>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

every time I scrap!!! ROFL!!!

Okay, this IS a short post as I am here to bring you ONE more goody while I prepare for *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* debut, which is ACTUALLY today on the other side of the globe from me, however, due to unforseen circumstances in the way of a power outage and losing my previews for posting, I shall upload my first set of GLITTERY treats in the morning!

Have a GLORIOUS week ahead everyone and I have but one request tonight, would you PLEASE share some of YOUR favorite Christmas songs by posting for me the title AND artist as I wish to add some more Christmas tunes to my blog and my brain just cannot wrap around it at the moment so I thought that, perhaps, y'all might wish to help me out!!!


Have a GLORIOUS week ahead everyone!!!

Linda :)



Just a little something for you since I'm working hard on preparing for the debut of *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* tomorrow!

I am LAUGHING in the face of adversity!!! Nothing is going to stop me from completing my mission!!! ROFL! Y'all would NOT believe what happened today! You already KNOW about my SLOOOOOOW computer these past few weeks and here I was planning out my day so as to be ON TIME with my upload for the BIG DAY tomorrow and guess what happened??? Just "out of the blue" ... BEAUTIFUL weather ... no sirens ... POOF ... I walked down our long drive to open the gate for Robert as he was leaving to return Wyatt and Garret to their mom ... I get back to the house ... notice it's awfully quiet as Robert usually leaves the television on if he is coming back ... went into my room ... sat down to the computer ... ONLY, it was NOT ON!!! HELP!!! And, and, aaaaaand, I had just finished my project and was ready to save it when the boys came in to say good-bye and I got up to give them hugs and to open the gate!!! Can you BELIEVE it??? ROTFLMBO!!! The power went out all about Copper for some reason unbeknownst to me!

No worries. NOTHING is going to STOP ME!!! LOL! Just a MINOR setback and the makings for a little bit later night!!! HA!

Scrapatit #2 from our *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* Christmas Collaboration is rather simple and GREAT for some SNOWY or WINTRY photos and you can embellish it any way your heart desires. Stay-tuned for another post for Scrapatit #3 which is a little more on the FESTIVE side!

If you've not already been, hop on over to Vicki, Dawn and Mel's blogs as well to see what they might have to add on to this AWESOME collection of holiday goodies!!! Are we having FUN yet??? Uh, huh!!! MWAH!

Have a GOOD night all!!!

Linda :)



HELLOOOOOOOO darlins'!!! Are we EXCITED for the upcoming month of festivities OR what??? WAHOOOOOOOO! I know that I certainly am! And there is SOOOOO much generosity in SCRAPLAND this year, MORESO than EVER! Be prepared to be AMAZED!!!

I am making a QUICK (I know, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, yeah right!) appearance to give you a SNEAK-PEEK at just a few of the goodies that I will be offering for the ENTIRE month of December as part of the *WORLDWIDE CHRISTMAS SCRAPBOOKING FREEBIES* event!

To your left and just beneath the blinkies of my FANTABULOUS *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* partners, you will find a CLICKABLE banner for the *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* blog that AS OF TOMORROW, 12/1, will host links to ALL of the designers who are participating in this WONDROUS event for the ENTIRE month of December!!!

You'd better start clearing out those hard drives for sure on this one as some of us will be posting LOTS more goodies throughout the month than what you see in our previews. I know Antoinette, one of the founders of *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies*, will be posting a NEW goody every single day on her blog starting tomorrow and ending on the last day of December!!! When you stop by the link hosting blog, PLEASE leave the ladies some BIG LOVIN' for all of their HARD work and DEDICATION seeing this project from it's conception to it's BIRTH tomorrow!!! It's DEFINITELY time for a CELEBRATION!!!

MANY of you have already downloaded my *HOLIDAY SPARKLE* goodies that I posted last year at this time, however, I have had SEVERAL requests for them to be reposted so that is what I will be offering along with a few NEW goodies tossed into the mix throughtout this next month!

*HOLIDAY SPARKLE I* is a GLITTERY collection in SILVER, GOLD and WHITE while *HOLIDAY SPARKLE II* is a separate GLITTERY collection in RED, GREEN, GOLD and WHITE!!!

I am going to work on putting my FREEBIE filing cabinet back on my blog so that you can check there as well for EACH new addition and other goodies that I will be posting as well.

I may be back later with a goody I owe you as I will be spending most of my day on my SLOW computer packing up the goodies for tomorrow! HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO ...

HAPPY, HAPPY everyone! MWAH!

Linda :)

Thank you to ALL who have been uploading layouts and messages to the GUESTBOOK!!! Please remember that your images will not show right away as I unintentionally checked the option for Slide to notify me via e-mail for my approval. I try to check on it as often as possible. I know a few of you have uploaded multiple times because you were not seeing your images and I do apologize for this minor inconvenience, however, rest assured, they WILL appear as soon as I see the notification!!! Please keep those MASTERPIECES coming as they TRULY inspire me!


(Red, Green, Gold and White)

Available starting tomorrow, Monday, December 1st!



>> Friday, November 28, 2008

Sorry I am the CABOOSE once again y'all, but I've not been on my computer for two days and am still having SLOOOOOOOOW, SLUGGISH, takes FOREVER issues!!! *big sigh* But SOOOO happy to be here now!!!

To ALL of you in SCRAPLAND who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope it was a GOOD one and that you were able to ENJOY some quality family-time with whoever and however you celebrated with LOTS and LOTS of photos!!!

I'm going to make this quick as I am still working on your THANKSGIVING goody, which is actually a kit I designed a year ago and decided to revamp!!! With my computer being SO slow and having to spend MOST of the past three days with family, I did not wish to just slap it together as that is just not my style. I will play with it until I can sit back and say, "LOOKING GOOD"!!! And then ... it shall be delivered right here to my blog for y'all to download if you so choose to do so!!! It will be VERY versatile and perfect for ANY "thank'fall" occasion in our lives!

