>> Monday, November 24, 2008

WOW! SO much to say and SO little time! Greetings darlins' - how are y'all??? Are your hard drives busting at the seams as we tiptoe into the holiday season??? Mine is! OMGosh ... I have NO room left and with everything on my project list, I just don't have time to stop to free up space, BUT, I think I have NO choice at this point!!!

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all who are leaving "thank-you's" and comments!!! Y'all just MAKE my day!!!

My posts will most likely be VERY short this week as it took me ALL day today to create tonight's goody! I mean, am I SLOW, or WHAT??? I had to reboot several times and you can hear my poor overburdened computer thinking!!! Uh, huh .... like where am I supposed to put THIS??? LOL!

I couldn't wait to scrap a Christmas layout from the hundreds of photos I took last Christmas when all four boys, Robert and I drove to Vancouver, Washington to spend Christmas with both of my daughters. This one is of my oldest son, Matt, who received a VERY practical (our family is VERY practical in the gift-giving department!) present from his sister Joan and her husband, Travis to help keep him warm during the winter. How sweet is that? SWEET!

Tonight, I am including TWO versions of Scrapatit #1. One with the Santa flair and HO, HO, HO, HO, HO wordart and then one without for a little more versatility and/or your preference. You can even download both of them!!!

I will be creating several SCRAPATITS for you and they will show you just HOW versatile *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas* is once you have collected ALL four parts plus the goodies in between!!! I've also wanted to tell you how my portion of the *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* came about!

Normally, I would not think to put together this many colors however, given the color palette we ladies had to choose from, I was taken back over 40 years ago to MANY Christmases I experienced as a young girl. Although the shape is different, I tried to recreate the Christmas lights we had for many years that were in an assortment of colors and had colored spreckles of glass on the outside of them. I wish I could remember what they were called as I saw them not too long ago and I should have made note of it.

My stepmom would also take my brother and I with her behind the fence in our backyard where we would pick nettles, gather pinecones and other miscellaneous types of foliage to be dried and then spray painted with gold and silver paint and then sprinkled with glitter!!! YES, I have ALWAYS been a glitter addict!!! Come by it honestly! He, he ...

We would make bouquets and place them in an array of vases and display them about the house. You will find a piece of glittered foliage in one of the downloads to come!!!

I had the MOST fun making the Christmas tree. I actually spent hours and hours on this tree!!! Far MORE time than it would take me to decorate a REAL Christmas tree!!! I will be offering you this tree in THREE versions so that you may use it as is or you can decorate it yourself!

Okay, have I rambled on enough for one night??? LOL! We had unexpected company over the weekend so I did not touch the computer at all yesterday and seemed to have some trouble gaining access to my blogger tonight, but ALL is well now!

SWEET DREAMS ... see you tomorrow ... SCRAP HAPPY!

Linda :)

P.S. I am posting version two in the following post so that both images get picked up by the Digi-Free search engine!

Layout created using pieces of my *Dreaming of a Bright
Christmas*, part of the *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*
collaborative blog train. Photo courtesy of ME! Fonts used
are - Linenstroke, Static Age and Leaf Queen Script.

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