>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

to give you a LONG overdue PEEK of my portion of the *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND* blog train that is due for departure into SCRAPLAND tomorrow (Friday) night here in the US which will make it EARLY MORN on the other side of the globe!!!

Y'all all know that I've been struggling with my computer and I'm not going into details on that now, only that I've pretty much not been able to do anything the past two days while under continuous attack!!! I've been running lots of scans and at this moment in time, I am doing MUCH better than I have in the past several weeks!!! I guess I was in such bad shape that EVEN Ad Aware crashed after scanning my system for nearly THREE hours!!! ROFL! And here I've been biting at the bit to share the BIG SURPRISE with y'all!!! WOO HOO!

I am just as EXCITED as one can be to be teaming up with my DEAR, SWEET designing friends!!! Remember that "four-way" I eluded to several weeks ago??? Well, it was to be a four-way SKYPE conversation between my BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design, Vicki aka A Work in Progress and Mel aka mel_h designs!!! Dawn was not able to join us this round to be with her grandson, however, I just think the four of us might be having SKYPE get-togethers once every week or two as time allots each of us!!!

I had such a GRAND time of it with Vicki and Mel! As most of you know by now, I have relished learning about other countries, cultures and am a lover of language and being in a conversation with Vicki in England and Mel in South Africa had me on a high all day and even still!!! Robert gets a big grin on his face when he hears me start talking to him with a mixture of an English and South African flavor going on!!! YAAAAZ, I easily pick up accents and it has been that way with me ALWAYS and FOREVER! I LOVE IT!

I am in CONSTANT amazement at what technology allows us to do today and I am EVER thankful to be able to benefit from it and NEVER take it for granted. Point in case, my present computer woes. I am learning LOTS and how to even better safeguard myself to help prevent future problems. If it ain't broke, DON'T fix it!!! My troubles started when I let my McAfee subscription expire to try a new one that was rated #1!!! NEVER again! I shall stick with what I know is working and in fifteen years of working on a computer, this is my FIRST battle with viruses and, hopefully, my LAST!

Okay, on to the SNEAK-PEEK!!!

The girls and I each submitted four colors to Dawn and she put them all together so we've each sort of picked and chosen what struck our fancies, but they are MOSTLY all bright colors which make for a VERY festive holiday season, eh? We really wanted to incorporate both sides of the globe in that half the world celebrates Christmas during the summer and the other during the winter. Vicki has graciously lent to us the collaborative title, *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND*, which is ABSOLUTELY perfect, don't you think??? That's all I've got to say and I just KNOW y'all will LOVE what the ladies have put together for you, so make sure to visit EACH Friday/Saturday starting tomorrow night/Saturday morning and once each week with the fourth and final installments being posted on Friday night/Saturday morning December 12th and 13th! Visit each of the others by clicking below:




ALL ABOARD!!! Don't miss the departure for *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND*! Join us for a FABULOUS adventure in SCRAPLAND!!!

I believe that all four of us will be offering other coordinating goodies throughout each week as well to include "scrapatits"/quickpages, alphas and possibly some add-ons, so make sure to check back with each us several times during the week to see what awaits you!!! Please make sure to leave these LOVELY ladies some HEARTY Scrapland lovin'!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! Oh, and would one of you mind saving me a seat PRETTY please??? He, he .... MWAH!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone!

Nighty, night,
Linda :)

P.S. Gosh, I nearly forgot to mention that I am leaving you with a little freebie that will coordinate with my portion of *WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND*, which I have titled, *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas*. A little bit of SANTA flair!!! XOXO

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