How is EVERYBODY??? Any Thanksgiving stories to share??? I will share a bit about my FIRST day of caring for Kaleb as soon as I am able! He is an ABSOLUTE doll (of course!!!) and was SOOOOOO good for Grandma for having only been to my house a handful of times! We EVEN napped together!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAA!!! What does that tell you??? Hmmmmm? Uh, huh .... someone is getting older!!! He, he ... Thank you to those of you that left me SWEET comments about my time with Kaleb!!! Being a GRANDMA is DEFINITELY an AWESOME experience!!! And I DO understand what it is to be FAR away as Kaleb is actually the closest and we are lucky to see him every month or so! Makes one wish to be back on a farm, eh? We can only make the BEST of what we have and I sure DO treasure each moment I get! I will post some photos ASAP!!!

I was blessed to have THREE of my FOUR sons home for Thanksgiving!!! Robert baked a turkey and a ham, made the mashed potatoes and then it was MY turn in the kitchen! We had quite a spread and now "I" have an even bigger one!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

Robert picked Wyatt and Garret up today so we have his two youngest boys, 7 and 9, for three days as we've not had the pleasure of their company for a while! Lots of catching up to do!!! WOO HOO!

If you are visiting for the FIRST time, located at the top of my sidebar to the left, you will see blinkies with links to each of the other INCREDIBLE ladies blogs where you can collect their second installments to this FABULOUS collaboration of Christmas goodies!!!

I hope y'all are enjoying it thus far and REMEMBER, we have TWO MORE weeks to go with a third and fourth installment which will be available Friday, December 5th and 12th! OMGosh, our hard drives are going to be STUFFED just like MOST of us on Thanksgiving!!! LOL!

Okie, dokie, without further ado, here is MY second installment of *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* featuring designs by the TALENTED Mel Hains, Vicki Parker and Dawn Mills!!!

Please make sure to "give thanks" to those you download from this holiday season as EVERYONE is working VERY hard to help make our Christmas a VERY special one here in SCRAPLAND and while a designer spends hours, days and weeks preparing YUMMY treats for ALL of us, it only takes us a few minutes to show our gratitude for their TIME and TALENT!!!

Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! See you back this weekend with another treat!!! I've MISSED you!

Love to all,
Linda :)

P.S. Part Two is broken up into THREE downloads as the first two are worn backgrounds, which are PNG files and quite large so I have separated them to avoid ONE huge download for those on dial-up. Next time I will try to add one link for those who have no trouble downloading larger files. I did not have time tonight as it would take nearly an hour to upload it to 4-shared depending on traffic.



>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hi y'all!

Just had to swing by real quick to let you all know that today is the BIG DAY for me! Uh, huh ... VERY first time to babysit my grandson Kaleb who is now seven months of age!

Mark just called to let me know he was getting himself and Master Kaleb ready to come to Grandma's house! I am SO excited as Kaleb and I do not see enough of each other and I'm hoping for some PRECIOUS bonding time. Needless to say, I don't think I'll see much of my computer screen today, but wanted to let you all know that I will be back at some point to leave you with a goody!

I've not quite decided on a coordinating alpha to go with *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas* or a little something special on behalf of Thanksgiving Day here in the US! Either way, it shall surely be something versatile enough for EVERYONE around the "globe" to use! And, either way, you will end with BOTH before the week is out!!! LOL!

ROFL @ Teri in Hawaii - I had to chuckle when you referred to burning to DVD as the "cheap" alternative to buying another EHD! Girl, you are doing THE BEST thing by burning just in the event that one of those EHD's decides to bite the dust! As they say, it is not a matter of "if", but "when" a hard drive will fail, so there is nothing "cheap" about burning girlfriend!!! You are taking positive measures with which to preserve your MOST precious and priceless memories! WOO HOO!

I shall try my best to catch up with e-mails and comments over the next week as I have still been running scans on my system (making strides here!!!) and am doing some DVD burning of my own as my EHD has filled up FAR too quickly!!!

Thank you SO much for ALL of the LOVELY and SWEET comments y'all! My cheeks hurt from all of the grinning and giggling!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!

Wishing you ALL a VERY wonderful Wednesday! SCRAP HAPPY and the next installment of our FABULOUS *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* is just a few days away!!! *wink*

Love and hugs,
Linda :)



>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And here is version two without the Santa flair and HO, HO, HO, HO, HO!!!

Thank you SO very much to those of you who have already uploaded to the GUESTBOOK and to those who have not, PLEASE share your masterpieces with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND using ANY of my designs, including collaborations!!! Seeing your work is TRULY my GREATEST reward in designing!


Linda :)



>> Monday, November 24, 2008

WOW! SO much to say and SO little time! Greetings darlins' - how are y'all??? Are your hard drives busting at the seams as we tiptoe into the holiday season??? Mine is! OMGosh ... I have NO room left and with everything on my project list, I just don't have time to stop to free up space, BUT, I think I have NO choice at this point!!!

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all who are leaving "thank-you's" and comments!!! Y'all just MAKE my day!!!

My posts will most likely be VERY short this week as it took me ALL day today to create tonight's goody! I mean, am I SLOW, or WHAT??? I had to reboot several times and you can hear my poor overburdened computer thinking!!! Uh, huh .... like where am I supposed to put THIS??? LOL!

I couldn't wait to scrap a Christmas layout from the hundreds of photos I took last Christmas when all four boys, Robert and I drove to Vancouver, Washington to spend Christmas with both of my daughters. This one is of my oldest son, Matt, who received a VERY practical (our family is VERY practical in the gift-giving department!) present from his sister Joan and her husband, Travis to help keep him warm during the winter. How sweet is that? SWEET!

