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that y'all are REALLY liking the acrylic frames!!! (and, NO, the RAIN is not gone!) I 'm SO happy! And, guess what??? Uh, huh, I've come bearing yet another set PLUS, I am sharing a few more photos from my daughter Joan's wedding!!!

I've not shared any more because I wanted to be able to provide a link to the FABULOUS Rebecca McLachlan's blog for you to see her works of art, however, at the time she was apparently undergoing some changes and there was not a photo to be found! I have returned with a link in hand!!!

Travis and Joan's wedding was Rebecca's first and I cannot tell you HOW amazed we all were at how CALM, COOL and COLLECTED Rebecca was. Rebecca is SO well organized, low-key and FULL of ideas to catch those MOST priceless moments that can NEVER be recaptured! I was a bit of a puppy in following her around when I had a moment and she was EVER so gracious in answering my questions about her equipment and the like.

I will also be premanently housing Rebecca's link here on my blog in the event y'all or someone you know is in need of a GOOD photographer in the Vancouver, Washington area! I shall have to add a new category, PHOTOGRAPHY! WOO HOO! I've been wishing to do so for some time and this is a WONDERFUL link with which to start! Thank you Rebecca for providing our families with such INCREDIBLE memories to enjoy, to share and to pass on down throughout the generations!

If you wish to view some of the other photos Rebecca has posted on her website, click HERE and then click on "weddings", which is a photo of Travis and Joan's wedding rings atop Joan's wedding bouquet (goreous photo and fantabulous idea). There are only a handful of photos posted and Travis and Joan's section ends with the bridal party jumping in the air in the lobby of the Hilton, which was located directly across the street from the lovely Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, Washington where Travis and Joan were married! For those of you who have not visited my blog until recently, it was 104 degrees and humid which is not the norm for this part of Washington and it was just like being in Copperopolis, California as we left the VERY same weather behind us, so we thought! HA, HA! Needless to say, this wedding WAS HOT!!!

Gosh, I have SO much to talk about and my mind has been hijacked this past week! I've been begging to have it returned and am at the present time in negotiation as to what I need to do to continue to be able to continue on my planned course of bloggings!!! LOL! Thus far negotiations have included an entire day out in SCRAPLAND visiting designer blogs that I've not been to before, leaving lots of blog love, replacing the slideshow with a guestbook so y'all can add your layouts, answering e-mails and battling viruses to name a few! Oh, by the way, on the NEW guestbook, there were two options in which images could be added. One was right away and the other was to receive an e-mail for my approval. I chose the latter without really giving it a lot of thought as that is the way it automatically worked with the slideshows. SO, I apologize for the fact that you will not be able see your layouts right away, but I will approve them just as quickly as I am able. I've tried to change this, however, I find NO option to do so which is a bit inconvenient - lesson learned!

Below, you will see that I've had a bit of fun using my new acrylic frames to post a few wedding photos. I had used the dark gold on the color photo at first, however, Joan had not a bit of gold in her wedding so I opted to stick with the silver for now! The photos ARE courtesy of Rebecca McLachlan Photography and are images I acquired from Joan's My Space. It was interesting to see the ones the bride chose to upload versus those of the groom! LOL! All of them EXCELLENT nonetheless!

Thank you for hanging out with me and I'll see you back tomorrow for the FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE!

Linda :)

P.S. I used Virtual Photographer filters on two of the photos. "Snap" on The Wedding Party and "Radiant" on The Waltons. I heard the girls talking about hearing that a model was next door to us while we were all getting ready for the wedding and did not find out who it was until I saw this photo on Joan's My Space!!! I'm BAD! I even had to look her up as I'm not familiar with who she is but she is in a movie that was recently released. Am I showing my age again??? ROFL! Anyhoo, it was NOT Kate Moss as they had thought but, Kate Bosworth, who is an actress (debuted in Robert Redford's, "The Horse Whisperer" in 1998)! Joan's caption was something like, "Look, Kate Bosworth was at my wedding"! LOL! No honey, YOU were the STAR at this wedding!!! He, he ....

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