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>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you everyone for your MOST lovely comments and I am SO happy that you are REALLY loving this collection of frames as much as I am creating them! I just had to break from my "mad" designing to say HELLO and to drop off some more goodies and then head for bed! He, he ...

Y'all are right, they are VERY versatile (MAHALO Terri!!!) and GREAT for ANY occasion! I will be using them in to scrap for the holidays - Thanksgiving all the way through New Years!

If y'all haven't seen it yet, there is a new layout added to the guestbook by Lynn using a frame from the VERY first set I posted for you. It looks FABULOUS nestled amongst the RICH and COLORFUL autumn leaves!!!

I am leaving you with a set of frames in the portrait orientation this morning! How many of you remember my little tidbit from long ago about NOT rotating elements more than about 15 degrees in either direction so as not to throw off the light source? Uh, huh , I see those hands WAVING in the air!!!

I know that MANY of you are new to my blog and I will always try my best to give you embellishments, such as frames, in both orientations so that you will not need to be concerned about rotating because your photo begs you to do so! LOL! When I first starting scrapping, I thought nothing of it as I'm sure many of you don't as well and that is why I am sharing. I really do hope to incorporate some tips and tricks here at Bon Scrapatit Designs in the very near future! It is, and always has been, my desire to help "newbies" to digital scrapping to develop their scrapping skills! And, please, if you ever have any questions, shoot me an e-mail and I shall reply just as quickly as I am able. *smile*

I have all kinds of ideas running around in my aging head that needs the cobwebs swept out once again!!! Now, just to find the time to put them all together and to share them with y'all!!!

Michelle from Livermore - HOWDY neighbor and WELCOME!!! I am a Bay Area transplant (raised in Palo Alto) and have been living in the foothills now for nearly 15 years! I am about an hour and a half northeast of y'all just 11 miles shy of Angels Camp! I am SO tickled that you have found *Summer Wedding* to your liking! Thank you for finding your way in to say "thank you" and you are MOST welcome!

Jody - I shall add the frame tutorial to my list of "to-do's"!!! I really do wish to start working on tutorials, but honestly, it most likely will not be until after the the holidays. Are you wishing acrylic frames with rounded corners?

I have MORE news to share VERY soon!!! I am getting SO very excited about what is to come and I just KNOW y'all will be too! Stay-tuned!

I'm posting a few more wedding photos using the new set of frames! ALL images are courtesy of REBECCA McLACHLAN PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

Have a GORGEOUS week everyone and REMEMBER - it's SCRAP HAPPY HOUR in SCRAPLAND 24/7!!!

Linda :)

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