Tonight, I am including TWO versions of Scrapatit #1. One with the Santa flair and HO, HO, HO, HO, HO wordart and then one without for a little more versatility and/or your preference. You can even download both of them!!!

I will be creating several SCRAPATITS for you and they will show you just HOW versatile *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas* is once you have collected ALL four parts plus the goodies in between!!! I've also wanted to tell you how my portion of the *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* came about!

Normally, I would not think to put together this many colors however, given the color palette we ladies had to choose from, I was taken back over 40 years ago to MANY Christmases I experienced as a young girl. Although the shape is different, I tried to recreate the Christmas lights we had for many years that were in an assortment of colors and had colored spreckles of glass on the outside of them. I wish I could remember what they were called as I saw them not too long ago and I should have made note of it.

My stepmom would also take my brother and I with her behind the fence in our backyard where we would pick nettles, gather pinecones and other miscellaneous types of foliage to be dried and then spray painted with gold and silver paint and then sprinkled with glitter!!! YES, I have ALWAYS been a glitter addict!!! Come by it honestly! He, he ...

We would make bouquets and place them in an array of vases and display them about the house. You will find a piece of glittered foliage in one of the downloads to come!!!

I had the MOST fun making the Christmas tree. I actually spent hours and hours on this tree!!! Far MORE time than it would take me to decorate a REAL Christmas tree!!! I will be offering you this tree in THREE versions so that you may use it as is or you can decorate it yourself!

Okay, have I rambled on enough for one night??? LOL! We had unexpected company over the weekend so I did not touch the computer at all yesterday and seemed to have some trouble gaining access to my blogger tonight, but ALL is well now!

SWEET DREAMS ... see you tomorrow ... SCRAP HAPPY!

Linda :)

P.S. I am posting version two in the following post so that both images get picked up by the Digi-Free search engine!

Layout created using pieces of my *Dreaming of a Bright
Christmas*, part of the *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*
collaborative blog train. Photo courtesy of ME! Fonts used
are - Linenstroke, Static Age and Leaf Queen Script.



>> Saturday, November 22, 2008

My apologies to those who have already downloaded my first part of *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas*, which is my portion of the FABULOUS *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*. The incorrect image was picked up for posting at Digi Free so I am reposting.

I shall be back soon with some additional goodies.

Are y'all LOVIN' this blog train, or what??? I just ADORE Dawn, Vicki and Mel's contributions and am TRULY blessed to be a part of such a WONDERFULLY talented group of ladies! Please make sure to leave them all some GOOD, GOOD lovin' for their HARD work!!!

Thank you ALL for your SWEET, LOVING and HUMEROUS comments!!!

Nancy - you have me ROLLING (no pun intended .... uhm, yes it is!) on the floor!!! No need telling you to be HAPPY, HAPPY, eh? LOL! MWAH!

Ajila - I LOVE looking at your mug girl!!! Very nice to meet you! *big smile*

Have a SUPER Sunday everyone and see you back very soon! I will also share what this kit means to me as it is not what I had intended but soon understood why it went the way it did! Memories .... like the corner of my mind ... misty water-colored memories ....

Linda :)

P.S. For those here for the first time to download my first part, please make sure to grab both links as I had to split the files up to make it easier on those on dial-up. Thank you!!! XOXO



>> Friday, November 21, 2008

And it looks like I AM the CABOOSE!!! WOO HOO!!! TOOT, TOOT!!!

No talkie, just a walkie with me on a NEW adventure in SCRAPLAND!!! Put your sunglasses on and prepare to be DAZZLED by the BRIGHT lights of the coming holiday season!!! Dawn, Mel and Vicki have prepared a FEAST for your eyes!!! Make sure to visit EACH blog to collect this ENTIRE collaboration that will take you FAR beyond the holidays!!!

Below is a preview of ALL our previews along with my preview of my portion of TONIGHT'S first download in a series of FOUR weeks worth of scrapping goodies!!! Mel residing in South Africa and Dawn in Florida will be sharing their TROPICAL designs, while Vicki in England and myself in California, shall be posting a more TRADITIONAL collection of designs, including a bit of SNOW! Oh my, I just ADORE Santa in sunglasses and would actually LOVE to experience a TROPICAL Christmas someday!!! Thank you ladies - y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! Much love and hugs to you!

I shall catch y'all all up over the weekend as I have worked hard to get this far as my computer decided that it wishes to emulate the stone age and is slower than the average dinosaur!!! So, if I were to post a poll, which would you choose - Linda IS determined OR Linda is plum crazy I tell ya??? ROTFLMBO!!! I'll love you NO matter your response!!!

ENJOY the weekend everyone!!! Thanks to ALL who have added their masterpieces or messages to the guestbook and I am surely LOVIN' the view upon entering Bon Scrapatit Designs!!! Y'all are just THE sweetest and continue to inspire me!!! Please bear with me as I am still struggling through my computer issues and have not opened my inbox since early this morning. I shall try to catch up on all of them over the weekend. MWAH!


Follow the links below to collect the rest of the downloads on this week's cross-Scrapland journey as we ALL have FUN *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*!!!




HAPPY, HAPPY y'all!!! Off to spend the evening watching movies with my DEAR, SWEET Robert who is cooking ME dinner while I post to my blog!!! I REALLY am SO ever thankful for this man who supports my passions and even feels for me when I express my frustration at a rebellious computer!!! I love him DEARLY and TRULY look forward to growing "older" with him!!!

Love to all,
Linda :)

P.S. You MUST check out what Vicki and Mel's CT's have done with their portions!!! OOOOOH-LA-LA!!!



