>> Saturday, September 29, 2007

OMGosh y'all!!! I am feeling SO honored at this moment!!! After a failed attempt at "fixing" my computer woes of yesterday, I decided to hang up my unskillful "tech" wings and get down to business!!! I had to catch up on e-mails and a few other matters of business and somehow found myself on the MOST amazing designer blog site! FUNNY how that happens, isn't it? ROFL!

His name is Derek and the name of his blog is, "So much to do, So little time"! I have added Derek to my list of DESIGNER BLOGS as he does not sell his designs at his time, but I can't help but think he just might sometime in the near future! This guy TOTALLY rawks and he has SOME very SPOOK-tacular freebies that are not the NORMAL Halloween treats. Derek has some ARTISTIC talent going that I can ONLY dream about! Anyhoo, Derek posted an entry about visiting my blog! LOL! Got the BIGGEST chuckle when he had envisioned me as the Julia Child of scrapbooking!!! You'll just have to go over and read his entry entitled, BON SCRAPATIT!

Take a jaunt on over there, put on your headphones and prepare yourself to be TRANSFORMED into the days of old and a bit of the "macabre"! AWESOME stuff!!!


You can bet that I shall be visiting often and I hope that you will too!!!

Thanks SO much for the "thank you's" (it is PURELY my pleasure to treat you) and "congratulations". Y'all are just SO sweet!

Hope that you ALL are ENJOYING a relaxing weekend and catching up on some scrapping and/or housework! Oh, sorry, I forgot that for some "housework" is a BAD word!!! He, he .... I will change that up a bit. How about we add to the list of qualifications that a DOMESTIC ENGINEER possesses: artist, computer genius (hey, ya have to be to upload and download and get it right!), marketing analyst, file clerk, historian, librarian, photographer, preservationist, printer, journalist and researcher (if you think of any others, PLEASE post!) We are "cleaning up" our piles (old albums, shoe boxes, Rubbermaid bins, envelopes, cedar chests, trunks, etc.) of photos and putting together OUR family's pieces of history! Housework? Hmmm .... scrapping is ALL part of the process, wouldn't you say? He, he ....

So, from now on when someone asks "What are you doing?" or "What have you done today?" while sitting at the computer, you can reply with your head held high, "Why, I've been cleaning house"!!!

Bon Scrapatit!



>> Friday, September 28, 2007

PHEW!!! What a day! I came in here earlier this morning to wish you ALL a MOST wonderful day, started to download a program that I'd just purchased only to find that for the FIRST time in over a decade of computing, I had some serious registry woes going on!!!

NO, they aren't fixed yet and I don't like to admit it but, I got suckered into spending $40 for a registry cleaning program that came highly recommended by a trusted source. I'm not going to say prematurely that the program has not worked as I am afraid it, once again, is the lack of education on the operator's part!!! ROFL! Well, doesn't this remind you of the "school of hard knocks"??? I LOVE learning NEW things, but it seems that I usually get my education through my own experience and desperation to figure things out!!! I am, basically, self-taught at just about everything I am skilled at.

Anyhoo, I will be away the majority of tomorrow as we just HAVE to do some grocery shopping and then we have a dinner date with my number two son, Mark, and his fiance', Jessica. We are FINALLY going to meet her parents!!! Mark and Jessica are expecting a precious little bundle in March and I just cannot wait! Hmmm ... what am I talking about? Yes, I can wait .... I have SO much to do!!! We already have "three" brand new grandsons that I need to get caught up with. WHOA! I'm not sure there is a seat belt strong enough to hold onto me as this ride just keeps getting FASTER and FASTER!!! ROFL!

Okay, I am getting sidetracked! Tomorrow, I shall shoot an e-mail to technical support for this registry cleaner I bought today and ask them to help this POOR technically illiterate soul to figure out how to do the SCARY part so that she doesn't mess things up more than they already are!

Without further ado, I would like to present to you a few GOODIES that I've given out as attendance gifts at my Scrap-A-Deal and Digi-Scrap Addict's crops this past Wednesday and Thursday. For all of those that might have missed or are just stopping by to visit, please accept these while they are available! I am putting them up a bit earlier than planned as I will be tied up (hmmm .... wait, can't do anything if I'm tied up, right?), I mean I will be VERY busy throughout this weekend and don't wish to forget to offer them to you.
As ALWAYS, the images are CLICKABLE and will automatically open a download window for you!

Thank you again for your OUTPOURING of support! It just makes my heart go pitter-patter and my face glow to know that y'all ENJOY my designs as much as I do creating them. I have SO much to learn, but something new comes along most everyday and that is REALLY, REALLY kewl!

Have a MAGNIFICENT weekend everybody and remember, SCRAP HAPPY as that is the ONLY way to scrap!!!




WOW!!! Y'all RAWK ... and then SOME!

>> Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'd like to thank ALL of you who have stopped by to visit my BRAND new blog and have left such WONDERFUL lovin'!!! I am SO thrilled to be here and to be able to share my LOVE and PASSION for digital scrapbooking and design with others who feel the same!

Isn't it FUNNY how quickly the "fear of the unknown" disappears when whatever you have feared is NO longer unknown!!! I have dreaded this whole BLOG process for months as I am totally HTML illiterate and SO badly wanted to create my OWN header like everybody else!!! Well, one of my better attributes is DETERMINATION and if I have the will, I WILL find the way!

I am one of those who LOVES to research (when I can find the time, of course!) and can lose myself for hours in going from one link to another until I find what I need! Need I mention that I can get sidetracked VERY easily? ROFL!

