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>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy belated spring (to those this side of the equator!), Mother's Day and {inter} National Scrapbooking Day y'all!

I so totally feel for the mail carriers of old! Braving the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, etc. ROFL!

I cannot even begin to tell you my many encounters (or shall I continue to refer to the word - O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E.?) I've had on my journey from Photoshop to Sky Drive and leading to my final destination here on Blogger. Bon Scrapatit Designs to be specific! *smile*

I have to laugh y'all. Otherwise, I would lay me down and have a good cry! *wink*

I was almost here yesterday, however, Blogger wasn't having it! Who'd of thunk it? Distractions of all sorts. Phone calls. Visitors. Meal prep. Housecleaning. Animal care. You know, the usual. But ... who would have ever imagined that I would finally be ready to post to Blogger and I would not be allowed to? ROFL! I mean, is this for real? LOL! It was indeed! I could not even sign into my account!

Everything for a reason.

I hope y'all know me well enough to know that I really don't take these kinds of things seriously. Just having a little fun with it. I am too quickly reminded of the serious nature of things that others are enduring while I remain in the comfort of my own home today.

My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with those in Joplin, Missouri. I had not even heard about this particular tornado until Tuesday. I had been on the phone with an older brother this past Sunday. He was concerned about our sister living in a suburb of Minneapolis, which sustained a tornado an hour prior to his calling me.

When hearing talk of the big tornado that hit, I was thinking Minneapolis. I don't watch much television and prefer to work in quiet, so the devastation taking place in Joplin did not surface for me right away. I had turned on the television early Tuesday morning to hear about Joplin and to find out that it was the worst on record since 1953.  That was just the year prior to my entrance into the world.  That is a lot of years ago!  Horrific nonetheless.

Well, you all have waited patiently for *The Wild Ones* to get here and for that I thank you!  Every spring, I look forward to the wildflowers and lush green landscape to arrive here in Copperopolis.

Summers are typically very hot, with a good portion of the season producing triple digit temps, so I relish basking in the cooler temps of spring for as soon as the weather heats up, everything turns brown ... uhm, oops, I mean gold ... here in the foothills of Northern California!  Nothing against gold, but honestly, it is just not as aesthetically pleasing to these older eyes as are the many shades of green after lots of rain!  My eyes love to spy all of the tiny purple and yellow blossoms making their way up through the tall green grasses.  Hence, my inspiration for *The Wild Ones*!  *squee*

Here are a few detailed images of *The Wild Ones* at 100%:

Happy downloading and I would love to see some layouts in the Bon Scrapatit Designs Flickr Pool!  Pretty please! 

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