>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes I wonder just HOW much more y'all can take, but seeing as how this IS a tribute to the marriage of my daughter, Joan, I just HAVE to put into it what I hope to scrap with when I return from Washington!

Cathy, I was chuckling when I read your comment asking for a button either plain or with the word "ring bearer". Now, how did you know that was the next one in line for posting??? Hmmm .... reading my mind were you? Or, perhaps I yours? ROFL! Anyhoo, I had just been on David's Bridal website as this is where my daughter has had the girls all order their dresses from and was looking at a photo of a ring bearer and a flower girl! That is where I received the inspiration for adding a BOW TIE to the scheme of things so that it will cover just about every one's needs I hope!

The young male model was sporting a bow tie, which I think is SO adorable on little men! I already have in mind what I wish to do for the flower girl's button and hope to have that one ready for posting in the next day or two. I am sure y'all have figured out by now that I hope to include buttons for all of the HIGHLIGHT moments that one would traditionally find at a wedding!!! If you think towards the end that I have missed anything, please feel free to comment and I shall try my best to oblige your requests! I just ask that they be fairly simple at his juncture as I'm going to have a lot going on prior to our departure two weeks from tomorrow (actually today but I am started posting yesterday!!!).

MICHELLE - would you please e-mail me a photo or a color swatch of the dark and light blue you used at your wedding last month? (lindawalton (at) caltel (dot) com. If I can do some simple recoloring that comes close, I shall try and put a few things together for you. What program are you using? This is all leading up to a question for everyone - how many of you would be interested and/or would benefit greatly from learning how to recolor kit components to your needs? RAISE THOSE HANDS HIGH!!! He, he ... see, I even get y'all to do a little exercise while at the computer!!! LOL! Pre-requisite is using either Adobe Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. If you know your program well, you should be able to adapt some of the things I show you to most any of them.

I forgot to mention anything about Joan's selections for flowers last night. Joan's bouquet will be MOSTLY white flowers with "splashes" of green. She will carry Hydrangea, Roses (mostly white with perhaps a few green ones), a few green Orchids, Bells of Ireland, Freesia as a filler, Hypericum Berry and one other that she mentioned but was not sure what it is called!!!

The girls will carry bouquets of either green roses or green Orchids accompanied by mini-mums and green berries.

The guys will don boutonnieres of either green roses or orchids. All final selections will be based on availability and cost effectiveness!

The table arrangements at the reception will be made with Hydrangeas, Bells of Ireland and Willow Branches.

Now, I am not sure how I will go about trying to put together a bouquet, but I am going to give it a go!

I had given out the Calla Lilies when my daughter had first mentioned them, however, they were not mentioned once after she had met with the florist and we spoke Sunday!

I am going to post a POLL, my first one, tomorrow sometime as to which you'd rather have as I wrap up *Summer Wedding* over the next week or so. I would either like to work on some "scrapatits" (this rather feeds my desperate need to do some scrapping!) or some brag book pages and would like your input. ROFL! Heck, I may do both but will work on the most popular selection first!

Well, the 'ol eyeballs are rebelling so I'd better give in and let them close for the night!!! Take care everyone, have a GRAND day and may you scrap in abundance throughout the upcoming weekend!!!


Linda :)

P.S. A couple of important announcements: I would like to wish my dear and sweet friend, TINK of TINK'S TRIBULATIONS and her WONDERFUL husband, Pan, a VERY Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary. If y'all LOVE a GOOD blog read, Tink's blog is a must!!!

Also, I have a update on my DEAREST friend, Carole Nordyke. Thank y'all for your thoughts, well-wishes and prayers. I spoke with Carole earlier in the day and she sounds WONDERFUL!!! She is getting up and around rather well but has learned that she MUST get LOTS of rest too!!! Carole goes in tomorrow to have her staples removed - all 18 of them as she says!!!


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today??? ROFL! Okay, how about a virtual hug! XOXO
Thank you!!!



>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and SO are the rings I bestow upon you this QUIET and PEACEFUL night!!!

Yes, the boys have returned home and it is SO quiet that Robert can hear me typing and I can hear him sighing as he lays a bit restless trying to slumber!!! ROFL! YUP, you guessed it - IT'S RUM-DUMMY HOUR!!! He, he .... ho, ho, ho, ho . . . ha, ha, ha, HA! LOL!

I am actually missing Wyatt and Garret already. We had such a WONDERFULLY fun and talkative day together today! Yes, these two young men LOVE to talk! I would fix them their lunch and even though I was not eating, I would sit with them for a good sum of time and just let them talk about their everyday lives. I actually learned quite a lot this visit! They are SO well-behaved and I let them both know numerous times just HOW proud of them I am for making the stay here with us for 11 days straight with NO video games!!! ROFL!

Wyatt, as I have learned from observation, is kinesthetic (learns by "doing") and can become bored rather easily. Not this time!!! Robert sat him down with Mavis Beacon and we were both amazed at how quickly he figured it all out!!! Wyatt will be nine on the first of September, Labor Day this year! Both boys enjoyed drawing and making booklets. In fact, when they first arrived, they came with Father's Day gifts that they had made at school. YES, I took LOTS of photos of them explaining to Dad all about them!!! SO SWEET and y'all know that I am SUCH a SAP! If I'm not able to post a few tonight, I will do so tomorrow.

We spent most of the afternoon sorting through a HUGE assortment of pants, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets handed down by their cousin Andrew, which is Robert's firstborn grandchild and grandson! What a blessing to send these boys home with plenty of clothes for school!!!

Andrew's mom passes down clothing the same way in which I did from my children. I always made sure that everything was sparkling and shining in every way possible so that the recipient felt as thought they REALLY were getting NEW clothes. I mean to tell you, the white on the shirts was, INDEED, sparkling!!! LOL!

