>> Thursday, June 5, 2008

"JEANEALOGY" is the study of the ever-popular denim fabrics that offer comfort, durability and versatility in nearly every wardrobe around the world!

Come and join me for a quick study in the *Jeanealogy of a Man*, where you will find several shades of denim to COMFORTABLY scrap the FUN-LOVING men in your life and then some! Most of the denim papers are GENTLY "worn", making it easy for you to slip into CREATIVE mode and start filling up those TREASURED family albums. The BLACK LEATHER and DISTRESSED METAL embellishments will lend a CLASSY and CASUAL look to those photos waiting to tell a story!!!

Ahhh ... jeans and a classic white "T" - does it get ANY better than that?

Well, let me just say here that I spent about an hour preparing this post and lost the ENTIRE lot of it for the FIRST time in my eight months of continuous blogging!!! My stomach is a bit upset as on Tuesday, our POWER, electricity, SOURCE of my Internet life decided to HIJACK my afternoon putting me FURTHER behind than I already was!!! And, yesterday, I was without a phone or DSL for a spell!!! You don't wish to be taking me to Vegas with you anytime soon!!! "BAD JUJU" as Robert's youngest sister would say!!! ROFL!

SO, I will have to try to remember all that I had posted and share with you later on. Right now, I shall just post the previews of *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part One* and I shall be back later tonight to give you ALL of the details and how you can receive Part Two for FREE!!! I'm still finishing up Part Two and hope to be able to give you a SNEAK-PEEK at that tomorrow night as well!

Connie and Robyn, my chat is next Thursday night and I will post all of that info later tonight and y'all KNOW that I'll just be TICKLED pink .... uhm, no BLACK and BLUE to have you join me!!!

Nancy, thank you for commenting about my feed. I was just on my way to bed when I decided to check a few things out and for some reason, unknown to me, my e-mail address was no longer "active" with Feed Burner and it showed my readership at "0"! :( I have reactivated my e-mail address and hope that my faithful readership shows up again!!! WOWSERS, what a week thus far! LOL! Like I told my GOOD friend, Sassy, of Designs by Sassy, I've taken out my BIG umbrella cuz as she mentioned a while ago, when it rains, it pours!!!

I'm off to LA-LA-LAND!!! Sweet dreams y'all ...

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. I shall be back sometime later to leave you a goodie!!! Thanks for ALL of your WONDERFUL support - y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

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