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Hi y'all!!!

OMGoodness! I am just OVERWHELMED with the outpouring of LOVE from y'all on mine and Vicki's FIRST collaboration!!! KEY WORD - "first", as I am sure this is just the BEGINNING of a GOOD thing!!! Whatcha think Ms. Vicki??? Thank you ALL so much for your LOVELY comments! I shall need to catch up quickly!!! (I was trying hard to get this posted earlier, but had to take off with Robert to go VOTE!!! Such an important right for me NOT to take for granted, especially since some put their lives on the line to make it possible for me to do so! Just a friendly reminder to my West Coast counterparts that there is still time if you've not yet made it to the polling place. No matter the outcome, this shall indeed be a MOST historic election!)

Stay-tuned as we have something even MORE fabulous in store for y'all VERY soon!!! Uhm .... hmmm .... hint .... uh, well ..... remember that FOUR-WAY I mentioned some time ago and I NEVER explained??? Well, glad I didn't now as I would have given it away FOR SURE! He, he ... yes, I shall taunt and tease you just a WEE bit!!! I LOVE y'all! You make designing PURE joy!!!

Speaking of PURE JOY, I have TWO birthdays to CELEBRATE with y'all. One I am sure you have already read ALL about as she is a CONSTANT whirlwind of ENERGY and GORGEOUS designs here in SCRAPLAND!!! Uh, huh, it is KIM B'S birthday today, although it is already tomorrow in South Africa and she just MIGHT be sleeping!!! Oh Kiiiiiiiim!!! Are you burning the MIDNIGHT oil by chance??? I've come to PAR-TAY with you girlfriend!!!

I have used *FESTIVITY* to create a SPECIAL birthday layout and "thank you" for the INCOMPARABLE Ms. Kim B!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY darlin' girl!!!

The next BIRTHDAY layout is for my LOVELY, SWEET and WONDERFULLY talented designing VIRTUAL daughter, Sarah Laming aka "Sassy" of Designs By Sassy! Sassy also lives over in the UK where Vicki resides as well! Hmmmm .... interesting how I've become SO attached to a couple of English babes, eh??? It just so happens to be the VERY part of the world I am stuck in as I began researching my genealogy on my father's side several years ago. I'm not REALLY stuck, just need to send over some funds for several birth, marriage and death certificates in hopes that I will find the PROPER spelling of my grandfather's surname. My grandmother's name was Minnine London and she was actually born in LONDON!!! Interesting isn't it???

Anyhoo, my LOVELY virtual daughter, Ms. Sarah is off on holiday for the week in celebration of her 24th birthday!!! She kindly shared some photos with me before her departure of her in her Halloween costume along with Ben and friends! However, I fell TOTALLY and MADLY in love with the photo I have chosen to scrap for her as a BIRTHDAY gift and this one was taken the following evening as they celebrated her birthday by way of yet another costume party!!! I am sure you will ALL recognize who she and Ben have dressed up as!!! YABBA, DABBA, DOOOOO!!! How much FUN they must have had!!! Wilma ... WILMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Hope you are having a FANTABULOUS time away Sass!!!

Okay, enough of my rambling on, you've come to receive my PART TWO of *FESTIVITY* - a collaboration by A Work In Progress - Designs by Vicki and Linda Walton - Bon Scrapatit Designs, so here we goooooooooo .....

Okay, OKAY ... ONE MORE THING TO SHARE!!! Now this you will ADORE! Vicki has created a DARLING and MOST creative layout with my portion of *FESTIVITY* and guess who it is??? I just LOVE Pompey and Lily as I know y'all do too. Here is the PRECIOUS Pompey - "Choccie Doggie!!! Thank you Vicki - it is SO lovely!!! I shall post one tomorrow that I am creating using ONLY Vicki's GORGEOUS portion of our collab kit!!! I have not scrapped this much in a LONG time!!! Thank you Vicki!!!

I TOTALLY love this layout of Pompey!!! Vicki is SO good
with mixing COLOUR and I love how she has complimented
the grass with the ribbon flower as well as her use of
triplicate frames at various angles!!! Did I mention how
LOVELY the hearts are bordering Pompey!!! Fabulous layout!

See you tomorrow ....


Linda :)


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