I've spent the past TWO days straight sorting through and scanning photos for Joan. I zipped up 97 photos in four files last night before retiring and two failed to upload, so first thing this morning I uploaded them again and e-mailed the links to Joan at work. Of course, I just HAD to call her to find out whether I'd done a fair job in my selections!!! ROFL! She was VERY thankful and said that she would probably only use about half of what I sent! I told her I sent extras so that SHE could pick out her favorite one from the duplicates with some minor differences!!!

Aggie dearest, I've received your e-mail and will add your BEAUTIFUL layout to the slideshow in the morning! THANK YOU!

Thank you to those of you who just added your MASTERPIECES to the slideshow yesterday!!! LOOKING GOOD y'all! My goal is to see MORE layouts in the slideshow than MY previews at which time, I shall remove the previews leaving only your BEAUTIFUL creations!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Nancy, I hope the GOLD looks 18 karat!!! ROTFLBO!!! You are WAY too humerous, but I knew EXACTLY what you meant!!! The wedding ring that my children's father bought for me was 18 karat and it is generally a lighter gold, yes? Well, anyhoo, let me know what you think as I can go a shade lighter if need be, but I thought this one looked REALLY pretty! My next wedding band and/or ring shall be white-gold as I prefer it since finding out that I am a WINTER years ago!!! LOL! And what exactly does that mean for any who may have a puzzled look upon their face? I had my colors done back in the dino days and you were placed within a season of Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, I being a WINTER. I learned that I am to wear a blue-based red so that my skin does not appear sallow!!! Okay, other things as well but I've rambled on entirely too long for one setting, especially for any of you who just might happen to be "kinesthetic"!

Having homeschooled my six kiddos, as some of you have already heard me say that it was the BEST education of my lifetime, I learned a GREAT deal about learning/teaching styles, personality-types, etc. and it has SO helped me in how I view children's needs. For this, I am FOREVER thankful!

Funny thing, Wyatt was explaining to me at the table during lunch today that he "sucks" at cursive and is having a really difficult time with it. I've only told him to do the BEST that HE can and somewhere down the road, it will get easier for him. And what did I just read as I GOOGLED "kinesthetic" to see what the Internet has to offer? One of the areas of difficulty in school for a "kinesthetic" learner is:

Having legible cursive handwriting - better with printing or keyboarding

That SURELY explains why Wyatt took to Mavis Beacon like a duck to water!!!

Night darlins', have a LOVELY day and "keep on SCRAPPIN'"!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


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proper working order! MWAH!!!



>> Monday, July 28, 2008

He, he ... mornin' y'all!!! I think you know me well enough to know that even if I say I am not going to "say" anything, I certainly shall do so anyhow!!!

I am ONLY halfway through the photos I wish to have scanned for Joan and need to have zipped, uploaded and link sent to her at work tomorrow!!! I am dropping off your buttons for tonight, heading to bed and will be up BRIGHT and EARLY in the morning to SCAN, BABY, SCAN!!!

Thank you for the continuing SWEET comments. I shall address some of them over the next few days as well as work on e-mails. Y'all are just SO kind and I LOVE reading your shares!!! I LOVE y'all!!! MWAH!!!

I would SURE love to see some more layouts gracing OUR slideshow up yonder!!! REMEMBER: they do NOT have to be wedding layouts. Use your imagination and SURPRISE me!!!

I called Joan early in the evening yesterday and she had just finished with her Bridal Shower and was in HIGH spirits. She had her last fitting for her dress on Saturday and finally has been able to pick her flowers. I will share what they are with you tomorrow night when I have a bit more time. Oh my, it is ALL going to be SO beautiful!!!

Tonight's FREEBIE is a DECO BUTTON for "The Rings" and for "The Bridesmaids"! I've created the bridesmaids in both green and brown. Joan's maid of honor and bridesmaids will be in brown but I remember several of you sharing that green was used or is going to be used in your weddings.

While the "rings" look very simplistic, I am embarrassed to say how much time I've actually spent on creating them. The plain band was a no-brainer, however, I may be good at setting diamonds but I've found that I'm not the greatest at cutting them!!! ROFL! I know a setting for a diamond this large would, obviously, need a mounting to hold it but I just could not break away from scanning to get that detailed!!!! I hope the way it is will find itself useful for y'all. I worked and reworked that silly solitaire!!! I LOVE doing this as it causes for me to really use my imagination in recreating things without having them in front of me!!!

Travis and Joan's rings are "white-gold" so I have created these to go along with the pages I will scrap after the wedding. If ANY of you would like to see them in GOLD, please raise your hands WAY UP HIGH so that I can see them - PRETTY please!!! LOL!

My eyes are ready for me to say good night, good morning and may you have a WONDERFUL day, a FABULOUS week and enough creativity to keep you HAPPILY scrapping!!!

Ciao bellas,
Linda :)


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>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

I think y'all just might find this a WEE bit amusing! As I am sitting here tonight, once again, HAND-SETTING the diamonds in the UP and DOWN arrows so that the light source is coming from the upper-left on each, it suddenly occurs to me that DIAMOND-SETTING is in MY BLOOD!!! ROFL!

YUP, my grandfather on my father's side was a watchmaker in England before setting sail for America, landing on Ellis Island and settling in the Bronx in New York. I would imagine he settled in a Jewish neighborhood as both of my grandparents came to America speaking Yiddish. I have just GOT to continue my genealogy trace VERY soon. I had accomplished SO much in two weeks a few years ago and have not touched it since. I just find it all SO fascinating and with the help of a Polish designer I have befriended over at Digital Scrap Connection, I believe I now have the correct spelling of our "original" surname before my grandfather changed it when he arrived in England! WOO HOO!

Anyhoo, my grandfather was a jeweler in Brooklyn, New York (where my father was born), so I guess it stands to reason that I have absolutely NO problem sitting here and hand placing each of these digitally created diamonds!!! He, he ...

Tonight's *Summer Wedding* FREEBIE includes the UP and DOWN arrow and a DIAMOND-STUDDED silver frame in the portrait orientation to match the landscape one that I gave you a while back. I hadn't meant to wait so long for you to have the matched pair, but somehow I kept overlooking it as other ideas were popping into my head!

