roses are red ... and apples are blue?

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These apples are not only blue but really good for you too! Check out what The Doctors have to say about this amazing new product and then read my post below the video for details on how to purchase these by way of an amazing deal at Mamapedia Sweet Deals:

SEE VIDEO HERE!  (I did not realize that it plays automatically every time my blog is logged onto!  Argh!  Sorry.

Who isn't trying to pinch pennies these days?  After viewing the white paper section listed on the how it works page on the BluApple website, I am ordering three sets (the maximum allowed).  I will be sending a set to each of my girls who both eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies!  At $5/set (shipping is a flat rate of $3), you simply cannot bypass this fabulous Mamapedia Sweet Deal!

If you've never purchased via Mamapedia Sweet Deals (similar to Groupon, which I subscribe to as well), head on over, check it out and sign up for future deals to be mailed right to your inbox each day.

I look forward to seeing what's offered each day and, while I delete most of them, there is the occasional killer deal that I just have to take a closer look at.  Before purchasing the daily deal, I always scour the website hosting the offer to make sure I know exactly what I am going to receive, how many I can purchase and when the code will expire.  The latter usually being the most important to me! *wink*

You will not see me posting anything like this on a regular basis, however, if I really feel it something that you might be interested in and/or is unbelievably priced and difficult to pass up, I will jump in to post as quickly as possible to try and ensure that you are able to take advantage of the deal too!

This particular Mamapedia Sweet Deal ends in 2 days and 9 hours or so from the time of this posting!

Let me know what you think and if you decide to purchase the deal!  I know how much produce I throw out from spoiling (not intentionally) and am looking forward to putting that to an end! *smile*

Here's to an apple a day of a different color!


have you been mia? a couple of reminders ...

>> Monday, May 30, 2011

One more day to download *The Wild Ones* here on my blog for free!  Grab it HERE! 

Hoping that everyone here in the USA has returned home safely from any holiday travels.

Robert and I remained on the home front and watched a few documentaries together.  Our thoughts have been toward all those who have lost their lives while serving in our military services, along with full hearts of thankfulness to each and every one of them and their families for the sacrifices made for our country's continued freedoms!

One more reminder as the holiday weekend comes to an official end.  If you've not yet had the opportunity to check out Action FX, this will be the final day (as far as I know) to purchase a membership to Al Ward's plethora of Photoshop resources for scrapbookers, designers, photographers and more before he launches his brand new website!   I'm in for two more years!  I, personally, love the huge collection of brushes and custom shapes!   Lace even!

Al offers so many options.  Actions to help your scrapbooking, designing and photo work.   Lots and lots of brushes and custom shapes, from which the possibilities are endless here alone!  There are complete alpha sets, type effects, overlays, video tutorials and even a few books that Al has authored to help your Photoshop workflow!  A fabulous commercial-use resource website!

For those renewing a current membership, the price is $19.95/year.  New memberships are only $29.95/year. This is a fraction of what the membership price will be upon Al's launching of the new website and price structure shown below:

One Year - $199.95 Full Access Membership
Six Months - $124.95 Full Access Membership
One Month - $29.95 Full Access Membership

Check it out!  You can use the link here or click on the big banner at the top of my blog.

A quick note of thanks to all of you who have left such incredibly sweet and wonderful comments aka feedback!  I am still working on catching up on replying to each of you!  MWAH!

Wishing y'all an incredibly wonderful week ahead.  I know there have already been some graduations and there are more to come, so I would like to extend my personal "congratulations" to anyone with a graduate in the family!  Woot, woot ... yeah!

See you soon!


while you were downloading ...

>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

Each morning I enjoy a cuppa joe in this lovely souvenir coffee mug that Matt brought back from Alaska.  He brought one for Robert too!  His is more macho.  I suppose that would translate, larger!

