>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

NAH! We shall ALL always have a reason to be FESTIVE now, shant we??? Come on - you KNOW it!!!

While I am surely sad to see mine and Vicki's collaboration of *FESTIVITY* coming to an end, there shall be a FOR SURE *Chance Of Rain* here in SCRAPLAND this weekend!!! So, STAY-TUNED and open those hard drives to catch the outpouring of scrapping delights!!! I have ABSOLUTELY adored working with Vicki and getting to know her more - she is such a SWEETHEART and a VERY dear soul! Vicki, hope to do it again soon love!

Head on over to Vicki's blog to find her LOVELY alpha that will have you seeing STARS!!! GORGEOUS girlfriend!!!

There are MORE surprises ahead for y'all so keep in touch, AND, I have something in the works to add to my sidebar soon that will offer up some TASTY treats on an ongoing basis, I am still working out the "details"!!! LOL!

Thank you SOOOOO much to ALL who rejoiced with me and shared about your festivities and causes for CELEBRATION!!! Ya'll SO warm my heart when you give me a glimpse into your lives! This place referred to as SCRAPLAND by myself and MANY, is TRULY a magical place for me and for MOST of you I think! A place where we can come together in the name of family, friendships and the preservation of generational memories that shall find their way into the hands of our children, our children's children and so on and so forth!

Lisa/Betty - Thank you for your SWEET and LOVELY comments on Lohgan's layout! I shall have to scrap photos from his first birthday in September pretty quick here!

Crigs - New Zealand is on my TOP FIVE places in the world I wish to visit! NO snakes I hear!!! Wishing you the BEST outcome for NZ in your election tomorrow!

Candi - I am CELEBRATING with you girl!!! Raised my children to be thankful for those very things!

Ajila - YOU are ALWAYS a "light" and I SO appreciate your daily doses of LOVE! I TOTALLY relate to the chronic illnesses and I am OVERJOYED to know that you have cause to CELEBRATE despite them sweetheart! Keep on keeping on ....

Sharon - your news IS cause for CELEBRATION "big time" girlfriend! WOO HOO and Happy Retirement to YOU!!! AWESOME! XOXO

Deatles - Thank you! I have always considered myself to be determined and/or stubborn, however, I LIKE "tenacious"!!! You are SO sweet and what a FABULOUS part of the US for you to be residing in!!!

Kris - LOL! SO glad you sneaked in the wee hours of his morning! I am surprised that I did NOT catch you!!! *chesire cat grin* Love the layout girl and EVERYBODY, check it out right beneath this comment!!! LOVE those balls and FABULOUS layering! My kiddos had a blast every time we were able to go to Discovery Zone back in the latter 80's, early 90's!!! EEEEKS, I AM getting older!!! CONGRATS on the NEW grandbaby coming next year!!! We have one coming in January!

Dinphy - Thank you SO very much for putting my computer in it's rightful place!!! You ROCK girl! LOL! MWAH!

Danyale - Robert and I saw KOOZA this past March and WOW!!! I would LOVE to see the others as well! DEFINITELY a day to remember!

Candy - HAPPY "41st" BIRTHDAY darlin'!!! I jumped up and down on my "40th"!!! It's ALL good sweetheart - now you COAST!!! And, remember, doctors are ONLY "practicing" medicine, they don't know ALL! WOO HOO! I've got goosebumples and tears girl!!! YAY YOU!

Anna - how small do you need the files?

Carolyn - I SO badly wanted to reply to you last night after reading your comment! NO, I have NOT installed SP3 and I won't! You are one in MANY that have experienced chaos with the new patch and since I am in need of a new computer anyhoo and have FAR too much to lose, I am waiting for the new computer! What a mess, eh? I am SO sorry that you are having to go through this. I would be TOTALLY devastated if I had to reformat! BIG HUGS and I hope that all goes smoothly for you. Keep me posted and thank you for sharing!

See y'all tomorrow with a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! YAY weekend!


Linda :)

P.S. I am really VERY disappointed in not being able to get a slideshow that y'all can add your layouts to as you have in the past. I am thinking at this juncture that I shall have to do like my darling Vicki and add a guestbook. I am going to give the slideshows one more go this weekend and if I can not find a place for you to ADD to, then I will install a guestbook so that you may! I am SO missing your masterpieces!!! *sniff, sniff*

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