>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am EVER so thankful for ALL that "have" served, "are" serving and even those who have yet to serve that I am FREE to be ME! This day is to recognize those that HAVE served our country/countries and they are all deep in my heart that is filled with "gratitude" for ALL of the freedoms still intact today!

Speaking of being "thankful", have I told y'all lately just how "thankful" I am for YOU! We're a TEAM ya know! We are working and playing together, all headed in the same direction with some detours here and there, but headed for the GOAL LINE! YUP, we are carrying our ball of memories right over that goal line and into our BEAUTIFULLY created scrapbooks!!! Some of us MUCH sooner than others *red-faced*, but getting there nonetheless!!! Thank you! Thank you for liking my designs enough to download them. Thank you for leaving me comments AND "thank you, thank you" for posting YOUR masterpieces in the Guestbook for ALL of us to see, admire and to be inspired by. MWAH! Y'all are the GREATEST!!!

Thank you to Karyn and Sharon (he, he ... hey, that rhymes!) and to Ms. Vicki for being the FIRST group to upload. I am on pins and needles waiting for the rest of y'all!!!

Last night, I mentioned that I would "whisper" in your ears, so come closer so y'all can hear - *wink* Be prepared. If your EHD's or hard drives are near full, I highly recommend some burning sessions (for your protection anyhow) so that you have PLENTY of room to collect ALL that will be coming your way in SCRAPLAND starting VERY, VERY soon.

I'm feeling like a little kid at Christmas at the moment - jumping up and down on the inside just anticipating ALL of the GOODIES!!! Of course, we MUST not forget about ALL of the FABULOUS sales as well!!! I LOVE shopping a GOOD sale! PHEW! NSD about did me in I tell ya, but I am a HAPPY camper!!! Anyhoo, I shall keep you updated as to the goings on out and about SCRAPLAND that I am involved in and/or that I see or hear about!

Okay, without further ado, tonight's FREEBIE is a matching and/or complimentary set of frames to last night's, only these are in the portrait orientation with "three" openings for either photos, a combination of photos and journaling or something YOU create with your OWN imagination!!! SURPRISE ME! That is MY reward - being able to see what you do with my designs!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone. Thank you SO much for ALLLLLLL of the comments on my blog today. I appreciate that you are traveling here since 4-shared is now wishing everyone to be registered to comment. To be perfectly honest with you, it really does NOT take any more time to comment on a blog than it does on 4-shared. How is that you ask? Well, you can start the download and then hit the BACK button taking you back to the blog where you can comment while your goodies are downloading. And, "no", doing so will NOT interrupt your download. Did you know that you can actually leave a blog and 4-shared and it still will not interrupt your download.? I figured that out one day some time ago as I unintentionally closed my windows!!! TADA! Download intact!!! WOO HOO!

Oh, oh, oh , oh, OOOOOOHHHH! I've just finished IM'ing with the LOVELY and TALENTED Teri Mayo and she is looking for a Victorian-type dress that she can use in a scrapkit she is designing in honor of her granddaughter's upcoming baptism (which just happens to also be on Teri's birthday!), so of course it will need to be a commercial-use item. If anybody has seen, has or might know of where one can be located and purchased or downloaded as a freebie, PLEASE contact Teri either on her blog or by e-mail. She and I, both, shall be MOST grateful for your help! THANK YOU darlin's!

Teri Mayo's Blog: http://teristhingomyjigs.blogspot.com

Teri Mayo's E-mail Address: terimayo (at) aol (dot) com

Until we meet again ...

Much love,
Linda :)

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