Sorry I am behind on replies to your amazing and overwhelming number of comments y'all!  My goodness.  The old saying is true.  Be careful what you ask for!   I am overwhelmed with your generosity and thankful at the same time as your feedback really does make a difference in how my creative mind will flow!  Do y'all love the color purple, or what?  *look of amazement*

So ... while you were downloading since I posted *The Wild Ones*, we've emptied the nest! *mouth wide open and eyes popping out of head*

Yes, I cried.   Briefly.   My baby boy, John, turns 22 next month, along with his twin brother, Luke, who has lived on his own for nearly two years now!   All things in God's timing and we were all (kinda, sorta) prepared for this day of transition.   It's not like they have all moved out of the country, though we did just send off my oldest son back to Alaska for his second season in Dutch Harbor!   The twins remain in Copper and Mark is just up the hill a jaunt.  And, of course, my darling daughters are both in Washington state ... just a wee bit of a longer jaunt!  *grin*

Today is, as always, a joyful day!  While it is, indeed, Saturday, it is not a sadder day as I had thought it might be!  You will understand more fully when you take a peek at the photos below:

Matt and Max.  Not a mad Max, but a sad Max!

Photos processed in Photoshop with some amazing actions by the incredibly talented Annie Manning of Paint the Moon Photography (Salem, OR)!  I have mixed actions from her Picture Perfect Mega Set, Fresh and Miracle Makeover, along with a little tweaking of my own on the saturation, contrast and lighting.  I also used a commercial-use grunge mask from Katilin Thurzo of Rainbow Scrapbook Design.  I am not thrilled with my tweaking on the one above, but the one below turned out pretty cool as I was going for somewhat of a vintage look to compensate for the overly grainy outcome from my camera!

My camera is on about it's last point and click!  I never know what kind of results I will get, so I just keep on shooting and hope for a decent one out of the bunch!  LOL!  I'm thinking the light sensor (if I'm even close to naming it correctly) is going bad because everything will be going along okay and then without warning, everything goes dark.  I find the opposite when taking flash photos.  Sometimes the flash works wonderfully and then, poof, washout!

Do not these two photos tell all?   Well, almost.  I am not sure who appears more melancholy, my number one son (Matt) or our number two furbabe (Max)!  Anyhoo, this photo will be amongst the most memorable treasures of 2011.  Yesterday was, by far, our sadder day!  *wink* 

While proofing my post once again upon publishing, it just hit me why Max was sitting on the deck howling late last night.  Sweet little man that he is.  It is too quiet!  He is used to the boys driving in-and-out a few times between work and going out.  Our furbabes never cease to amaze us in their sensitivity to their people.  Max knew Matt was leaving and you can clearly see the sadness in his eyes.  He only howls when he is missing an integral part of our family, be it human or non!  Bless his heart.   

John had just moved out Wednesday night and Matt left us late yesterday afternoon.  We actually drove John to his new digs (the home of a long time friend to all four boys), which is a very short jaunt down the road!  His bedroom here at the house is still filled with clothes and other assorted belongings that will slowly make their way out!  LOL!

I took a few photos of Matt relaxing and pondering during his last few hours with us. He is laying in the hammock that he gave to me for Mother's Day.  Yes, you just know that I shall be thinking of him each time I climb in for some just me and nature time!  I love it!  And, I love my son.  *sigh* 

We had a good chat during my little spontaneous photo shoot.  Why is it I never feel as though I have enough photos of those I love?   It just seems that I am forever wishing to capture moments.   It might be an age thing, where I feel that having a photo to look at will help the memories linger as I get even older and, possibly, begin to forget or get them mixed up with each other!  ROFL!  I already do that with photos from back in the day!  You know, like from years ago when the children were little!  Were they ever?  *sigh*

I have raised six beautiful and amazing children.  Or, have they raised me?   LOL!  Perhaps, a bit of both, eh?  Being a, for the most part single, Mommy, Ma, Mama, Mom, Mother (there may be a few others I am forgetting ... purposefully!) has truly been the most enriching and rewarding part of my life, which has given me an education beyond that of any college or university in existence today!  While the occupation of motherhood may not have paid me in dollars and cents, it surely has added to my account of heart wealth (we measure that in gold, don't we?) and common sense (whatever it is we perceive common to be :)  Not to mention the importance of learning how to put into practice unconditional love and an immense amount of patience!  I often wondered if there was any more patience to be worked out in me.  Oh yes ... still workin' it!  *wink* 