I spoke with Joan today and I MUST have photos scanned and sent to her tomorrow. I've just gotten SO far behind with Robert not feeling well and so far tomorrow looks uneventful!!!

I hope y'all are having a LOVELY weekend. I am still looking forward to seeing those MASTERPIECES in the slideshow above. I usually check for any that are awaiting approval prior to posting, but will do so tonight just as soon as I am finished here! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL of the WONDERFUL comments. Y'all just SO totally make my day and keep me INSPIRED to keep on creating!!!

Joan goes for her final pick of flowers for her bridal bouquet. I have held off on putting one together for y'all until I get the final word as to what flowers she will be using as well as colors, which, of course, will only be green and white!!! ROTFLMBO - silly me!!!

I have a few of you awaiting e-mail replies and I shall get to those just as quickly as I am able, which will most likely be Monday morning. Thank you for your patience as these last few weeks unfold. I have to make an appointment at a salon up the hill and go shopping for a dress and the boys all need to get their measurements taken so that Joan can order their suits!!! This will be our first family portrait since my olders daughter, April, was married in August of 2001!!! I am getting SO excited!!!

BUTTON, BUTTON, WHOSE GOT THE BUTTON??? Hmmm .... WE ALL DO!!! LOL!!! I shall have some more for you tomorrow night! ANY guesses?????

SWEET DREAMS and have a GORGEOUS tomorrow!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


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at the same time. So if at first you do not succeed .... you
know!!! It doesn't happen often, but JUST IN CASE!!! XO



Nope, I am not referring to the money back when making a purchase!!! ROTFLMBO!

I am just stopping by to let y'all know that I will be back later tonight to post the next installment of *Summer Wedding*. The boys will NOT be camping at Lake Alpine after all. They will be camping right here at home! My DARLING Robert, bless his heart, is laying low until he can get to a dentist, hopefully, on Monday.

Robert went to a clinic earlier today as he'd been dealing with THROBBING pain (most all of us have experienced this at least once I'm sure!) from a broken crown and the right side of his face has been swelling on and off. The doctor gave him two prescriptions for antibiotics and one for pain. We laughed when reading the literature that comes with your medications when the Tylenol/Codiene was listed as being for mild to moderate pain!!! Have ANY of you dealt with a tooth gone bad and it be mild or EVEN moderate pain??? EEEEEKS! Poor babe! He says the Ibuprofen does more for him than the pain med prescribed!!! Go figure!

Anyhoo, we are hoping that the swelling will be down by later today. If it gets any worse then it will be a trip to the ER. I am SO praying for the pain to subside enough for him to make it to Monday!

So, that leaves MOI playing nurse and in charge of the boys for the weekend WHILE I start digging through photos for Joan!

Wyatt and Garret are really sweethearts and VERY forgiving when things don't pan out. They've watched their daddy sleep from the time he arrived home yesterday so they KNOW he's not feeling well. Hmmmm .... wonder if we have enough floor space to pitch a tent in the house??? ROFL! I better think about this one for a bit before presenting the idea to the guys!!! Actually, I think it would be LOTS of FUN! Although, I'm not quite sure I can figure a way for them to get that "boat ride"!!!

Night all, see you later. Wishing y'all a WILD and WACKY weekend!!! He, he ... NOT!!! Here's to a QUIET and RELAXING one ... that is of course, unless you are desiring a WILD and WACKY one!!! WOO HOO!!!

Linda :)



>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello y'all!!!

I've had a VERY busy day with Wyatt and Garret today (they are such GOOD boys!) and when I sat down to work on tonight's "freebie", for *Summer Wedding*, I had just come across an MOST awesome BLING style as I was struggling to find something that would look right (in my eyes anyhoo!) for THE GROOM! Well, you just KNOW that I have to have a matching pair, right??? Uh, huh! So tonight you are receiving TWO deco buttons. THE GROOM and "take two" on THE BRIDE!!! I think it looks much nicer along with being a little more elegant. Whatcha all think?

Oh, and Joan's fiance' is wearing a black tux (this is why the groom button is in black and white!) as well as the groomsmen and my boys who will be ushers. I tell ya, I have to work REALLY, REALLY hard at accepting the fact that BLACK can fit into the scheme of just about anything!!! With the wedding colors being green and brown, you JUST know that I would figure the men to be in brown and the ladies in green!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!! I am learning to look at things with more of an "artist" eyes I suppose as I can just be too darned color-coordinated for my own good at times. I'll get there. You can certainly teach this 'ol dog a new trick or two!!! LOL! Heck, A LOT!!!

You are also getting TWO diamond arrows, one left and one right (the left one is NOT shown in the preview due to lack of space!). You can use these to frame photos, in clusters or to POINT the way!!!

I hope you like them and I'll see you tomorrow. Hope everyone has had a FABULOUS week and are winding down to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home or at play with your PRECIOUS families! I will be helping Robert pack he and the little guys, along with my twin boys (19), for a trip up to the mountains to Alpine Lake for a night of camping and a day of fishing, hiking and FUN!!! I get to stay home and start getting photos together for Joan's wedding! Sounds like a FAIR deal to me!!! He, he ....


Linda :)



>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of course you are, otherwise you would NOT be here reading my nonsense, right??? I must admit, it's been a busy day with the little guys thus far and I'm, well, TIRED! LOL! The cleanse I'm on is kicking my backside, which is a good thing, just means it's doing it's job!

I would like to take a moment to mention my DEAREST friend Carole Nordyke, whom if y'all remember I was requesting your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes prior to her back surgery this past Friday morning. Carole and I go back 3-1/2 years and speak on the phone nearly every week. She is TRULY one of my dearest Internet friends and I have learned thus far that after her surgery she was sitting up and talking! All VERY good indications of a SMOOTH operation and what I am believing to be a SPEEDY recovery that will allow my dear friend to resume her normal activities and then some! I LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!!!