*I have just noticed that several have not downloaded the second link! I have posted
two links as one of the background papers is a PNG file and was too large to combine
with the rest of the papers and the embellishments, SO make sure to grab it as well!*



>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

to give you a LONG overdue PEEK of my portion of the *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND* blog train that is due for departure into SCRAPLAND tomorrow (Friday) night here in the US which will make it EARLY MORN on the other side of the globe!!!

Y'all all know that I've been struggling with my computer and I'm not going into details on that now, only that I've pretty much not been able to do anything the past two days while under continuous attack!!! I've been running lots of scans and at this moment in time, I am doing MUCH better than I have in the past several weeks!!! I guess I was in such bad shape that EVEN Ad Aware crashed after scanning my system for nearly THREE hours!!! ROFL! And here I've been biting at the bit to share the BIG SURPRISE with y'all!!! WOO HOO!

I am just as EXCITED as one can be to be teaming up with my DEAR, SWEET designing friends!!! Remember that "four-way" I eluded to several weeks ago??? Well, it was to be a four-way SKYPE conversation between my BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design, Vicki aka A Work in Progress and Mel aka mel_h designs!!! Dawn was not able to join us this round to be with her grandson, however, I just think the four of us might be having SKYPE get-togethers once every week or two as time allots each of us!!!

I had such a GRAND time of it with Vicki and Mel! As most of you know by now, I have relished learning about other countries, cultures and am a lover of language and being in a conversation with Vicki in England and Mel in South Africa had me on a high all day and even still!!! Robert gets a big grin on his face when he hears me start talking to him with a mixture of an English and South African flavor going on!!! YAAAAZ, I easily pick up accents and it has been that way with me ALWAYS and FOREVER! I LOVE IT!

I am in CONSTANT amazement at what technology allows us to do today and I am EVER thankful to be able to benefit from it and NEVER take it for granted. Point in case, my present computer woes. I am learning LOTS and how to even better safeguard myself to help prevent future problems. If it ain't broke, DON'T fix it!!! My troubles started when I let my McAfee subscription expire to try a new one that was rated #1!!! NEVER again! I shall stick with what I know is working and in fifteen years of working on a computer, this is my FIRST battle with viruses and, hopefully, my LAST!

Okay, on to the SNEAK-PEEK!!!

The girls and I each submitted four colors to Dawn and she put them all together so we've each sort of picked and chosen what struck our fancies, but they are MOSTLY all bright colors which make for a VERY festive holiday season, eh? We really wanted to incorporate both sides of the globe in that half the world celebrates Christmas during the summer and the other during the winter. Vicki has graciously lent to us the collaborative title, *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND*, which is ABSOLUTELY perfect, don't you think??? That's all I've got to say and I just KNOW y'all will LOVE what the ladies have put together for you, so make sure to visit EACH Friday/Saturday starting tomorrow night/Saturday morning and once each week with the fourth and final installments being posted on Friday night/Saturday morning December 12th and 13th! Visit each of the others by clicking below:




ALL ABOARD!!! Don't miss the departure for *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND*! Join us for a FABULOUS adventure in SCRAPLAND!!!

I believe that all four of us will be offering other coordinating goodies throughout each week as well to include "scrapatits"/quickpages, alphas and possibly some add-ons, so make sure to check back with each us several times during the week to see what awaits you!!! Please make sure to leave these LOVELY ladies some HEARTY Scrapland lovin'!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! Oh, and would one of you mind saving me a seat PRETTY please??? He, he .... MWAH!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone!

Nighty, night,
Linda :)

P.S. Gosh, I nearly forgot to mention that I am leaving you with a little freebie that will coordinate with my portion of *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND*, which I have titled, *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas*. A little bit of SANTA flair!!! XOXO



>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you??? ROFL!

Stopping in to leave you with another set of acrylic frames - SQUARED!!! Okay, actually there are THREE of them!!!

Can't stay as I'm still struggling through my project with a VERY sluggish computer and just don't have time to dig into the system at the moment! Hey, there is just TOO much GOOD stuff coming up to miss out on it all!!!

Y'all are just the GREATEST and I appreciate SO much each and EVERY comment left!

Roxined - NO, you did not miss the elements to *You Don't Know Jack* ... "I" did!!! With all of my computer issues and one project running into the next, I simply did not have time to rework them prior to Halloween and my collaboration with the LOVELY Ms. Vicki Parker! I will still offer those up to y'all, but not sure when. I feel a little awkward offering them up as we approach Thanksgiving and I really should not. As scrappers, we scrap events all around the clock and the calendar, eh? I shall try to get to them over the next couple of weeks and then will announce ahead of time when I have finished to give you a head's up! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!!!

As we are experiencing an Indian Summer here in Copperopolis, it is difficult for me to move my thoughts into the direction of *A Chance of Rain* but hope to have something as soon as possible. I've opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fans for the past three days in a row!!! We would normally be firing up the woodstove to take the chill out of the air!!!

Y'all are going to LOVE what is to come!!! Well, I'm hoping SO anyhoo as it shall be TRULY a bit of a scrapper's paradise!!!

Nancy (in CT!) - I can give you real quick instructions on how to turn your elements to white in PSE. It is pretty much the same as Photoshop. Go to IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS>HUE/SATURATION. The bottom slider should read LIGHTNESS. Move the slider to the right until you achieve the "whiteness" you desire. You can also go back and use the BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST sliders as well.

I colorize A LOT! In fact, the design project that I am finishing up at the moment has had me using HUE/SATURATION and BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST quite often!!!

If you as wishing to alter the HUE of an element, play with the HUE slider and the SATURATION sliders to achieve a match to your project. There are other options too, but the HUE/SATURATION is the easiest and usually will do the trick. I shall share more on this as time allows me to.