Anyhoo, the dynamics of our family has not always fit into the norm (whatever that may be), so my emotions have been mixed.   I think at times I may confuse my joy for my children with some sadness for myself and I believe that I am finally understanding (a bit of a revelation), that in my process of always being happy for everyone else, it is perfectly fine and warranted to be happy for me too!  One might perceive that tidbit of information to resemble somewhat of a bittersweet moment!

So, today, I celebrate! We celebrate! My sweet man and I. Uhm, and I am quite sure that the young men who are the topic of this post are doing a little celebrating of their own!  *smile* 

To the future ...

I shall be back soon with a little something to go along with *The Wild Ones*.  Oh, and a little head's up y'all.  On June 1st, there is going to be a bit of *Monkeying Around* going on here in Scrapland ... toot, toot ... all aboard!  The June Blog Train shall be departing and making some one hundred stops with some fun stuff for your scrapping delight!  Don't miss the train!  *wink*


"the wild ones" scrapkit has arrived! free download until june 1st!

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy belated spring (to those this side of the equator!), Mother's Day and {inter} National Scrapbooking Day y'all!

I so totally feel for the mail carriers of old! Braving the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, etc. ROFL!

I cannot even begin to tell you my many encounters (or shall I continue to refer to the word - O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E.?) I've had on my journey from Photoshop to Sky Drive and leading to my final destination here on Blogger. Bon Scrapatit Designs to be specific! *smile*

I have to laugh y'all. Otherwise, I would lay me down and have a good cry! *wink*

I was almost here yesterday, however, Blogger wasn't having it! Who'd of thunk it? Distractions of all sorts. Phone calls. Visitors. Meal prep. Housecleaning. Animal care. You know, the usual. But ... who would have ever imagined that I would finally be ready to post to Blogger and I would not be allowed to? ROFL! I mean, is this for real? LOL! It was indeed! I could not even sign into my account!

Everything for a reason.

I hope y'all know me well enough to know that I really don't take these kinds of things seriously. Just having a little fun with it. I am too quickly reminded of the serious nature of things that others are enduring while I remain in the comfort of my own home today.

My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with those in Joplin, Missouri. I had not even heard about this particular tornado until Tuesday. I had been on the phone with an older brother this past Sunday. He was concerned about our sister living in a suburb of Minneapolis, which sustained a tornado an hour prior to his calling me.

When hearing talk of the big tornado that hit, I was thinking Minneapolis. I don't watch much television and prefer to work in quiet, so the devastation taking place in Joplin did not surface for me right away. I had turned on the television early Tuesday morning to hear about Joplin and to find out that it was the worst on record since 1953.  That was just the year prior to my entrance into the world.  That is a lot of years ago!  Horrific nonetheless.

Well, you all have waited patiently for *The Wild Ones* to get here and for that I thank you!  Every spring, I look forward to the wildflowers and lush green landscape to arrive here in Copperopolis.

Summers are typically very hot, with a good portion of the season producing triple digit temps, so I relish basking in the cooler temps of spring for as soon as the weather heats up, everything turns brown ... uhm, oops, I mean gold ... here in the foothills of Northern California!  Nothing against gold, but honestly, it is just not as aesthetically pleasing to these older eyes as are the many shades of green after lots of rain!  My eyes love to spy all of the tiny purple and yellow blossoms making their way up through the tall green grasses.  Hence, my inspiration for *The Wild Ones*!  *squee*

Here are a few detailed images of *The Wild Ones* at 100%:

Happy downloading and I would love to see some layouts in the Bon Scrapatit Designs Flickr Pool!  Pretty please! 