I would also like to inform all of those who may not already know of the INCREDIBLE outpouring from SCRAPLAND in this MOST needful time for Jazzy (Linda) who is a CT for the INFAMOUS Kim B's Designs. I found out via Ginger's blog, made a trip to Jazzy's blog and read all about the loss of her 16-year-old grandson, Andrew, who had nearly drowned at the age of 4. I was in tears. Jazzy had just lost her daughter, Lori, Andrew's mother, about three months ago while Jazzy herself was in the hospital dealing with health issues. This I had read about on Kim's blog not so long ago when she had created a SPECIAL scrapkit for Jazzy to scrap photos of Lori with for an album.

Andrew required LOTS of SPECIAL care and Jazzy was there to fight the courts to keep him at home where he did INDEED receive that care along with ALL the love one could ever hope for. Andrew passed away in Jazzy's arms. Oh, oh, oh ... I can only imagine the heartache that she must be experiencing. Just breaks my heart.

Anyhoo, if you wish to read what Kim has written on Jazzy's blog, please do so and leave Jazzy some loving words of encouragement, a hug or just say hello and introduce yourself. THANK YOU!

I just LOVE my digital family. There just IS no other one like it and to see SOOOOO many people coming together to assist a digi-sister in her time of need is beyond words for me. SCRAPLAND is the MOST phenomenal network of LOVING and COMASSIONATE women that I've ever encountered and I am EVER thankful for each and EVERY one that is a part of it. If you have not already been and would like to extend your condolences, thoughts and such, please click on Jazzy's blog name to be taken straight over to WORDS TO DELITE. I have not known Jazzy personally and found that she creates BEAUTIFUL word art, so I have linked her here on my blog so that I, as well as y'all, can visit her blog to say hello, enjoy her wit and charm and, of course, her WONDERFUL word art creations!!!

Jesse - I chuckled OUT LOUD, thank you!!!

Shauna - Thank you sweetie. I feel the same way about y'all and LOVE getting to know you personally. I hope to visit your BEAUTIFUL country "down under" one day!!!

Dusty - I am SO happy that your creative block has been broken, WOO HOO!!! Thank you for your sweet comments each time you download. You are your mama's daughter!!! Everyone, I'd like to meet Dusty who is the youngest daughter of my BFF, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon's Design. Dawn has pointed the way for Dusty in digital scrapbooking and the young lady has taken to it like a duck to water. Dusty love, I can't wait to see some of your layouts up yonder in the slideshow!!! Dusty has three GORGEOUS little boys, works part-time with her mom and is also taking the same online college courses as her mom. BUSY, BUSY ladies! You GO girls!

Sharon (Shutterbug) - I am DEFINITELY with you girl!!! Sharon's reply to the question about diamonds being a girl's best friend was as follows: "In real life, I'd probably prefer a dog to diamonds, with the exception of my wedding ring"! I have posted Sharon's reply as that would be just about "word-for-word" my reply!!! Actually, at the moment, I am not wearing a diamond although that will change in the VERY near future!

I think MOST all of us will agree that we LOVE the DIGITAL BLING, but in "real" life, we LOVE our furbabies MORE!!! Now, notice I said MOST of us!!! ROFL! I know that there are some that LOVE their diamonds and that is quite all right! He, he ... just that as one of you mentioned, the dog LOVES you back!!! Good point and well-taken!!!

Phyllis - I hope that ALL is well with you darlin' and that your stay in the hospital was a pleasant one. You can count on my FREEBIES being available for a longtime unless otherwise posted for any one in particular or until I start maxing out my 4-shared account!!! :)

Southern Belle - I am guessing you are Candy!!! Love the layouts and I am looking forward to MORE coming in from ALL of you!!! I know, I'm SUCH a SLAVE DRIVER aren't I??? At least I'm asking you to do something FUN and REWARDING, eh??? He, he ...

Makeyesup - Thank you for the kind words as they are GREATLY appreciated.


Hey, I've posted EARLY today!!! WOWSERS! Better take my temperature, eh? ROTFLMBO!!! Your FREEBIE for today is more BLING for your *Summer Wedding* collection! A HEART-SHAPED diamond frame and a DECO BUTTON - THE BRIDE! Of course you can use these DELIGHTFUL jeweled frames with just about anything you desire to!!!

And just what do you think MIGHT be coming your way tomorrow??? Hmmm .... could I be POINTING you in the RIGHT direction???

Have a SPLENDERFIIC day y'all and I'll see you tomorrow!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


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proper working order!!! SCRAP HAPPY darlins'!!! XOXO



>> Monday, July 21, 2008

I just had a VERY funny thought! You have to be inside of my head sometime to understand how my thought process works!!! On second thought, that MIGHT be dangerous! Being around Robert for MANY years now has not helped either. The man is SO quick-witted and FUNNIER than I could have ever imagined one could be!!! Yes, he DOES have a serious side (not sure whether it is the left or the right!), so he is rather well-balanced. I'm the one off my rocker, remember??? LOL!

I just realized that as I was typing the title for my post that a man's best friend and a woman's best friend BOTH start with the letter "D"!!! How interesting that is! However, I don't know that either one is as true today as some time ago. What are your thoughts on this?

A man's best friend is his dog?

Diamond's are a girl's best friend?

YAY or NAY and why or why not???

I will tell you my thoughts tomorrow, but as ironic as this may sound, the questions have come from your FREEBIE tonight, which are none other than .... DIAMONDS!!! Guess that gives ya a wee bit of a hint as to where the thought of the topic stemmed from now doesn't it!!! SO, does that put me back into the category of the sane??? Be nice!

I had promised y'all a little something extra special for telling me how Brandy O'Neal came about her design name of Mega Doodle Inspired. Now, you might not think they are SO very special but they are as they were not mechanically constructed!!! Oh, believe me, I tried, but to no avail!!! So, all four frames have hand-set diamonds for that slightly "imperfect" look that is TRULY realistic, is it not? ROFL! Okay, sounds good, but I am learning slowly but surely that things need not always be perfectly centered, etc., etc., and so on!!! I can be SO anal about details sometimes and I am REALLY trying to become more of an artist - HA, HA, don't laugh! Anyhoo, hoo, you get one square, one circle, one portrait and one landscape frame.

