>> Friday, November 28, 2008

Sorry I am the CABOOSE once again y'all, but I've not been on my computer for two days and am still having SLOOOOOOOOW, SLUGGISH, takes FOREVER issues!!! *big sigh* But SOOOO happy to be here now!!!

To ALL of you in SCRAPLAND who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope it was a GOOD one and that you were able to ENJOY some quality family-time with whoever and however you celebrated with LOTS and LOTS of photos!!!

I'm going to make this quick as I am still working on your THANKSGIVING goody, which is actually a kit I designed a year ago and decided to revamp!!! With my computer being SO slow and having to spend MOST of the past three days with family, I did not wish to just slap it together as that is just not my style. I will play with it until I can sit back and say, "LOOKING GOOD"!!! And then ... it shall be delivered right here to my blog for y'all to download if you so choose to do so!!! It will be VERY versatile and perfect for ANY "thank'fall" occasion in our lives!

How is EVERYBODY??? Any Thanksgiving stories to share??? I will share a bit about my FIRST day of caring for Kaleb as soon as I am able! He is an ABSOLUTE doll (of course!!!) and was SOOOOOO good for Grandma for having only been to my house a handful of times! We EVEN napped together!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAA!!! What does that tell you??? Hmmmmm? Uh, huh .... someone is getting older!!! He, he ... Thank you to those of you that left me SWEET comments about my time with Kaleb!!! Being a GRANDMA is DEFINITELY an AWESOME experience!!! And I DO understand what it is to be FAR away as Kaleb is actually the closest and we are lucky to see him every month or so! Makes one wish to be back on a farm, eh? We can only make the BEST of what we have and I sure DO treasure each moment I get! I will post some photos ASAP!!!

I was blessed to have THREE of my FOUR sons home for Thanksgiving!!! Robert baked a turkey and a ham, made the mashed potatoes and then it was MY turn in the kitchen! We had quite a spread and now "I" have an even bigger one!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

Robert picked Wyatt and Garret up today so we have his two youngest boys, 7 and 9, for three days as we've not had the pleasure of their company for a while! Lots of catching up to do!!! WOO HOO!

If you are visiting for the FIRST time, located at the top of my sidebar to the left, you will see blinkies with links to each of the other INCREDIBLE ladies blogs where you can collect their second installments to this FABULOUS collaboration of Christmas goodies!!!

I hope y'all are enjoying it thus far and REMEMBER, we have TWO MORE weeks to go with a third and fourth installment which will be available Friday, December 5th and 12th! OMGosh, our hard drives are going to be STUFFED just like MOST of us on Thanksgiving!!! LOL!

Okie, dokie, without further ado, here is MY second installment of *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* featuring designs by the TALENTED Mel Hains, Vicki Parker and Dawn Mills!!!

Please make sure to "give thanks" to those you download from this holiday season as EVERYONE is working VERY hard to help make our Christmas a VERY special one here in SCRAPLAND and while a designer spends hours, days and weeks preparing YUMMY treats for ALL of us, it only takes us a few minutes to show our gratitude for their TIME and TALENT!!!

Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! See you back this weekend with another treat!!! I've MISSED you!

Love to all,
Linda :)

P.S. Part Two is broken up into THREE downloads as the first two are worn backgrounds, which are PNG files and quite large so I have separated them to avoid ONE huge download for those on dial-up. Next time I will try to add one link for those who have no trouble downloading larger files. I did not have time tonight as it would take nearly an hour to upload it to 4-shared depending on traffic.

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