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>> Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

Hope to find you all SCRAPPING HAPPILY or HAPPILY SCRAPPING and having a WONDERFULLY relaxing weekend thus far!!! My day has been rather calm and it even included an unannounced visit from two of my sons who are also roomies!!! It was a VERY pleasant surprise actually as I've been working away at nailing the virus that keeps lurking about trying to invade my computer at any moment while working on some designing and a LITTLE goody for y'all this evening!

And what exactly did those boys want while visiting or should I ask, what was the REAL purpose of their visit??? LOL! Well, Luke headed straight for Robert's laptop after squeezing his mama a wee bit and when Matt, the oldest, finally found his way to where I was (need you ask??? he, he ...) and gave me some LONG overdue lovin' while chuckling at the word "scrappy" on my computer screen, he asked if they could borrow the crock pot!!! Hmmmm .... guess what's going on their Christmas gift list??? Uh, huh!

I must say to all Moms EVERYWHERE, it TRULY pays to treat your boys equally in the sharing of domestic duties. I cannot tell you just HOW proud I am of ALL four of my boys who can cook, clean (well, only if they HAVE to) and EVEN do their own laundry (they HAVE to)!!! They did not understand it growing up, but guess what??? NOW they DO! WOO HOO!!! They are actually able to take care of their very OWN home! PHEW! *big grin*

Matt and Luke are making a pot roast and asked for directions! SO sweet. I explained to Matt how to thicken the liquid if he so chooses to do so (he asked) and then away they both went ... into the night! LOL! Luke is also picking John up from work for us so Robert doesn't have to make the trip again as he usually hangs out with his brothers on the weekend until he needs to come home and hit the hay. John is SO funny, he also disappears over to their house during his three days off from work!!! I LOVE it! They are only five minutes away!!! If we need each other at any time ... TADA!

BETH - the name of the ONLINE backup service I am using is MOZY. They are really helping to give me peace of mind as I am in the same place as you. I jet from one project to the next and have not been able to burn for some time, SO to alleviate my stressful feelings in the possibility of an EHD failing at some point, I am backing my files up as I type. I have to tell you, almost embarassed to, but Mozy is at this moment backing up my entire 250 GB EHD as it just MAGICALLY filled itself one day!!! ROFL! Mozy gives you 2 GB's of FREE back up to give it a try and I pay the $4.95/mo for UNLIMITED back up! Such a deal for a GOOD night's sleep, eh? LOL! *wink*

I am working on burning a little each day, that is until I started having virus attacks and problems with my burning software! All things for a purpose as we all have SO much to learn and every obstacle will teach us something new if we allow it to, right??? Uh, huh!

Anyhoo, a little head's up - I have been backing my system up now for two months. If you just have some basic files to back up, they go quickly, however, I am backing up EVERYTHING on my EHD which houses photos, scrapkits and ALL of my designs. You have an option to speed up the backing up process which will slow your computer so I'm like right in the middle I think.

One more IMPORTANT tidbit. I am not going to say that my ISP tech is the ONLY tech and that he knows it ALL, but you might wish to check around with some computer geeks before investing in a HUMONGOUS EHD. Personally, I will NOT buy one over 250 GB's. I was informed that the larger they are, the higher and easier the probability there is of files being lost. YUP, they just disappear. Get reallocated or something like that - not sure exactly how to explain it but I can see the mathematical logic of it in my head! LOL! Not only that, it is SO much easier to fill one of those babies up and not even think about burning to CD or DVD. I, personally, think it would behoove all of us to have two or three methods of backup going on in the event of some mishap. I was sitting here just last night thinking about how we are SO trusting technology, yet we can lose everything in an instant so it really pays us to stay informed as to what our options are. I will not promote anything as we all have different needs and what may work for me may not work for you. Do your research and then you will be able to make a wise decision, tailor-made for YOU!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to e-mail me!

Gosh, I have rambled on a GOOD one tonight, eh? Without further ado, tonight's FREEBIE is *FESTIVITY*, Scrapatit #1!!! I think this one is VERY versatile and can be used for ANY and ALL stars in our lives! I, of course, have to find a photo or photos to scrap when I make y'all a scrapatit and I just happened to remember that my number two son, Mark's school colors were blue and yellow! PERFECTO!

I have to share with you that as I was saving the preview file of my scrap for y'all to see, I got a wee bit teary-eyed reflecting on this MOST special occasion in this young mans life. One day, I just may write that book that SO many have told me I should. My children have overcome some HUGE obstacles and I am SO very proud of each and every one of them. I may not always agree with EVERYTHING they think or do, but they all have tender hearts, are well-mannered where it counts and I SO believe that they will rise above their circumstances! Yup, I LOVES them deeply and they TRULY are my GREATEST achievement in life - *big sigh*

QUESTION. DO y'all like the frame in the scrapatit??? I made if from the acrylic journaling matte included in my Part Two of *FESTIVITY*. I have made several with different matting on the inner edge. RAISE those hands if you'd like them and I will post them for you tomorrow!!!

Off to battle the BUGS and finish up Part Four of *Chance Of Rain*!

Bon Scrapatit!

Linda :)

My SHINING STAR, Mark, receiving his diploma. Mark attended an alternative
high school program that put him on Independent Study, which was familiar to him
after having been homeschooled from kindergarten through fifth grade. He finished
a semester early which was AMAZING to me with all that we had going on. Mark
has just recently passed his first phase of testing for the California Highway Patrol.
Mark has ALWAYS been the "peacemaker" in our family and has ALWAYS wanted
to be involved in public service. I hope and pray he gets his heart's desire! SOOO,
any of you LOVELY ladies living here in California, study this face and if for SOME
reason you should ever encounter a CHP (he, he ...) and you see this SWEET face, tell him that you know his mama!!! This reminds me of a CHP story of my own I need to share with y'all someday!

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