>> Friday, September 28, 2007

PHEW!!! What a day! I came in here earlier this morning to wish you ALL a MOST wonderful day, started to download a program that I'd just purchased only to find that for the FIRST time in over a decade of computing, I had some serious registry woes going on!!!

NO, they aren't fixed yet and I don't like to admit it but, I got suckered into spending $40 for a registry cleaning program that came highly recommended by a trusted source. I'm not going to say prematurely that the program has not worked as I am afraid it, once again, is the lack of education on the operator's part!!! ROFL! Well, doesn't this remind you of the "school of hard knocks"??? I LOVE learning NEW things, but it seems that I usually get my education through my own experience and desperation to figure things out!!! I am, basically, self-taught at just about everything I am skilled at.

Anyhoo, I will be away the majority of tomorrow as we just HAVE to do some grocery shopping and then we have a dinner date with my number two son, Mark, and his fiance', Jessica. We are FINALLY going to meet her parents!!! Mark and Jessica are expecting a precious little bundle in March and I just cannot wait! Hmmm ... what am I talking about? Yes, I can wait .... I have SO much to do!!! We already have "three" brand new grandsons that I need to get caught up with. WHOA! I'm not sure there is a seat belt strong enough to hold onto me as this ride just keeps getting FASTER and FASTER!!! ROFL!

Okay, I am getting sidetracked! Tomorrow, I shall shoot an e-mail to technical support for this registry cleaner I bought today and ask them to help this POOR technically illiterate soul to figure out how to do the SCARY part so that she doesn't mess things up more than they already are!

Without further ado, I would like to present to you a few GOODIES that I've given out as attendance gifts at my Scrap-A-Deal and Digi-Scrap Addict's crops this past Wednesday and Thursday. For all of those that might have missed or are just stopping by to visit, please accept these while they are available! I am putting them up a bit earlier than planned as I will be tied up (hmmm .... wait, can't do anything if I'm tied up, right?), I mean I will be VERY busy throughout this weekend and don't wish to forget to offer them to you.
As ALWAYS, the images are CLICKABLE and will automatically open a download window for you!

Thank you again for your OUTPOURING of support! It just makes my heart go pitter-patter and my face glow to know that y'all ENJOY my designs as much as I do creating them. I have SO much to learn, but something new comes along most everyday and that is REALLY, REALLY kewl!

Have a MAGNIFICENT weekend everybody and remember, SCRAP HAPPY as that is the ONLY way to scrap!!!



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