Thanks for asking Nancy!

Jody - on the frames with rounded corners, I can show you how to make a template with rounded corners if you are using PS or PSE, however, I am using a commercial acrylic template that will not allow me to round the corners and will have to PLAY to be able to mimic the same style, which I've grown to LOVE immensely! I will try to play with this a little bit next week if my computer allows me!!!

Lisa (scoobie) - Hey girl!!! Where have you been??? DO tell! Good to see your smiling face again!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone and I'll see you in the next day or two!


Hugs, hugs and MORE hugs,
Linda :)


I DO, I DO ...

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you everyone for your MOST lovely comments and I am SO happy that you are REALLY loving this collection of frames as much as I am creating them! I just had to break from my "mad" designing to say HELLO and to drop off some more goodies and then head for bed! He, he ...

Y'all are right, they are VERY versatile (MAHALO Terri!!!) and GREAT for ANY occasion! I will be using them in to scrap for the holidays - Thanksgiving all the way through New Years!

If y'all haven't seen it yet, there is a new layout added to the guestbook by Lynn using a frame from the VERY first set I posted for you. It looks FABULOUS nestled amongst the RICH and COLORFUL autumn leaves!!!

I am leaving you with a set of frames in the portrait orientation this morning! How many of you remember my little tidbit from long ago about NOT rotating elements more than about 15 degrees in either direction so as not to throw off the light source? Uh, huh , I see those hands WAVING in the air!!!

I know that MANY of you are new to my blog and I will always try my best to give you embellishments, such as frames, in both orientations so that you will not need to be concerned about rotating because your photo begs you to do so! LOL! When I first starting scrapping, I thought nothing of it as I'm sure many of you don't as well and that is why I am sharing. I really do hope to incorporate some tips and tricks here at Bon Scrapatit Designs in the very near future! It is, and always has been, my desire to help "newbies" to digital scrapping to develop their scrapping skills! And, please, if you ever have any questions, shoot me an e-mail and I shall reply just as quickly as I am able. *smile*

I have all kinds of ideas running around in my aging head that needs the cobwebs swept out once again!!! Now, just to find the time to put them all together and to share them with y'all!!!

Michelle from Livermore - HOWDY neighbor and WELCOME!!! I am a Bay Area transplant (raised in Palo Alto) and have been living in the foothills now for nearly 15 years! I am about an hour and a half northeast of y'all just 11 miles shy of Angels Camp! I am SO tickled that you have found *Summer Wedding* to your liking! Thank you for finding your way in to say "thank you" and you are MOST welcome!

Jody - I shall add the frame tutorial to my list of "to-do's"!!! I really do wish to start working on tutorials, but honestly, it most likely will not be until after the the holidays. Are you wishing acrylic frames with rounded corners?

I have MORE news to share VERY soon!!! I am getting SO very excited about what is to come and I just KNOW y'all will be too! Stay-tuned!

I'm posting a few more wedding photos using the new set of frames! ALL images are courtesy of REBECCA McLACHLAN PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

Have a GORGEOUS week everyone and REMEMBER - it's SCRAP HAPPY HOUR in SCRAPLAND 24/7!!!

Linda :)



>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hope to find the weekend treating y'all well thus far! I am stopping in to leave you with another set of acrylic frames and then back to some SERIOUS Photoshoppin' to finish up some goodies for an AWESOME event coming up next week right HERE in SCRAPLAND!!! I will have more to share with y'all tomorrow night or Monday! He, he ... I am SO excited!!! Shhhhh .... it's another COLLAB, but that is ALL I am telling you tonight! *big smile*

Word has it that the weather will, indeed, bring another *CHANCE OF RAIN* the beginning of this coming week and look out because it just might SNOW before week's end!!! ROFL! *wink*

I have one more photo from Travis and Joan's wedding to share with y'all tonight and it was a PERFECT one for the PANORAMA frames! Any guesses??? Uh, huh - how about a WEDDING MARCH!!! Well, kinda, sorta!!!

Rather than confining this photo to the matted area of the frame, I extended it all the way to the edges of the outer edge of the acrylic. Whatcha think? I am really liking these frames more and more!!! And yes, Elaine, they are a CLASSY finish aren't they!

Well, I must say, I am TRULY missing ALL of your WONDERFUL comments, however, I would like to ESPECIALLY thank those of you who are VERY faithful in leaving me a note of thanks!!! It REALLY is VERY uplifting, encouraging and INSPIRES me to keep on creating. YES, there are times when I sit here and stare at my monitor, not knowing where to begin! I think everyone has those moments but mine were numerous this past week due to my battle with the Trojans!!! I shall update you on those in a day or two!

ENJOY your Sunday and may you be RELAXED and REFRESHED for the new week ahead!

I meant to give a SHOUT OUT several days ago, but just was not able to, so here goes:

A dear, SWEET friend of mine, Barb Derksen aka Mrs. Miles aka Olivia Dorazio has ALL of her designs on sale for 50% off at Sophia Sarducci's, which is closing it's doors FOREVER on Monday, November 17th!!! If you are looking for some good deals and or/Christmas goodies to scrap with, create gifts with or even to GIVE as gifts, then y'all will wish to check this sale out! CLICK HERE to see previews and get links from Barb's blog. While you are there and if you just happen to catch a whiff of something aromatic .... check out the ARTISAN breads and the bagels that Barb's been busy baking!!! MMMMMMM ....

OHHHHH ... before I forget!!! ADDY, if you see this, I will mail you next week and to ALL of those that I've been corresponding with and have not yet replied to your last reply (LOL!), I will catch up on mails by mid-week as I've got to stay focused so I don't lose my MOJO!!!

Love to all - you are the SWEETEST!


