were you born to be wild? my take on what that means and a freebie for you too!

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

My precious granddaughter, Katelyn Rose, who is ten months old today!  I miss her so much and am over the moon when her mommy sends me photos and video clips which surely helps this Grandma's need for a baby girl fix at least once per week!  Thank you my darling daughter for finding some snippets of time to jump start my heart each week!  I love you!

Frame cluster created using *The Wild Ones* by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Hi y'all!  Can you believe the month of May is half way over already?  I can't!  Sheesh, we just celebrated {i}NSD and boom, here we are one week later!  *sigh*

To stick with the subject of my post, "were you born to be wild"?  LOL!  Uhm, I suppose that is all in how each of us looks at the definition of wild, eh?

For example, this has been one wild week for me in that as hard as I have tried to finish up *The Wild Ones* to upload for you, it simply has not happened ... yet!  My definition of wild here would be something like, crazy!  Uh, huh, you know what I'm talking about!
Monday was my oldest sibling's 70th birthday!  Tuesday, I spent several hours on the phone with my precious Mama and helped her with a few things that were important to take care of.  Wednesday, Blogger was down and that simply threw me for a loop!  It obviously doesn't take much to throw me, does it?  LOL!  Thursday, Photoshop informed me that all of my scratch disks were full and I could not do a thing until I figured out how to get my preview to open allowing me to continue creating!  This totally threw me for the proverbial loop for in my five plus years of Photoshoppin', this was the first time I'd ever seen such a notice!  So thankful for that right there.  Just sayin'.
I also had a nice surprise visit from son #2, who had spent the night Wednesday to go golfing with son #1 and son #3 (son #4 had to work!) and upon dropping off his brothers later that evening, I got to visit with my darling grandson, Jace, for about an hour!  Hmm ... now Friday, I am not even remembering Friday, but I do think I did Friday despite my lack of recollection!  *smile*

ROFL!  OMGosh y'all, I am rolling over here!  Apparently, Friday is not the only day I am clueless about.  I just realized, and without having to retype or move things around will fess up, that I mixed up Wednesday with Thursday and vice-versa!  So, there you have it, my scatteredness in a nutshell!  *oops*

Then comes the weekend and my real desire to get 'er done!  Last night, I lost my focus (gee, wonder how that happened:) and decided to throw a couple of embellishments on a piece of paper to see how things were looking and I ended up scrapping a layout of my precious little Katelyn Rose who, just like her mommy, was indeed born to be wild!  And how do I define wild when it comes to my darling baby girl?  I will show you in the bit of a sneak-peek of *The Wild Ones* below!

As the cancellation stamp word art declares, wild means "intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with"! 
I think that perfectly sums up my daughter and granddaughter both :)

 Y'all know by now that when I scrap, that usually means I share!  Here is my layout of Miss Katelyn Rose.  Although she is ten months old today, I believe this is a photo Joan sent to me a few weeks ago.  Can I say, "be still my heart"!  I just love this baby girl to pieces and miss her oodles and bunches!

  Layout created using *The Wild Ones* by Bon Scrapatit Designs and coming your way soon!
Naturally, my layouts are turned into scrapatits to share even further, so here is what you will receive in your free download today!  I had fun with brushes again! *grin*

I hope you will accept today's goody as a bit of a peace offering for my wild week that interrupted my designing mojo and I hope to have things finished up just as quickly as possible.  No mention of a time frame this time around lest another O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E. prove me otherwise!  *wink*

Wishing you all one incredibly fabulous week.  May it be a productive one and may it find you filled with much scrap happiness!  *mwah*

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