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>> Monday, May 30, 2011

One more day to download *The Wild Ones* here on my blog for free!  Grab it HERE! 

Hoping that everyone here in the USA has returned home safely from any holiday travels.

Robert and I remained on the home front and watched a few documentaries together.  Our thoughts have been toward all those who have lost their lives while serving in our military services, along with full hearts of thankfulness to each and every one of them and their families for the sacrifices made for our country's continued freedoms!

One more reminder as the holiday weekend comes to an official end.  If you've not yet had the opportunity to check out Action FX, this will be the final day (as far as I know) to purchase a membership to Al Ward's plethora of Photoshop resources for scrapbookers, designers, photographers and more before he launches his brand new website!   I'm in for two more years!  I, personally, love the huge collection of brushes and custom shapes!   Lace even!

Al offers so many options.  Actions to help your scrapbooking, designing and photo work.   Lots and lots of brushes and custom shapes, from which the possibilities are endless here alone!  There are complete alpha sets, type effects, overlays, video tutorials and even a few books that Al has authored to help your Photoshop workflow!  A fabulous commercial-use resource website!

For those renewing a current membership, the price is $19.95/year.  New memberships are only $29.95/year. This is a fraction of what the membership price will be upon Al's launching of the new website and price structure shown below:

One Year - $199.95 Full Access Membership
Six Months - $124.95 Full Access Membership
One Month - $29.95 Full Access Membership

Check it out!  You can use the link here or click on the big banner at the top of my blog.

A quick note of thanks to all of you who have left such incredibly sweet and wonderful comments aka feedback!  I am still working on catching up on replying to each of you!  MWAH!

Wishing y'all an incredibly wonderful week ahead.  I know there have already been some graduations and there are more to come, so I would like to extend my personal "congratulations" to anyone with a graduate in the family!  Woot, woot ... yeah!

See you soon!

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