Linda :)

P.S. THANK YOU for the NEWEST additions to the GUESTBOOK!!! I am just LOVING my view from here as I see your SMILING faces, kiddos and furbabies!!! PLEASE keep them coming!!! XOXO



>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

that y'all are REALLY liking the acrylic frames!!! (and, NO, the RAIN is not gone!) I 'm SO happy! And, guess what??? Uh, huh, I've come bearing yet another set PLUS, I am sharing a few more photos from my daughter Joan's wedding!!!

I've not shared any more because I wanted to be able to provide a link to the FABULOUS Rebecca McLachlan's blog for you to see her works of art, however, at the time she was apparently undergoing some changes and there was not a photo to be found! I have returned with a link in hand!!!

Travis and Joan's wedding was Rebecca's first and I cannot tell you HOW amazed we all were at how CALM, COOL and COLLECTED Rebecca was. Rebecca is SO well organized, low-key and FULL of ideas to catch those MOST priceless moments that can NEVER be recaptured! I was a bit of a puppy in following her around when I had a moment and she was EVER so gracious in answering my questions about her equipment and the like.

I will also be premanently housing Rebecca's link here on my blog in the event y'all or someone you know is in need of a GOOD photographer in the Vancouver, Washington area! I shall have to add a new category, PHOTOGRAPHY! WOO HOO! I've been wishing to do so for some time and this is a WONDERFUL link with which to start! Thank you Rebecca for providing our families with such INCREDIBLE memories to enjoy, to share and to pass on down throughout the generations!

If you wish to view some of the other photos Rebecca has posted on her website, click HERE and then click on "weddings", which is a photo of Travis and Joan's wedding rings atop Joan's wedding bouquet (goreous photo and fantabulous idea). There are only a handful of photos posted and Travis and Joan's section ends with the bridal party jumping in the air in the lobby of the Hilton, which was located directly across the street from the lovely Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, Washington where Travis and Joan were married! For those of you who have not visited my blog until recently, it was 104 degrees and humid which is not the norm for this part of Washington and it was just like being in Copperopolis, California as we left the VERY same weather behind us, so we thought! HA, HA! Needless to say, this wedding WAS HOT!!!

Gosh, I have SO much to talk about and my mind has been hijacked this past week! I've been begging to have it returned and am at the present time in negotiation as to what I need to do to continue to be able to continue on my planned course of bloggings!!! LOL! Thus far negotiations have included an entire day out in SCRAPLAND visiting designer blogs that I've not been to before, leaving lots of blog love, replacing the slideshow with a guestbook so y'all can add your layouts, answering e-mails and battling viruses to name a few! Oh, by the way, on the NEW guestbook, there were two options in which images could be added. One was right away and the other was to receive an e-mail for my approval. I chose the latter without really giving it a lot of thought as that is the way it automatically worked with the slideshows. SO, I apologize for the fact that you will not be able see your layouts right away, but I will approve them just as quickly as I am able. I've tried to change this, however, I find NO option to do so which is a bit inconvenient - lesson learned!

Below, you will see that I've had a bit of fun using my new acrylic frames to post a few wedding photos. I had used the dark gold on the color photo at first, however, Joan had not a bit of gold in her wedding so I opted to stick with the silver for now! The photos ARE courtesy of Rebecca McLachlan Photography and are images I acquired from Joan's My Space. It was interesting to see the ones the bride chose to upload versus those of the groom! LOL! All of them EXCELLENT nonetheless!

Thank you for hanging out with me and I'll see you back tomorrow for the FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE!

Linda :)

P.S. I used Virtual Photographer filters on two of the photos. "Snap" on The Wedding Party and "Radiant" on The Waltons. I heard the girls talking about hearing that a model was next door to us while we were all getting ready for the wedding and did not find out who it was until I saw this photo on Joan's My Space!!! I'm BAD! I even had to look her up as I'm not familiar with who she is but she is in a movie that was recently released. Am I showing my age again??? ROFL! Anyhoo, it was NOT Kate Moss as they had thought but, Kate Bosworth, who is an actress (debuted in Robert Redford's, "The Horse Whisperer" in 1998)! Joan's caption was something like, "Look, Kate Bosworth was at my wedding"! LOL! No honey, YOU were the STAR at this wedding!!! He, he ....



>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am EVER so thankful for ALL that "have" served, "are" serving and even those who have yet to serve that I am FREE to be ME! This day is to recognize those that HAVE served our country/countries and they are all deep in my heart that is filled with "gratitude" for ALL of the freedoms still intact today!

Speaking of being "thankful", have I told y'all lately just how "thankful" I am for YOU! We're a TEAM ya know! We are working and playing together, all headed in the same direction with some detours here and there, but headed for the GOAL LINE! YUP, we are carrying our ball of memories right over that goal line and into our BEAUTIFULLY created scrapbooks!!! Some of us MUCH sooner than others *red-faced*, but getting there nonetheless!!! Thank you! Thank you for liking my designs enough to download them. Thank you for leaving me comments AND "thank you, thank you" for posting YOUR masterpieces in the Guestbook for ALL of us to see, admire and to be inspired by. MWAH! Y'all are the GREATEST!!!

Thank you to Karyn and Sharon (he, he ... hey, that rhymes!) and to Ms. Vicki for being the FIRST group to upload. I am on pins and needles waiting for the rest of y'all!!!

Last night, I mentioned that I would "whisper" in your ears, so come closer so y'all can hear - *wink* Be prepared. If your EHD's or hard drives are near full, I highly recommend some burning sessions (for your protection anyhow) so that you have PLENTY of room to collect ALL that will be coming your way in SCRAPLAND starting VERY, VERY soon.