Sorry, links have expired


ready for a weekend with "the wild ones"?

>> Friday, May 20, 2011

Stopping in to wish y'all a fabulous and ... yes, wild weekend!  I am renaming files and preparing to zip and upload tonight to post *the wild ones* ones for, hopefully, somewhat of a wild weekend of scrapping for those ready to get your scrap on!  LOL!  Okay, so you always have your scrap on (that's a good thing), but I'm sure you've just about given up on ever seeing this collection of versatile goodness!  I can't wait to bring it to you!

I did overcome the all scratch disks are full O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E. only to find myself having to shut down my computer (not quite sure what happened) the wee hours of this morning in hopes that I would awake to a little cooperation from all of this technical upheaval happening this side of the screen this past week and voila, so far so good!  Yay!

Thank you for your patience everyone.  Have a glorious weekend and unless the world comes to an end (quite the pun intended here -- come on, get a little chuckle going on with me now :) or lightning strikes me, I'll be back! *wink*

Bon Scrapatit! :D


were you born to be wild? my take on what that means and a freebie for you too!

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

My precious granddaughter, Katelyn Rose, who is ten months old today!  I miss her so much and am over the moon when her mommy sends me photos and video clips which surely helps this Grandma's need for a baby girl fix at least once per week!  Thank you my darling daughter for finding some snippets of time to jump start my heart each week!  I love you!

Frame cluster created using *The Wild Ones* by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Hi y'all!  Can you believe the month of May is half way over already?  I can't!  Sheesh, we just celebrated {i}NSD and boom, here we are one week later!  *sigh*

To stick with the subject of my post, "were you born to be wild"?  LOL!  Uhm, I suppose that is all in how each of us looks at the definition of wild, eh?

For example, this has been one wild week for me in that as hard as I have tried to finish up *The Wild Ones* to upload for you, it simply has not happened ... yet!  My definition of wild here would be something like, crazy!  Uh, huh, you know what I'm talking about!
Monday was my oldest sibling's 70th birthday!  Tuesday, I spent several hours on the phone with my precious Mama and helped her with a few things that were important to take care of.  Wednesday, Blogger was down and that simply threw me for a loop!  It obviously doesn't take much to throw me, does it?  LOL!  Thursday, Photoshop informed me that all of my scratch disks were full and I could not do a thing until I figured out how to get my preview to open allowing me to continue creating!  This totally threw me for the proverbial loop for in my five plus years of Photoshoppin', this was the first time I'd ever seen such a notice!  So thankful for that right there.  Just sayin'.
I also had a nice surprise visit from son #2, who had spent the night Wednesday to go golfing with son #1 and son #3 (son #4 had to work!) and upon dropping off his brothers later that evening, I got to visit with my darling grandson, Jace, for about an hour!  Hmm ... now Friday, I am not even remembering Friday, but I do think I did Friday despite my lack of recollection!  *smile*

ROFL!  OMGosh y'all, I am rolling over here!  Apparently, Friday is not the only day I am clueless about.  I just realized, and without having to retype or move things around will fess up, that I mixed up Wednesday with Thursday and vice-versa!  So, there you have it, my scatteredness in a nutshell!  *oops*

Then comes the weekend and my real desire to get 'er done!  Last night, I lost my focus (gee, wonder how that happened:) and decided to throw a couple of embellishments on a piece of paper to see how things were looking and I ended up scrapping a layout of my precious little Katelyn Rose who, just like her mommy, was indeed born to be wild!  And how do I define wild when it comes to my darling baby girl?  I will show you in the bit of a sneak-peek of *The Wild Ones* below!

As the cancellation stamp word art declares, wild means "intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with"! 
I think that perfectly sums up my daughter and granddaughter both :)

 Y'all know by now that when I scrap, that usually means I share!  Here is my layout of Miss Katelyn Rose.  Although she is ten months old today, I believe this is a photo Joan sent to me a few weeks ago.  Can I say, "be still my heart"!  I just love this baby girl to pieces and miss her oodles and bunches!

