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Greetings darlins',

Well, I've gone and done it again! What is that you ask? Oh, nothing really. I JUST deleted my hours worth of posting to you while copying and pasting the download link, forgetting to paste back all of the text I cut to position the previews properly!!! No biggie!!! NOT! I doubt that I shall remember everything word-for-word, but I shall try my best to remember as many of the details as possible. From now on, I shall type my text first in Word and THEN copy and paste here in blogger after posting my previews!!! Is my head made of wood you ask? Hmmm .... beginning to wonder about that!!! ROFL!

I apologize for being somewhat MIA since the chat Thursday night, but my body DEMANDED I rest and stay away from the computer for a bit lest in go into full-blown rebellion and not allow me back here for a VERY long time!!! Of course, I chose the shorter vacation!!!

A BIG "thank you" to ALL of you who made my Half-n-Half chat SO much FUN!!! Y'all are a HOOT and, BOY, can we type FAST!!! Even with my screen floating and the font sized as large as possible, I struggled to keep up every now and then. So glad to see that y'all survived!!!

I shall be sending out your FREE bonus links sometime tomorrow as I've needed to work on a few things in preparation of Father's Day here at home tomorrow. I am sending out layouts/cards to three of our sons that will be celebrating their VERY first Father's Day!!! Awwww .... how SPECIAL will it be for ALL first-time daddy's tomorrow. Of course, most people who know me also have heard me say, EVERYDAY is Mother's Day and Father's Day! Most difficult job most of us will ever have had, yet the MOST rewarding as well! With proper investing, the payoff is HUGE! Mind you, my parenthood has been FAR from perfect (whatever that is) and I still find myself apologizing for many things, but I believe that all of my children have a greater understanding of, "when you know better, you do better" (Maya Angelou)! Or at least, I hope they do eventually!

I am blessed all things considered, as we've walked a rough road together. KEY WORD: together! They are all bright, intelligent, respectful and nice human beings even though I may not always see it at home! I always get compliments on how well-mannered they all are, so that tells me a lot!!!

Dr. Rourke has helped me to understand through our years of counseling together in the past, when children suffer trauma from a dysfunctional (abusive) home and they are left to reside with the "safe" parent, they tend to express their anger there because they know that they are loved unconditionally and, they feel safe! Once I understood that, it has made a BIG difference in how I felt as a parent. I have done to the best of my ability and that is what is MOST important. I continue to learn, grow and change - VITAL for any of us! I SO love my children, with ALL of my heart and soul and I am VERY proud of each and every one of them.

How I have gotten off on a tangent, eh? Y'all are going to send me to my room!!! Oh goodie, that is where my computer is!!! LOL!

Well, I had wished to tell you all how saddened Robert and I were in hearing of the unexpected death of Tim Russert, long-time anchor of "Meet The Press" as well as a well-known and HIGHLY respected political analyst. I won't elaborate as the news media is FULL of tributes to this INCREDIBLE human being.

I've not actually seen a lot of Tim as has Robert. However, after watching several interviews with friends and colleagues, I will say that in my honest opinion, the man is a role model for all of us. I don't think I've heard of any one in his field as highly praised nor respected as he was while living and as he will continue to be in his death. He was REAL! What you see, is what you get. He had a heart for ALL. My kinda person!

I was especially touched when hearing Tim being interviewed about the NUMBER ONE best-seller he wrote entitled, "Big Russ and Me". Big Russ is Tim's father. A father who instilled morals, values and work ethics into the life of his son and who in turn has done the same for his son, Luke. Luke has just graduated from college and Tim had just returned from Rome where he met up with his wife, Maureen and Tim to spend a few days of celebration on behalf of Luke's graduating. Tim went straight from the airport to what was to be his final interview, then off to the studio to do some voice overs, when he suddenly collapsed from an apparent heart attack. How sad for his family and even more so, so close to Father's Day.

Let us keep those who will be celebrating tomorrow without their father's in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers. May peace and comfort be with them all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend SPECIAL thoughts and prayers to my sweet friend and colleague, Kerri Horton who will be with her three sons tomorrow without their dad, who passed away the beginning of last month. Not only will Kerri and the boys be missing Terry on Father's Day, it is also Kerri's birthday and the double-whammy here is that it is also the day that Terry was born. My heart grieves for Ms. Kerri and her PRECIOUS family as they continue their lives day-to-day and moment-to-moment. I pray they all be comforted. The boys are 11, 7 and 5 ... so very young yet.

The 3Scrapateers' Design Team has collaborated together on a VERY special collection of male-oriented goodies to keep you scrapping for a VERY long time. *My Three Sons* is an AMAZING assortment that includes four different products; a scrapkit, a set of brag book pages, a set of scraplets (12x12 and 8-1/2x11) and a set of hybrid projects which includes a DARLING Daddy album. Next week, I shall be posting an ongoing slideshow of all four previews plus a direct link to purchase each part of this FABULOUS collection. I thank y'all in advance for your support of Kerri at this time of need. I also thank all of you who have either attended one of the two chats held last week and/or have already made a purchase. ALL monies collected from any of the *My Three Sons* products go directly to Kerri. A BIG "thank you" to the 3S TEAM for all of their HARD work in putting this AWESOME collection together for our scrapping pleasure and to help our 3S sister, Kerri Horton! It SO rocks y'all!!!

Oh, oh, oh .... I almost forgot. I ran out of time and will work on getting the slideshow for *Jeanealogy of a Man* up and running in the next day or two. I will be adding ALL of the layouts posted in the 3S gallery and I am also hoping that those of you who have purchased PART ONE and did not post a layout, will PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, add your layouts to the slideshow. Same goes for those of you who are collecting the "scrapatits"! SHOW ME THE LAYOUTS!!! ROTFLMBO!!! And it is not QUITE rum-dummy hour, but close enough I guess!!!

Your FREEBIE for tonight is *Jeanealogy of a Man*, Scrapatit #4*, which was derived from the layout/card I made for my son, Mark earlier today. I have two more to put together after posting so I hope my eyes will hold up for me!!! I have to share real quick that the photo of Mark by himself was taken today when he stopped by to pick up his mail on his way to work. I saw the colors he had on and insisted that he pose for me in front of his car as he was a PERFECT match for *Jeanealogy of a Man*!!! Bad mama, BAD mama!!! Poor babe, he's even squinting as it was shortly after noontime and the sun was hard to reckon with!!! He's such a sweetie and a GOOD sport!


See y'all tomorrow ...

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Layout created using my *Jeanealogy of a Man*. Photo
courtesy of ME. Fonts: Accidental Presidency, CK Quick
Stitch and Leaf Queen Script.

Journaling reads: Watching you grow up into manhood,
and now fatherhood, has filled my heart to overflowing!
I love you son and I am so very honored to be called your
mother and Kaleb's grandmother. XOXO


The time is 12:10 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to ALL
of the DADS everywhere!!! Don't forget to SCRAP those
memories and if you use *Jenealogy of a Man*, I'll have a
slideshow for you to add them to in a few days - THANKS!

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