Do y'all remember why it is that I am including both a portrait and landscape orientation in these frames??? If so, I'll give you another one to add to the collection in a different shape. Heck, I just might add a few more, ya NEVER know!!! Let me know if you are liking them or not so I don't go overboard!!!

Y'all have had me crackin' up today with your posts!!! It is SO refreshing to come onto my blog and just sit here and chuckle out loud!!! Y'all have made my day and I thank ye for it EVER so kindly!

Mel - my pleasure and you and Ms. Vicki are one HOT team!!! I am sure that most all of you have already been to Vicki and Mel's blogs to download their collaboration, Summer Treats!!! It is SO delicious! If you have not been yet, you will find their links under my NEW HOT DESIGNERS category. This is a MUST-HAVE!!!

My BFF, Snowsmoon's Design is still BUGGING us with her ADORABLE little critters!!! Have you been collecting them??? She even has the SWEETEST bug jar with a rustic top - LOVE IT! You don't want to miss Dawn's goodies either. So RUN, don't "crawl" over to her blog and let her BUG ya!!! Or, YOU can bug HER if you want and tell her that I sent you!!! She just started her college courses today SO let's give her a GOOD cheer while we're there too, K??? Busy, busy lady. She will be working full-time, carrying a full load of courses and making us FREEBIES!!! Thank you girlfriend!!! You ROCK ... and then SOME!

SHARON love - I am SO sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and hope that the SUNSHINE that you spread around SCRAPLAND everyday shines on your brightly and finds you feeling better this morning!!! XOXO

Irene - too FUNNY! I was on my way to your blog last night but couldn't keep my eyes open any longer!!! She may not be back to read this y'all, but I have to introduce you to Irene O'Neill who is the person who encouraged my curiosity in designing to become the "real deal"!!! I took a beginning elements in design using Photoshop at our 3S Academy at 3Scrapateers. AWESOME teacher and guess what, I GOT IT!!! LOL! Irene and Brenda Cook, a 3Scrapateers' partner were my very FIRST mentors. Thank you ladies - YOU ROCK!

Karen - thanks for having my back girlfriend!!! I received your e-mail and will reply in the morning if you happen to catch this before you go to bed! LOVE YA!

Rose Addict - ROTFLMBO!!! Ya know, perhaps it is FIBRO FOG that has kept those links alive for so long!!!

Laraine - HELLO VANCOUVER!!! I will always remember what you wrote now as I've never heard that, but it makes perfect sense. The city with an identity crisis!!! What a HOOT! Would you mind giving a SHOUT OUT to my girls for me!!! TY!

Mandi - WOW!!! And to think, I've always wanted to be an interior designer!!! I was, like in shock when I read your post!!! You are the first to share THAT with me!!! I bet it is GORGEOUS and I would surely LOVE to see some photos post-production if you're game!!! TY sweetie!

Barb - I can only imagine HOW beautiful your daughter's wedding was and how dashing her husband must have looked in his dress greens!!! I LOVE the idea of the bridesmaids in green, however Joan's bridesmaids are wearing brown. April, my oldest daugher, is going to be her maid of honor and while visiting week before last, she described the dresses and they DO sound LOVELY! Thanks for sharing!

Chris - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY a little after the fact!!! YES, YES, YES - I would LOVE a photo of your wedding in the gazebo!!! Thank you!!!

lindawalton at caltel dot com

Southern Belle - OMGosh!!! I was almost on the floor reading your comment!!! Thank you for the after midnight laughter. We ALL know I'm already RUM DUMMY, but hearing funny stories will send me right over the edge ... and onto the floor!!! TY!

Belle1019 - I agree with you whole-heartedly on the complimentary color green with your sons wedding colors of pink, champagne and brown. Oh my, that sounds SO yummy!!!

Well darlings, my eyes are drooping and begging me to let them close, so I'd better bid you good night and thank EACH and EVERY one of you for your LOVELY and HUMEROUS comments. It seems that Aunt Flo is really not wanted in any of our homes OR lives, but we must mind our manners and entertain her cheerfully!!! Did I say it was past RUM DUMMY hour already??? YOU KNOW IT!

Have a GORGEOUS day everyone!!!

Night loves,
Linda :)


The time is 3:30 am PST - link has been checked and is in
proper working order!!! Let me see those masterpieces in
the slideshow PRETTY please!!! Y'all ROCK!!! XOXO



>> Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can you believe it??? *Summer Wedding*, Part One has been downloaded 3,008 times as I type this!!! WHOA! Wait until my boys, who were skeptical of their sister's choice in wedding colors, hear about this!!! These colors are HOT! Thank you ALL so much for making this an even MORE special event in my daughter's life!!!

And yes, that poor lead-in to tonight's post let's you know that I am totally OFF my rocker and INTO my computer chair!!! ROFL! Oh, what the RUM DUMMY hour does to this poor older gal!!! Two minutes til midnight and I'm a basket case, although I'd much rather be put to bed than into a basket!!! HELP! Somebody put me out of my misery!!! NO WAIT ... that would be YOUR misery!!!

Okay, I'm IN, I'm OUT. Just wanted you to have a companion page to go with Scrapatit #2 and don't ask me why, but I struggled with this one as SIMPLE as it is!!! I changed up the papers several times. What if they put it on this side? NO, but what if they put it on the other side??? LOL! Again, I am trying to leave plenty of room for y'all to add your own finishing touches and special journaling.

It's been a rather strange day for me today! Somebody sent their Aunt Flo to my house to visit and I'm ready for her to leave and mosey on to the next of my kin!! I was just commenting on someone's blog today after she had told of a rather embarrassing moment with her Aunt Flo and I commented to her that we surely have to ALL be related as MOST all of us women have the SAME Aunt Flo. I also told her that I would MOST likely be losing my Aunt Flo sometime this year!!! ROTFLMBO!