I found a GREAT tutorial on creating your own header to fit the way you want it to and while I don't know HTML coding, I am a SHERLOCK of sorts and will figure out what needs to be put where or removed!!! Of course, I keep a notepad handy with any alterations I've made just in case I've made a BIG BOO-BOO!!!

"HATS OFF" to Google and Blogger for TOTALLY upgrading the blogging experience and making it SO simple to set up for those of us that are (or were!) BLOG illiterate!

I still have a lot to post here and will put some links to those things that have helped me pull this off without any MAJOR disasters!!!

Night all ... sweet dreams and have a BEAUTIFUL tomorrow!



>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Attend my Scrap-A-Deal crop at 3Scrapateers tonight at 10:00 pm EST and receive this FESTIVE ALPHA and DECORATIVE BUTTONS as my way of saying, "Thank you for joining us!"




FREEBIE ALERT!!! My VERY first BLOG freebie, WOO HOO!!!

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LOL!!! Well y'all, I'm ALL "jacked up" once again as this is my VERY first time to post a BLOG freebie!!! I am SO excited and I hope you will be too!

Just CLICK on the PREVIEW IMAGE and it will take you directly to the download window! Let me know if there are ANY problems. I have tested both the link and the unzipping process to make sure that ALL is in working order. No problems on my end!

This is also my VERY first "scrapatit" for the offering! What is a "scrapatit"? Bon Scrapatit's version of a scraplet!!! Hope y'all like it!

I am just getting SO into the Autumn/Fall season already. PHEW! We are back up into the 90's though here in Northern California. Just when I was settling into those NICE crisp and cool mornings and evenings! Oh well, they WILL be back!!!

Just a reminder about my Scrap-A-Deal crop tomorrow night at 10:00 pm EST in the 3Scrapateers chatroom. I will be gifting you with yet another COORDINATING freebie (or two) to my "You Don't Know Jack" scrapkit!!!

Till then .... BON SCRAPATIT!


Meet Jack!

Okay, I cannot keep y'all in suspense ANY longer!!! I just KNOW y'all are biting at the bit to meet Jack, right? LOL! So, for those who find their way to my blog, here's Jack! He's ALL lit up and NOW has a place to GLOW! He really wants to GLOW with YOU and ADORN your scrapbook pages this fall season!!!

The BONUS/Add-on portion of "You Don't Know Jack" includes a FULL black and white checkered alpha, which includes upper-case, lower case letters, numerals 0-9, some punctuation and symbols.
There are A LOT of GOODIES in this add-on, so make sure NOT to miss purchasing the Scrap-A-Deal portion for the INCREDIBLE price of ONLY $2.00 until MIDNIGHT, Wednesday, September 26th and then posting a layout by MIDNIGHT, Thursday, September 27th!!!

Stay-tuned as I should have a FREEBIE up for you later on today that coordinates with this kit!
I look forward to seeing you Wednesday night for some FUN, good conversation and MORE goodies!

I wish you all a FANTABULOUS day full of inspiration!



All LIT up and NO place to GLOW!!!

>> Monday, September 24, 2007

WOO HOO!!! I'm here .... I am ACTUALLY here!!! WOW! I have dreaded this deed for months on end and LO and BEHOLD, Blogger has made it SUPER easy for even the "blog illiterate" (that would be ME)!!! My name is Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever in the digi-scrapping world and now, "Bon Scrapatit Designs", selling EXCLUSIVELY at my "HOME, SWEET, DIGI-SCRAPPIN" HOME", 3Scrapateers!!!

I am JACKED!!! Yes I am - in the BEST way possible!!! I am finally able to give my SWEET Jack O'Lantern a place to GLOW!!! I had SO much fun creating these papers that make him look illluminated and NO way to showcase him!!! Poor Jack! Poor me! I am SO thrilled to finally have a blog! This is just TOO kewl!

Above, you will see the image of my Scrap-A-Deal kit, which is available for ONLY $2.00 in my store until MIDNIGHT (very fitting, wouldn't you say? lol!), Wednesday, September 26th. What is a Scrap-A-Deal you ask? Well, each week at 3Scrapateers we offer an AWESOME scrapkit for ONLY $2.00. Create a layout and post it to the proper Scrap-A-Deal gallery by the deadline and you will receive via Private Message a FREE add-on kit!!!

Join me Wednesday night at 10:00 pm EST in the 3S chatroom and you will receive a FREEBIE that coordinates with the kit!!!

The title of my kit this week is, "You Don't Know Jack!" LOL! Okay, we've all heard that phrase thrown around often enough, but in this case, it is REALLY true! Why? Because I did not include JACK in the first part of the kit!!! To "KNOW" Jack, you will need to purchase the SAD kit for ONLY $2.00, post a layout and THEN ... well, you will meet JACK and REALLY "know Jack"!!!

I have to confess and it is not the usual but, the add-on portion of this kit is BIGGER than the SAD kit!!!
Hurry on in and pick one up today!!! I've included A LOT of papers and goodies that can be used ALL-YEAR-ROUND for other COLORFUL events! So, even if you don't have any Halloween photos to scrap, this kit is LOADED with GOODIES for ANY occasion! I'm sure by now you've caught on that I can RAMBLE a GOOD one! Well, it's hard to contain myself when talking about ANYTHING that I am passionate about! What better than PRESERVING our PRECIOUS memories!!! I hope to see you Wednesday night for some FUN, CHIT-CHAT and to GIFT you with some GOODIES!!! Oh, and you can click right on the image of my kit for a direct link to my store!

Check back soon as I will be posting some FREEBIES here on my blog as well!



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