>> Saturday, September 29, 2007

OMGosh y'all!!! I am feeling SO honored at this moment!!! After a failed attempt at "fixing" my computer woes of yesterday, I decided to hang up my unskillful "tech" wings and get down to business!!! I had to catch up on e-mails and a few other matters of business and somehow found myself on the MOST amazing designer blog site! FUNNY how that happens, isn't it? ROFL!

His name is Derek and the name of his blog is, "So much to do, So little time"! I have added Derek to my list of DESIGNER BLOGS as he does not sell his designs at his time, but I can't help but think he just might sometime in the near future! This guy TOTALLY rawks and he has SOME very SPOOK-tacular freebies that are not the NORMAL Halloween treats. Derek has some ARTISTIC talent going that I can ONLY dream about! Anyhoo, Derek posted an entry about visiting my blog! LOL! Got the BIGGEST chuckle when he had envisioned me as the Julia Child of scrapbooking!!! You'll just have to go over and read his entry entitled, BON SCRAPATIT!

Take a jaunt on over there, put on your headphones and prepare yourself to be TRANSFORMED into the days of old and a bit of the "macabre"! AWESOME stuff!!!


You can bet that I shall be visiting often and I hope that you will too!!!

Thanks SO much for the "thank you's" (it is PURELY my pleasure to treat you) and "congratulations". Y'all are just SO sweet!

Hope that you ALL are ENJOYING a relaxing weekend and catching up on some scrapping and/or housework! Oh, sorry, I forgot that for some "housework" is a BAD word!!! He, he .... I will change that up a bit. How about we add to the list of qualifications that a DOMESTIC ENGINEER possesses: artist, computer genius (hey, ya have to be to upload and download and get it right!), marketing analyst, file clerk, historian, librarian, photographer, preservationist, printer, journalist and researcher (if you think of any others, PLEASE post!) We are "cleaning up" our piles (old albums, shoe boxes, Rubbermaid bins, envelopes, cedar chests, trunks, etc.) of photos and putting together OUR family's pieces of history! Housework? Hmmm .... scrapping is ALL part of the process, wouldn't you say? He, he ....

So, from now on when someone asks "What are you doing?" or "What have you done today?" while sitting at the computer, you can reply with your head held high, "Why, I've been cleaning house"!!!

Bon Scrapatit!

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