I'm feeling like a little kid at Christmas at the moment - jumping up and down on the inside just anticipating ALL of the GOODIES!!! Of course, we MUST not forget about ALL of the FABULOUS sales as well!!! I LOVE shopping a GOOD sale! PHEW! NSD about did me in I tell ya, but I am a HAPPY camper!!! Anyhoo, I shall keep you updated as to the goings on out and about SCRAPLAND that I am involved in and/or that I see or hear about!

Okay, without further ado, tonight's FREEBIE is a matching and/or complimentary set of frames to last night's, only these are in the portrait orientation with "three" openings for either photos, a combination of photos and journaling or something YOU create with your OWN imagination!!! SURPRISE ME! That is MY reward - being able to see what you do with my designs!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone. Thank you SO much for ALLLLLLL of the comments on my blog today. I appreciate that you are traveling here since 4-shared is now wishing everyone to be registered to comment. To be perfectly honest with you, it really does NOT take any more time to comment on a blog than it does on 4-shared. How is that you ask? Well, you can start the download and then hit the BACK button taking you back to the blog where you can comment while your goodies are downloading. And, "no", doing so will NOT interrupt your download. Did you know that you can actually leave a blog and 4-shared and it still will not interrupt your download.? I figured that out one day some time ago as I unintentionally closed my windows!!! TADA! Download intact!!! WOO HOO!

Oh, oh, oh , oh, OOOOOOHHHH! I've just finished IM'ing with the LOVELY and TALENTED Teri Mayo and she is looking for a Victorian-type dress that she can use in a scrapkit she is designing in honor of her granddaughter's upcoming baptism (which just happens to also be on Teri's birthday!), so of course it will need to be a commercial-use item. If anybody has seen, has or might know of where one can be located and purchased or downloaded as a freebie, PLEASE contact Teri either on her blog or by e-mail. She and I, both, shall be MOST grateful for your help! THANK YOU darlin's!

Teri Mayo's Blog:

Teri Mayo's E-mail Address: terimayo (at) aol (dot) com

Until we meet again ...

Much love,
Linda :)



>> Monday, November 10, 2008

I mean, GUESS what??? Or, DO I??? LOL! You'll notice above that I've had to remove the slideshow, to my disappointment, and add a "guestbook" as it is the ONLY way for y'all to be able to share YOUR masterpieces with me and ALL of those who come to visit!

All you need to do is click on the SIGN THIS GUESTBOOK and a window will open for you to post your name, your location, to browse for the file you wish to upload and to leave a message, which if you are uploading a layout can be the title of your layout and/or the kit of mine that you have used OR simply a bit about the layout. If you don't have a layout to upload, you are encouraged to introduce yourself by posting your name and your location and a little message if you choose to do so! TADA!!! I get to see your LOVELY work again!!! You don't know HOW much I have missed it!

For those who have uploaded in the past, and I have hundreds of them, please feel free to re-upload if you would like to! I would do it for you other than the fact that I don't have every one's name and also it's nice to have your location as well. No worries, only if you wish to do so, but y'all KNOW I'd LOVE it!!! MWAH! Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions.

I've moved a smaller version of the previous slideshow over to my sidebar, which I will use to house the most current freebies that I am offering.

I'm just a bit tuckered out from battling THE BUGS and dealing with a SLOW moving computer! I spent yesterday with the family mostly and today, I had a NICE relaxing day traveling about SCRAPLAND! YES, I had a LOVELY time of it too!

I think that I shall devote my Monday's to visiting blogs that I frequent as well as NEW ones to introduce myself and leave some love! I learned MANY new things in my ventures out today and my last stop had me in tears, some of sadness and then right into JOY as I read the outpouring of LOVE from our MOST incredible community of scrapbookers here in SCRAPLAND! WOW!

I am not going to elaborate on this TRULY heart-touching outreach into our MOST incredible community, but if you are familiar with the FABULOUSLY talented designer, Summer Driggs, then you most likely already know the situation. If not, Summer explains it all better than I ever could.

Summer was the Friday Feature on Ginger Scrap's blog a couple of months back and that is how "I" found her. I had not much time, but remember being in AWE of her style, bookmarking her and wishing to return when I had a bit of extra time. This is terrible, but I cannot even tell you how I wound up on her blog earlier this evening!!! You know how you click on a link, then another and so on and so forth? I must have done that because I TRULY do not remember how I found Summer's blog again but am EVER so thankful that I have!

Anyhoo, Summer is offering up a GORGEOUS kit and I shall leave you with the link to find out WHY she has created this SPECIAL kit and is sharing it with ALL of SCRAPLAND. You may reach Summer's blog HERE.

I shall now leave you with a set of three acrylic and metal bevel-edged frames as a token of my LOVE for y'all and ALL that y'all do to help make this community of ours that I SO fondly refer to as SCRAPLAND, such a FABULOUS place to hang out in!

I saw several hands raised WAY UP HIGH for the frame I used in the *FESTIVITY* scrapatit in my prior post! Y'all are SOOOOOO sweet! Thank you for your ongoing love, support and encouragement as it is GREATLY appreciated!

Have a LOVELY week everyone and I shall see you back tomorrow when I shall whisper into your ears about some AMAZING Christmas happenings coming up here in SCRAPLAND!!!

Much love,
Linda :)

P.S. This link is going to download LIGHTNING fast as it is under 1MB, so don't blink or you might think it did not download!!! ROFL! Sorry, I could not resist after my HUGE file for last part of *FESTIVITY*!!! By the way, I sure would LOVE to see what y'all do with it! I just KNOW that each of you has SOMETHING special to CELEBRATE!!! WOO HOO! Thank YOU!


OH ... MY STARS!!! I MEAN ... STAR!!!

>> Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

Hope to find you all SCRAPPING HAPPILY or HAPPILY SCRAPPING and having a WONDERFULLY relaxing weekend thus far!!! My day has been rather calm and it even included an unannounced visit from two of my sons who are also roomies!!! It was a VERY pleasant surprise actually as I've been working away at nailing the virus that keeps lurking about trying to invade my computer at any moment while working on some designing and a LITTLE goody for y'all this evening!

And what exactly did those boys want while visiting or should I ask, what was the REAL purpose of their visit??? LOL! Well, Luke headed straight for Robert's laptop after squeezing his mama a wee bit and when Matt, the oldest, finally found his way to where I was (need you ask??? he, he ...) and gave me some LONG overdue lovin' while chuckling at the word "scrappy" on my computer screen, he asked if they could borrow the crock pot!!! Hmmmm .... guess what's going on their Christmas gift list??? Uh, huh!

I must say to all Moms EVERYWHERE, it TRULY pays to treat your boys equally in the sharing of domestic duties. I cannot tell you just HOW proud I am of ALL four of my boys who can cook, clean (well, only if they HAVE to) and EVEN do their own laundry (they HAVE to)!!! They did not understand it growing up, but guess what??? NOW they DO! WOO HOO!!! They are actually able to take care of their very OWN home! PHEW! *big grin*

Matt and Luke are making a pot roast and asked for directions! SO sweet. I explained to Matt how to thicken the liquid if he so chooses to do so (he asked) and then away they both went ... into the night! LOL! Luke is also picking John up from work for us so Robert doesn't have to make the trip again as he usually hangs out with his brothers on the weekend until he needs to come home and hit the hay. John is SO funny, he also disappears over to their house during his three days off from work!!! I LOVE it! They are only five minutes away!!! If we need each other at any time ... TADA!

BETH - the name of the ONLINE backup service I am using is MOZY. They are really helping to give me peace of mind as I am in the same place as you. I jet from one project to the next and have not been able to burn for some time, SO to alleviate my stressful feelings in the possibility of an EHD failing at some point, I am backing my files up as I type. I have to tell you, almost embarassed to, but Mozy is at this moment backing up my entire 250 GB EHD as it just MAGICALLY filled itself one day!!! ROFL! Mozy gives you 2 GB's of FREE back up to give it a try and I pay the $4.95/mo for UNLIMITED back up! Such a deal for a GOOD night's sleep, eh? LOL! *wink*

I am working on burning a little each day, that is until I started having virus attacks and problems with my burning software! All things for a purpose as we all have SO much to learn and every obstacle will teach us something new if we allow it to, right??? Uh, huh!

Anyhoo, a little head's up - I have been backing my system up now for two months. If you just have some basic files to back up, they go quickly, however, I am backing up EVERYTHING on my EHD which houses photos, scrapkits and ALL of my designs. You have an option to speed up the backing up process which will slow your computer so I'm like right in the middle I think.

One more IMPORTANT tidbit. I am not going to say that my ISP tech is the ONLY tech and that he knows it ALL, but you might wish to check around with some computer geeks before investing in a HUMONGOUS EHD. Personally, I will NOT buy one over 250 GB's. I was informed that the larger they are, the higher and easier the probability there is of files being lost. YUP, they just disappear. Get reallocated or something like that - not sure exactly how to explain it but I can see the mathematical logic of it in my head! LOL! Not only that, it is SO much easier to fill one of those babies up and not even think about burning to CD or DVD. I, personally, think it would behoove all of us to have two or three methods of backup going on in the event of some mishap. I was sitting here just last night thinking about how we are SO trusting technology, yet we can lose everything in an instant so it really pays us to stay informed as to what our options are. I will not promote anything as we all have different needs and what may work for me may not work for you. Do your research and then you will be able to make a wise decision, tailor-made for YOU!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to e-mail me!

Gosh, I have rambled on a GOOD one tonight, eh? Without further ado, tonight's FREEBIE is *FESTIVITY*, Scrapatit #1!!! I think this one is VERY versatile and can be used for ANY and ALL stars in our lives! I, of course, have to find a photo or photos to scrap when I make y'all a scrapatit and I just happened to remember that my number two son, Mark's school colors were blue and yellow! PERFECTO!

I have to share with you that as I was saving the preview file of my scrap for y'all to see, I got a wee bit teary-eyed reflecting on this MOST special occasion in this young mans life. One day, I just may write that book that SO many have told me I should. My children have overcome some HUGE obstacles and I am SO very proud of each and every one of them. I may not always agree with EVERYTHING they think or do, but they all have tender hearts, are well-mannered where it counts and I SO believe that they will rise above their circumstances! Yup, I LOVES them deeply and they TRULY are my GREATEST achievement in life - *big sigh*

QUESTION. DO y'all like the frame in the scrapatit??? I made if from the acrylic journaling matte included in my Part Two of *FESTIVITY*. I have made several with different matting on the inner edge. RAISE those hands if you'd like them and I will post them for you tomorrow!!!

Off to battle the BUGS and finish up Part Four of *Chance Of Rain*!

Bon Scrapatit!

Linda :)

My SHINING STAR, Mark, receiving his diploma. Mark attended an alternative
high school program that put him on Independent Study, which was familiar to him
after having been homeschooled from kindergarten through fifth grade. He finished
a semester early which was AMAZING to me with all that we had going on. Mark
has just recently passed his first phase of testing for the California Highway Patrol.
Mark has ALWAYS been the "peacemaker" in our family and has ALWAYS wanted
to be involved in public service. I hope and pray he gets his heart's desire! SOOO,
any of you LOVELY ladies living here in California, study this face and if for SOME
reason you should ever encounter a CHP (he, he ...) and you see this SWEET face, tell him that you know his mama!!! This reminds me of a CHP story of my own I need to share with y'all someday!


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