>> Monday, November 10, 2008

I mean, GUESS what??? Or, DO I??? LOL! You'll notice above that I've had to remove the slideshow, to my disappointment, and add a "guestbook" as it is the ONLY way for y'all to be able to share YOUR masterpieces with me and ALL of those who come to visit!

All you need to do is click on the SIGN THIS GUESTBOOK and a window will open for you to post your name, your location, to browse for the file you wish to upload and to leave a message, which if you are uploading a layout can be the title of your layout and/or the kit of mine that you have used OR simply a bit about the layout. If you don't have a layout to upload, you are encouraged to introduce yourself by posting your name and your location and a little message if you choose to do so! TADA!!! I get to see your LOVELY work again!!! You don't know HOW much I have missed it!

For those who have uploaded in the past, and I have hundreds of them, please feel free to re-upload if you would like to! I would do it for you other than the fact that I don't have every one's name and also it's nice to have your location as well. No worries, only if you wish to do so, but y'all KNOW I'd LOVE it!!! MWAH! Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions.

I've moved a smaller version of the previous slideshow over to my sidebar, which I will use to house the most current freebies that I am offering.

I'm just a bit tuckered out from battling THE BUGS and dealing with a SLOW moving computer! I spent yesterday with the family mostly and today, I had a NICE relaxing day traveling about SCRAPLAND! YES, I had a LOVELY time of it too!

I think that I shall devote my Monday's to visiting blogs that I frequent as well as NEW ones to introduce myself and leave some love! I learned MANY new things in my ventures out today and my last stop had me in tears, some of sadness and then right into JOY as I read the outpouring of LOVE from our MOST incredible community of scrapbookers here in SCRAPLAND! WOW!

I am not going to elaborate on this TRULY heart-touching outreach into our MOST incredible community, but if you are familiar with the FABULOUSLY talented designer, Summer Driggs, then you most likely already know the situation. If not, Summer explains it all better than I ever could.

Summer was the Friday Feature on Ginger Scrap's blog a couple of months back and that is how "I" found her. I had not much time, but remember being in AWE of her style, bookmarking her and wishing to return when I had a bit of extra time. This is terrible, but I cannot even tell you how I wound up on her blog earlier this evening!!! You know how you click on a link, then another and so on and so forth? I must have done that because I TRULY do not remember how I found Summer's blog again but am EVER so thankful that I have!

Anyhoo, Summer is offering up a GORGEOUS kit and I shall leave you with the link to find out WHY she has created this SPECIAL kit and is sharing it with ALL of SCRAPLAND. You may reach Summer's blog HERE.

I shall now leave you with a set of three acrylic and metal bevel-edged frames as a token of my LOVE for y'all and ALL that y'all do to help make this community of ours that I SO fondly refer to as SCRAPLAND, such a FABULOUS place to hang out in!

I saw several hands raised WAY UP HIGH for the frame I used in the *FESTIVITY* scrapatit in my prior post! Y'all are SOOOOOO sweet! Thank you for your ongoing love, support and encouragement as it is GREATLY appreciated!

Have a LOVELY week everyone and I shall see you back tomorrow when I shall whisper into your ears about some AMAZING Christmas happenings coming up here in SCRAPLAND!!!

Much love,
Linda :)

P.S. This link is going to download LIGHTNING fast as it is under 1MB, so don't blink or you might think it did not download!!! ROFL! Sorry, I could not resist after my HUGE file for last part of *FESTIVITY*!!! By the way, I sure would LOVE to see what y'all do with it! I just KNOW that each of you has SOMETHING special to CELEBRATE!!! WOO HOO! Thank YOU!

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