>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you??? ROFL!

Stopping in to leave you with another set of acrylic frames - SQUARED!!! Okay, actually there are THREE of them!!!

Can't stay as I'm still struggling through my project with a VERY sluggish computer and just don't have time to dig into the system at the moment! Hey, there is just TOO much GOOD stuff coming up to miss out on it all!!!

Y'all are just the GREATEST and I appreciate SO much each and EVERY comment left!

Roxined - NO, you did not miss the elements to *You Don't Know Jack* ... "I" did!!! With all of my computer issues and one project running into the next, I simply did not have time to rework them prior to Halloween and my collaboration with the LOVELY Ms. Vicki Parker! I will still offer those up to y'all, but not sure when. I feel a little awkward offering them up as we approach Thanksgiving and I really should not. As scrappers, we scrap events all around the clock and the calendar, eh? I shall try to get to them over the next couple of weeks and then will announce ahead of time when I have finished to give you a head's up! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!!!

As we are experiencing an Indian Summer here in Copperopolis, it is difficult for me to move my thoughts into the direction of *A Chance of Rain* but hope to have something as soon as possible. I've opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fans for the past three days in a row!!! We would normally be firing up the woodstove to take the chill out of the air!!!

Y'all are going to LOVE what is to come!!! Well, I'm hoping SO anyhoo as it shall be TRULY a bit of a scrapper's paradise!!!

Nancy (in CT!) - I can give you real quick instructions on how to turn your elements to white in PSE. It is pretty much the same as Photoshop. Go to IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS>HUE/SATURATION. The bottom slider should read LIGHTNESS. Move the slider to the right until you achieve the "whiteness" you desire. You can also go back and use the BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST sliders as well.

I colorize A LOT! In fact, the design project that I am finishing up at the moment has had me using HUE/SATURATION and BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST quite often!!!

If you as wishing to alter the HUE of an element, play with the HUE slider and the SATURATION sliders to achieve a match to your project. There are other options too, but the HUE/SATURATION is the easiest and usually will do the trick. I shall share more on this as time allows me to.

Thanks for asking Nancy!

Jody - on the frames with rounded corners, I can show you how to make a template with rounded corners if you are using PS or PSE, however, I am using a commercial acrylic template that will not allow me to round the corners and will have to PLAY to be able to mimic the same style, which I've grown to LOVE immensely! I will try to play with this a little bit next week if my computer allows me!!!

Lisa (scoobie) - Hey girl!!! Where have you been??? DO tell! Good to see your smiling face again!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone and I'll see you in the next day or two!


Hugs, hugs and MORE hugs,
Linda :)

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