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>> Friday, May 20, 2011

Stopping in to wish y'all a fabulous and ... yes, wild weekend!  I am renaming files and preparing to zip and upload tonight to post *the wild ones* ones for, hopefully, somewhat of a wild weekend of scrapping for those ready to get your scrap on!  LOL!  Okay, so you always have your scrap on (that's a good thing), but I'm sure you've just about given up on ever seeing this collection of versatile goodness!  I can't wait to bring it to you!

I did overcome the all scratch disks are full O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E. only to find myself having to shut down my computer (not quite sure what happened) the wee hours of this morning in hopes that I would awake to a little cooperation from all of this technical upheaval happening this side of the screen this past week and voila, so far so good!  Yay!

Thank you for your patience everyone.  Have a glorious weekend and unless the world comes to an end (quite the pun intended here -- come on, get a little chuckle going on with me now :) or lightning strikes me, I'll be back! *wink*

Bon Scrapatit! :D

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