  Layout created using *The Wild Ones* by Bon Scrapatit Designs and coming your way soon!
Naturally, my layouts are turned into scrapatits to share even further, so here is what you will receive in your free download today!  I had fun with brushes again! *grin*

I hope you will accept today's goody as a bit of a peace offering for my wild week that interrupted my designing mojo and I hope to have things finished up just as quickly as possible.  No mention of a time frame this time around lest another O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E. prove me otherwise!  *wink*

Wishing you all one incredibly fabulous week.  May it be a productive one and may it find you filled with much scrap happiness!  *mwah*


all good things are wild ... and free? a bit of a sneak peek ...

>> Monday, May 9, 2011

 Word Art created using *The Wild Ones* by Bon Scrapatit Designs

LOL!  Well, I am not quite sure about all things being wild and/or free, but the kit coming your way is both for sure!

How are y'all doing after a wild weekend of {i}NSD and Mother's Day?  I guess you can see that I was swept away by both and was not able to make it back with your {i}NSD gift, however, it is forthcoming and I do hope to have it posted for you within the next 24 hours.

Today, is my oldest siblings "70th" birthday!  Wow!  A milestone that I hope to reach and if I can make 70 look as good as my sister Mandy does, well then, I shall rejoice for yet another reason!

Wishing you all an incredible scrap-happy week with all of your new goodies and I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow.   I will catch up on comment replies as well!


happy insd y'all! more goodies ...

>> Friday, May 6, 2011

{inter} National Scrapbooking Day is here in full force!  I hope everyone is successfully tackling their wishlists, scrapping madly and enjoying the numerous contests happening all over Scrapland this weekend!  And to think, we have Mother's Day to celebrate too!  *smile*

This is a quick post to leave you with a few extra goodies that I made mention of last post!  
Today's download includes a Mother's Day embossed scrapatit in two variations.  One plain.  One embellished, as seen in the layout I shared with the lovely flowers I've received this past week from my sweet man!  I have also included two bonus embossed papers.  One includes glittered accents in the middle of the flowers that I shared as an idea in the brief instructions included with the *Positively Embossable* overlays.

Have fun y'all!  If you feel inclined to do so, please share some of your favorite finds and experiences from {i}NSD as I shall be busy packaging kits and finishing up the free scrapkit I plan to post for you later tomorrow.  No shopping for me this year!  *sigh*  (if you find something that you just know I'd love and can't live without, please give me a shout! lol!)

If, for some reason, I am not able to get your special gift uploaded before tomorrow evening, I shall post it on Mother's Day!  I am simply wild about the colors and the inspiration from whence it has come!

I will stop in later tonight to catch up with you and reply to your generous and lovely comments.  Thank you so much!

Happy, happy!  XX


"positively embossable" mother's day gift edition is here and they are cu friendly too!

>> Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Merrily, merrily, it is the month of May!  Where, oh where has the year gone to already?  Here, there and everywhere!  *wink*

So much to keep up with and just in the first week of May alone!  Here in the USA, we have May Day on the first, Cinco de Mayo on the fifth, {i}NSD on the sixth and this year, Mother's Day on the eighth!  Wowsers!  Not to mention that we have a few birthdays sandwiched inbetween as well!  ROFL!  No rest for the weary, eh?  Or should that read, the creative?  He, he ...

As you can see from my last post, May 1st, I have won the battle against my brain and have made it here today to bring you a little something I've been working on the past couple of days.  I had intended to create a little mini-kit and decided to go with offering up a few commercial-use friendly embossed overlays in the midst of my inspired layout creation!  We can all thank Robert for that as he has gifted me with flowers several times this past week and ... well, naturally I just had to scrap them! *smile*
My darling Robert has finally realized that my desire for potted plants versus freshly cut flowers is beneficial to him as well as to me.  
I would much rather have beautiful flowers to plant outdoors for us both to enjoy for a long time as opposed to cuttings indoors 
that will only last for a week or so.  Not only that, but my sweet man loves to tend to the park area he has created and I cannot think of 
a better place to be putting flowers!  Spring weather has finally arrived and we enjoy sitting outdoors getting some much needed fresh air 
and beholding the beauty of our surroundings here in Copperopolis, California!
Layout created using my first collection of *Positively Embossable* overlays available for free until noon Monday, May 9th here at  
Bon Scrapatit Designs.  Doodle Brushes are by HG Designs, Flowers by Miss Tiina and Button by Something Blue Studios.

