happy may day y'all!

>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

 A photo of some lovely wildflowers taken during our morning walk

I have had a real struggle the past few weeks with a lack of energy and inability to focus while at the computer, so I've just followed along with the game plan and let my brain have it's way! ROFL! Well, enough is enough. Tomorrow, it's my turn! LOL! Yup, I'm taking over again whether my brain likes it or not! *chuckle, chuckle*  The past few days have been positively embossable, and it's all good! *wink*

I just had to run in before I head to bed and shout out "Happy May Day" to everyone and to let you know that I will CU soon with an early Mother's Day gift. If all goes accordingly, I should be back before the sun goes down tomorrow Pacific Standard Time!

We had an absolutely gorgeous day here in Copperopolis today, yet my heart is saddened with all the loss of life and property in other parts of the USA this past week. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the ravaging tornadoes and intense weather conditions.

Hold each other close. Treasure every moment for each one of them is truly a gift ... and so are you!

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