I'm helpless tonight. Forgive me. Just in one of those CRAZY moods where the SILLIES have completely overtaken me!

NUFF said, I'm off to bed and will hopefully awake a bit more grounded in the morning - for YOUR sake anyhoo!

Thank you my darlings for making this series SO much FUN to put together. I have really had a GOOD time thus far trying to guess what my daughter's wedding party might look like! OH, and I just found out that they have a change of venue and are going to be married in a gazebo in a park in Vancouver, Washington. Esther Short Park, if memory is serving me correctly! So now, the wheels are turning and I wish to create the illusion of a gazebo. I don't actually wish a gazebo, but perhaps some white wooden lattice or something like that. I shall see what I can come up with tomorrow. Still need to work on the flowers!!!


Linda :)

P.S. To avoid any further confusion on my part or yours, I number the "scrapatits" separately from the mini's. I did BOO-BOO day before yesterday and repeated Part Ten! The "scrapatits" generally go up to about ten. Thank you to those of you trying to keep me straight! God knows I need it!!! MWAH!


The time is 12:55 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! You guessed it, I on the other hand,



LOL! RUM DUMMY is not the GREATEST way to start out a post I suppose, but BOY are my eyes a burnin' tonight!!! LOL! Okay, this morning!

SO much to say and I'm afraid I'll collapse onto my keyboard before I am able to "type" it all out!!!

Firstly, WOW, WHOA, PINCH ME PLEASE!!! Was I EVER shocked and awed by Ginger's (GingerScraps) tribute to my designs for her VERY special Friday Feature this week!!! THANK YOU Ginger and that was A LOT of work putting that ALL together darlin'!!! I am QUITE honored and it still seems rather surreal! I think it is SO cool that you do the weekly feature as it surely helps the digital community at large to get to know each other a little bit better, not to mention introducing a nice variety of designers out and about in SCRAPLAND!

Ginger, thank you also for sharing about your auto-immune disease. It just seems like there is a multitude of them going around these days and I, MOI, am on a mission to eradicate all ills from my body! It will take some time, patience and determination, but I am enthusiastic about the prospect of having my health back once again! So many things I have researched and read over the past decade are coming around full-circle and I shall report to y'all after the wedding if I have experienced significant changes during my course of declaring WAR on what ails me!!! ROFL!!!

I am going to do a bit of research on what you are dealing with Ginger love as I am not really familiar with it and I always love the challenge of familiarizing myself with as many of the auto-immune diseases as I am able. I also, as well as others, find it interesting just how many of us "addicted" digital scrappers deal with chronic pain issues. I know for me, and I'm sounding redundant I know, scrapping and designing puts my mind in another realm and allows me to rise above the pain while fixed/focused on something else. Again, I do not take pain meds as we simply DO NOT get along and I'd probably never make it to my computer chair, so I look forward to my creative time, which is my pain reliever! I'm good for about two hours on my feet cleaning, shopping, etc., after which time the body tells me I've overdone it and I then need to relax before I get to the point of feeling like I've been beat up or hit by a truck!!!

I think most of you will agree with the knowledge that is out today about STRESS being at the root of MANY of the auto-immune diseases. Fibromyalgia is generally brought on by trauma. That trauma can cover anything from experiencing a traumatic loss, being the victim of a violent crime, abuse (emotional, sexual and/or physical), a car accident, witnessing a violent crime or going to war.

Some do not equate one going to war and one being in a car accident or being abused, or any of the other afore mentioned possibilities, capable of producing the same extent of trauma. However, as I have learned over the years through lots of research, sharing with others and psychological counsel after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the brain receptors respond pretty much respond the same no matter what the trauma may be.

Anyhoo, hoo, I am trying to achieve the well-being I experienced in the latter part of 2000 through most of 2001. Of course, with the LOVELY fact that I am preparing to meet menopause, which throws a smallish wrench into whole scenario!!! I am SO glad that I am a patient person, otherwise, I'm sure I'd have gone ballistic by now!!! LOL!

I know that several of you have shared with me before some of the things you experience in your lives. Is there anyone out there that has overcome an auto-immune disease that would like to share with us??? Come on down! Pretty please!

Hmmm ... I sure can go on-and-on, can't I??? Wouldn't it be funny if one night I just posted a title and left a "freebie" without typing a word about anything else!!! OMGosh ... y'all probably think I'd really taken ill!!! LOL!!!

Thank you ALL for such WARM FUZZIES!!! Y'all REALLY know how to make a girl feel LOVED!!! But then, I hope, that y'all know my giving SO freely of my designs is because I wish to show my LOVE for y'all and to give you WARM FUZZIES as well as to help everyone ALL around this GREAT big BEAUTIFUL world to preserve their heritage!

I was going to share with you some more WONDERFUL commercial-use items but my hands are pitching a fit tonight and I'll have to wait and share with you tomorrow, K?

OOOPS, I almost forgot .... "BY NO MEANS IS THIS THE END" refers to *Summer Wedding*!!! I have several things I wish yet to do, but they will take some time and I've been in the midst of project designs so all the ideas are in my head, scribbled on notepaper and awaiting a few moments of time with which to begin executing them!!! Tonight's goodie is Scrapatit #2 and this TOTALLY boasts of CLEAN LINES!!! That's just the way things went, but I really like it and I think it will make for a WONDERFUL heritage layout as well as for a wedding. SURPRISE ME!!! I'd LOVE to see some more (A LOT MORE) of your MASTERPIECES in the *Summer Wedding* slideshow!!! Thank you!!!

Sandy darlin', if you happen to read this, I have jotted myself a note to remind me to go and purchase the ScrapStyle e-zine at 3Scrapateers so that I can view your layouts! Please forgive me - my head is FULL and I am somewhat on TILT and have made myself somewhat of a list today for the things that I need to complete for some of y'all!!! Thank you for your patience. Only FOUR more weeks until Joan's wedding day and I've a TON to do on this end pre-departure! C-A-L-G-O-N, take me away!!! NOT! TOO much to do!!! He, he ...

