>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just a little something for you since I'm working hard on preparing for the debut of *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* tomorrow!

I am LAUGHING in the face of adversity!!! Nothing is going to stop me from completing my mission!!! ROFL! Y'all would NOT believe what happened today! You already KNOW about my SLOOOOOOW computer these past few weeks and here I was planning out my day so as to be ON TIME with my upload for the BIG DAY tomorrow and guess what happened??? Just "out of the blue" ... BEAUTIFUL weather ... no sirens ... POOF ... I walked down our long drive to open the gate for Robert as he was leaving to return Wyatt and Garret to their mom ... I get back to the house ... notice it's awfully quiet as Robert usually leaves the television on if he is coming back ... went into my room ... sat down to the computer ... ONLY, it was NOT ON!!! HELP!!! And, and, aaaaaand, I had just finished my project and was ready to save it when the boys came in to say good-bye and I got up to give them hugs and to open the gate!!! Can you BELIEVE it??? ROTFLMBO!!! The power went out all about Copper for some reason unbeknownst to me!

No worries. NOTHING is going to STOP ME!!! LOL! Just a MINOR setback and the makings for a little bit later night!!! HA!

Scrapatit #2 from our *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* Christmas Collaboration is rather simple and GREAT for some SNOWY or WINTRY photos and you can embellish it any way your heart desires. Stay-tuned for another post for Scrapatit #3 which is a little more on the FESTIVE side!

If you've not already been, hop on over to Vicki, Dawn and Mel's blogs as well to see what they might have to add on to this AWESOME collection of holiday goodies!!! Are we having FUN yet??? Uh, huh!!! MWAH!

Have a GOOD night all!!!

Linda :)

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