Before I leave you with an early Mother's Day gift, I wish to share with you an, undoubtedly, once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase either an extended membership (if you already have one) or a new membership to an amazing collection of photographer's and designer's tools at ActionFX!

ActionFX is owned and operated by Al Ward, who has not only presented us with a fabulous array of photo actions, brushes, custom shapes, styles and fabulous video tutorials over the past 12+ years, but is also an NAAP certified Photoshop expert and author of several books on Photoshop (check him out at Amazon!) and has even co-authored with the likes of Colin Smith and Scott Kelby!

Al is in the process of putting the finishing touches on his brand new website and is offering a one-year new membership (gives you access to all downloads available now and to come during your membership) for the unbelievable price of $24.95 and if you are already a member and for some reason have not received this news yet, a one-year extended membership for only $16.95!  This simply cannot be beat for all that Al has to offer!  Once Al's new website goes live, the price of a one-year membership will be $199, six months for $124.95 or one month for $29.95.

Let me make mention that ActionFX is not just for photographers or designers, but also for digital scrapbookers, web designers, etc.  With the new site in place, Al will be offering over 500,000 Photoshop and Elements presets and tools, etc.  "This will affect photographers, digital scrappers, Elements users, web designers ... the works!"

If you are an avid Photoshop user, whether it be PSCS or Elements, you simply cannot go wrong with a $25 investment to the access of so much creative goodness.  I can very easily spend that alone on CU and/or digital scrapbooking purchases at a single digital scrapbooking site in one day!  A membership to ActionFX will last you for an entire year.  Better yet, you can even sign up for an additional year or two, or ... *grin*

Check out the current ActionFX site HERE

Click HERE to be taken directly to membership sign up page and grab a one-year all access membership while it's hot, hot, HOT!  

In the event you need to give some thought to purchasing a membership, I have posted an ActionFX banner at the very top of my blog for convenience if you wish to come back at a later time.  I know that the special price will remain in place through this weekend, but not sure beyond that at this time.  I will keep you updated as I receive them and will also post a reminder before the weekend is over. 

Thank you for reading me today and for all of the sweet and lovely comments you've left in my absence. *sigh*  Y'all surely do know how to make a girl feel better quickly!  LOL! I am pretty sure that I've caught up with each one of them!

Without further ado, Happy early Mother's Day ladies!  I have a few extra goodies for you come Friday and am hoping to finish a kit I've been working on for you for {i}NSD this Saturday!  *squee*
Sorry, link has expired



happy may day y'all!

>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

 A photo of some lovely wildflowers taken during our morning walk

I have had a real struggle the past few weeks with a lack of energy and inability to focus while at the computer, so I've just followed along with the game plan and let my brain have it's way! ROFL! Well, enough is enough. Tomorrow, it's my turn! LOL! Yup, I'm taking over again whether my brain likes it or not! *chuckle, chuckle*  The past few days have been positively embossable, and it's all good! *wink*

I just had to run in before I head to bed and shout out "Happy May Day" to everyone and to let you know that I will CU soon with an early Mother's Day gift. If all goes accordingly, I should be back before the sun goes down tomorrow Pacific Standard Time!

We had an absolutely gorgeous day here in Copperopolis today, yet my heart is saddened with all the loss of life and property in other parts of the USA this past week. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the ravaging tornadoes and intense weather conditions.

Hold each other close. Treasure every moment for each one of them is truly a gift ... and so are you!


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