Have a MOST incredible weekend everyone and I will have a little something EXTRA for y'all for telling me how MEGA DOODLE INSPIRED got her name!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

Sweet dreams, good night and GOOD MORNING!

Linda :)

P.S. CHRIS - thank you for catching my BOO-BOO!!! Yes, this should have been marked as *Summer Wedding* #11!!! Not to worry for those of you who use previews as I will make a preview of all of the previews when the series is finished. LOL! It will be a two-pager for sure!


The time is 4:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Have a SPECTACULAR Saturday!



>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

And one of them is a fairly NEW commercial designer in SCRAPLAND, Brandy O'Neal aka Mega Doodle Inspired!!!

OMGosh, OMGosh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh!!! I just created an alpha for y'all that would have normally taken me between 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete, as I crop and trim each one into a separate PNG file to make it easier for everyone, especially those who do not have a program that allows them to do so. Well, anyhoo, I finished it in just under 30 minutes!!! WOO HOOOOOOOO!!! I am SO thrilled to have FINALLY found an action that works simply and efficiently! I have spent GOOD money on two others that just left me frustrated so I am REALLY excited!!!

Now, for the GOOD news for those of you who are designers, designer wannabe's or for those of you who just like making your own alphas from a designer's papers to coordinate with your layout. Brandy has included a TIMESAVER action in her current GRAG BAG #4 that helps in three different areas. Thus far, I've only used the TRIM AND SAVE MY PNG and it is just FABULOUS, BAR NONE!!! Brandy goes through all of the steps that I normally do on my own, except that she uses the CROP TOOL and I've always used the MARQUEE TOOL, but her way is better and I've learned something new to boot!!! By her incorporating many of my tedious steps into the action, she literally has cut my time to a fraction of what I am used to spending on any given alpha. Hmmmm .... guess ya know what this means, eh??? Uh, huh ... I'll be creating MORE alphas now!!! BTW - this action works for elements as well. Basically any PNG files that you have grouped on one canvas and wish to separate such as ribbons, buttons and such.

The other two TIMESAVERS included in this particular action are one to resize your previews and one to save files in any format you wish to while creating, say, multiple papers within the same workspace, which I do ALL the time! Her instructions are very detailed and explain thoroughly what you need to do for each action. MORE than worth the price tag of $5 FOR SURE and that is not all!!! Brandy has included THREE more actions. One is an ENVELOPE MAKER (I've SO wanted one of these for some time but have not seen one that I've really been thrilled about. Here, Brandy gives the consumer the option of two types of envelopes (one standard and one manilla) and both open and closed. You can make them from any color or any paper. She has EVEN included two grayscale wax seals. Now, I'll tell you a little secret. Brandy sells a wax seal action that if memory servers me correctly, is sold for $5.00. Have I sold you yet??? ROFL! Y'all know I don't do this VERY often, so if I find an ABSOLUTELY incredible bargain, you can bet your SWEET bippy that I am going to share it with you!!! That is ONLY two actions and there are TWO more in GRAB BAG #4!!!

Next up, we have MEGA PAPER ACTION #3. This action will help you to create 12 papers with 7 UNIQUE patterns! And the final action in this SUPERB bag is a PAPER FOLDING action!!! Okay, now I bet you just might wish to know where you can find this SUPER, DUPER, MOST incredible GRAB BAG, eh??? Are you sure? REALLY, REALLY, REALLY??? Okay, I'll point the way. I am going to send you to Brandy's blog, MEGA DOODLE INSPIRED where she tells you ALL about her NEWEST goodies and I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it if you would tell her that I've sent you, okay. She has NOT a clue I'm doing this and we do NOT know each other ..... YET! He, he ... Oh, and you must have PSCS to run these, however, Brandy is working on creating actions for PSE as well!!! WOO HOO!

***If y'all can come back and tell me WHERE Brandy got her designer name from, I'll give you a little EXTRA treat this weekend! I would prefer you tell me here on my blog rather than 4-shared as it is easier for me to keep track! Thanks!***

Remember my *Jeanealogy of a Man* scrapkit??? Well, the ties in that kit were made using another one of Mega Doodle Inspired's GENIUS actions!!! Brandy also makes some NICE preveiw actions for any of you who may not like to or have a difficult time showcasing your papers in a preview. PHEW!!! I'm out of breath!!! ROTFLMBO!!! NOT!!! My fingers hurt!!! Combo of the Fibro thingy and typing this so quickly as to get it posted at a decent time!!!

I hope everyone is having a FUN and PRODUCTIVE week and are winding down for a nice relaxing weekend. LOL! Robert is picking Wyatt and Garret up after work tomorrow and they will be with me for the entire week upcoming so I know I will be ONE tired girl come a week from this Monday!!! I am looking forward to their company as we've not seen them for a while.

Have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY y'all and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL of your WONDERUL lovin' when downloading - it makes me feel SOOOO warm inside and inspires me to keep on creating!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. I've ONLY shared with you the contents of Brandy's grab bag because it has already been revealed at "Strictly Reveal"! I was just over at her blog and she also has a FREEBIE up for any of you PURPLE LOVERS!!! Ten patterned and textured PURPLE papers for FREE. You will be linked over to her store at My Scrap Shop to download. Well worth a moment to register! Okay, I'm finished. Need to hit my OFF button!!! XOXO


The time is 4:15 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! HAPPY FRIDAY y'all!!! XOXO



>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OR, so it seems!!! ROFL! Nineteen years ago this VERY date, I was teary-eyed and FULL of joy as I gave birth to the last of my brood! Luke was born at 4:54 am PST and John came along behind him nine minutes later at 5:04 am PST. LOL! They are documented on their birth certificates as only being four minutes apart but we have video to prove otherwise!!! Not a biggie!

