sucker for tulle and white lights and those will be set up for the reception.

I SO wished that I could be with Joan ahead of time to help, however, she wishes me to enjoy my role as mother and not to be concerned about anything. Joan actually has a gal down the street from her who is going to be helping her tremendously. In fact, she will be staying at her house for three days prior to her wedding, which is wonderful and will, hopefully, make for a MUCH calmer Joan!!!

If I remember, I shall post one of their engagement photos taken by a good friend who will also be photographing their wedding. Becca does FABULOUS work and she is fairly new and has her own business and website. If you happen to live in or around the Vancouver, Washington area, she is a DEFINITE consideration for any of your photographic needs.

ROTFLMBO!!! Some of you may be reading this post before I am finished with it!!! I had started last night and got caught up in a movie (rare for me!) with my olderst son and was TOO tired to post afterwards. Good thing as I've got a SPECIAL little treat for you tonight - a FIRST in a series that I have named for the time being (or unless something else jumps out and grabs me), *Summer Wedding*. And, I just SO happen to have used what I believe to be Joan's wedding colors!!! He, he ... see, I keep telling y'all that there IS a method to my madness!!! LOL!

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Y'ALL and thank you SOOOOO very much for ALL of the INCREDIBLY sweet comments!!! Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel GOOD!!! I FEEL good, da, da, da, da, da .... just like I knew that I would now ... SO good, SO good, cuz I've got YOU!!! Forgot about the fact that RUM DUMMY hour has long past me by tonight, okay??? LOL!

Carole, I hope y'all had a FABULOUS time celebrating Paul and Shannon's birthdays today!!!

Oh, oh, oh ..... BEFORE I FORGET!!! I have a TON of stuff to take care of plus preparing for my oldest daughter's visit after the 4th of July and then the twins "19th" birthday on the 16th, etc. so if you would do me a REALLY big favor and post a few ideas of what you might like to see in the future installments of *Summer Wedding*, I shall try my best to accommodate your requests. Oh, and I'm sure you'll figure it out for yourselves - this series will also work WONDERFULLY for heritage scraps too!

Night all, sweet dreams and to those of you just beginning your day, MORNIN'!!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Travis and Joan's engagement photos courtesy of Rebecca
McLachlan Photography, Vancouver, Washington

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