>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hope to find the weekend treating y'all well thus far! I am stopping in to leave you with another set of acrylic frames and then back to some SERIOUS Photoshoppin' to finish up some goodies for an AWESOME event coming up next week right HERE in SCRAPLAND!!! I will have more to share with y'all tomorrow night or Monday! He, he ... I am SO excited!!! Shhhhh .... it's another COLLAB, but that is ALL I am telling you tonight! *big smile*

Word has it that the weather will, indeed, bring another *CHANCE OF RAIN* the beginning of this coming week and look out because it just might SNOW before week's end!!! ROFL! *wink*

I have one more photo from Travis and Joan's wedding to share with y'all tonight and it was a PERFECT one for the PANORAMA frames! Any guesses??? Uh, huh - how about a WEDDING MARCH!!! Well, kinda, sorta!!!

Rather than confining this photo to the matted area of the frame, I extended it all the way to the edges of the outer edge of the acrylic. Whatcha think? I am really liking these frames more and more!!! And yes, Elaine, they are a CLASSY finish aren't they!

Well, I must say, I am TRULY missing ALL of your WONDERFUL comments, however, I would like to ESPECIALLY thank those of you who are VERY faithful in leaving me a note of thanks!!! It REALLY is VERY uplifting, encouraging and INSPIRES me to keep on creating. YES, there are times when I sit here and stare at my monitor, not knowing where to begin! I think everyone has those moments but mine were numerous this past week due to my battle with the Trojans!!! I shall update you on those in a day or two!

ENJOY your Sunday and may you be RELAXED and REFRESHED for the new week ahead!

I meant to give a SHOUT OUT several days ago, but just was not able to, so here goes:

A dear, SWEET friend of mine, Barb Derksen aka Mrs. Miles aka Olivia Dorazio has ALL of her designs on sale for 50% off at Sophia Sarducci's, which is closing it's doors FOREVER on Monday, November 17th!!! If you are looking for some good deals and or/Christmas goodies to scrap with, create gifts with or even to GIVE as gifts, then y'all will wish to check this sale out! CLICK HERE to see previews and get links from Barb's blog. While you are there and if you just happen to catch a whiff of something aromatic .... check out the ARTISAN breads and the bagels that Barb's been busy baking!!! MMMMMMM ....

OHHHHH ... before I forget!!! ADDY, if you see this, I will mail you next week and to ALL of those that I've been corresponding with and have not yet replied to your last reply (LOL!), I will catch up on mails by mid-week as I've got to stay focused so I don't lose my MOJO!!!

Love to all - you are the SWEETEST!


Linda :)

P.S. THANK YOU for the NEWEST additions to the GUESTBOOK!!! I am just LOVING my view from here as I see your SMILING faces, kiddos and furbabies!!! PLEASE keep them coming!!! XOXO

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