Yep, SO Luke is a whole nine minutes older and while April was here visiting, a few good stories came about when she use to use that against John. Well, he has been BREATHING nine minutes longer than you and .... ROFL!!! She had us crackin' up!

I was trying SO hard to get this posted before I went to bed, but I just could not hang any longer earlier this morning. Good 'ol FIBRO thingy has kicked me in the backside once again. Nancy, I am stubborn I'll admit, I should not have done SO much in such a short amount of time! However, I was QUITE pleased to have accomplished SO much!

I have a couple of things I'd like to share with you VERY quickly and then I need to get to work over here and finish up a few things.

In my last post, I had mentioned how blessed I felt that day as I'd had some LOVELY e-mails and some FABULOUS inspiration sent my way!

SHARON, I know that you are on your way to Ireland (LUCKY girl!) and I wish to thank you and ED SO very much for the WONDERUL photos of bridal bouquet arrangements and for sharing the photos from you son's wedding. Sharon sent these to me when she read that I was hoping to DIGITALLY create a bouquet for our *Summer Wedding* goodies! I think she has given me just what I need to get my head to wrap around putting one together, now just need a bit of time!

AGGIE, thank you SO very much for this MOST beautiful award that you have created yourself with the help of some VERY talented designers - Moonbeam, Autistic Wonder and Alexeeva!!! I am QUITE honored to be a recipient of this HEARTFELT creation and I shall wear it proudly on my blog! THANK YOU sweetie!

Aggie has sent me a MOST lovely layout to add to the slideshow and I really LOVE the ribbon flowers layered in triplicate to create an OUTSTANDING frame around the newlyweds! I've already added it to the slideshow! Aggie's award means A LOT to me as she is one of the reasons why I continue to do what I do in giving SO many freebies.

Having been a single parent to six children, I understand what it is to not be able to purchase what was needed to feed my creative appetite. I was fortunate enough to have been well-stocked from years prior to afford me the privilege of crafting and selling them here in a local shop nearly a decade ago!

I waited a rather long time to be able to do any "bona fide" scrapbooking due to limited funds. When I found digital, I was THRILLED to NO end!!! And the FREEBIES were not as plentiful three plus years ago as they are now!!! There was NO "Digi Free" site to visit each day, nor were there any freebie searching blogs!!! We've come a long way ladies!!! OW, OW!!!

Anyhoo, back to my share about Aggie. Aggie finds digital scrapbooking to be her creative outlet and respite from caring for her 89-year-old mother with Alzheimer's. It is those of you such as Aggie and myself that I wish to keep scrapping so that ALL may have the ability to preserve what is MOST precious and PRICELESS!!! Then, I do need to make an income too, so I believe I am attaining the BEST of both worlds here on my blog!!! Thank you ALL for your continued support and EVER thoughtful comments of thanks and inspiration!!! You are THE BEST!

I have one last share along with a small request. My VERY dear and sweet, long-time Internet friend, Carole Nordyke (3Scrapateers), is leaving tomorrow from her home in Hugoton, Kansas, along with her husband, to drive to Wichita for back surgery which will be performed this Friday morning at 10:30 am. Carol has already had three other bone surgeries in the past two years and we are hoping and praying that this surgery will do the trick in getting Carole back into the swing of things and able to, as she says, "be the FUN person that I used to be"!

Carole and I talk via tele nearly every week and we LAUGH between the two of us and the ills that we are SO despearately trying to overcome. I have GREAT faith that we both SHALL do so!!!

So, if y'all would help me in sending Carole off with WELL-WISHES, I would just be TICKLED whatever your favorite color is!!! LOL! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that the surgery goes smoothly and that her recovery time is INSANELY short!!!

I LOVE you Carole and I'm going to try giving you a call just as soon as I've gotten this posted!

CHANTAL, my dearest French lovely, I shall mail you ABSOLUTELY as soon as possible sweetheart!!! Thank you for being SO patient with me and for sending me a birthday gift. I am, again, QUITE honored!!!

STORMIE, I shall be over to check out your blog later on today I hope. I am trying to get a few things finished up today. Thank you for your LOVELY compliments and ALL of the parts to *Summer Wedding* are still active links. If you click on this one today and are taken to the 4-shared page, look where it says something about a SHARED FOLDER and it is entitled SUMMER WEDDING. If you click on that, you will have access to ALL of the *Summer Wedding* zip files uploaded to date!!! This goes for any of you who may just be starting to collect!!!

TINK - I like SO need to catch up on your blog these next few weeks. Thank you for being such a GOOD friend!

DAWN - girlfriend, if you happen to read this - CONGRATULATIONS again on school. WOO HOO!!! You've been awfully quiet the past few days and I figure you have been in SUPER-DUPER creative mode!!! Thanks for helping me SO quickly the other night - GREATLY appreciated by both myself and Ms. Kimmi Stewart!

If I've missed anyone, please HOLLER at me!!! Uhm .... gently though, okay??? LOL!

Thank you my FAITHFUL BLOGETTES and I hope that you like *Summer Wedding*, Part Ten. We are now up to "30" background papers - not sure how many elements!!! The papers are a no-brainer as I put three in each download and this is the tenth!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! OH, and this download includes the journal book frame from the VERY first download, only this one is plain for you to decorate as you wish! You can even use the entire left-hand side for journaling!!! :)

Have a GLORIOUS day everyone and BON SCRAPATIT!!!

Linda :)

Plaque created LOVINGLY by Agnes Herron using designs by
Moonbeam, Autistic Wonder and Alexeeva. THANK YOU Aggie!


The time is 1:25 pm PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! Have a SCRAP HAPPY day y'all!



>> Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay, let's make that *Summer Wedding*, Part Nine, but the song title fits it all fairly well too, dont' ya think??? I think MOST all of us will admit to being under the influence of a love potion a time or two, eh? LOL! Hey, it got us to the alter now didn't it??? ROFL! I sure miss all of those OLDIE GOLDIES and you know, I should be playing some of those songs throughout the rest of the month as I prepare for Joan's wedding next month and some of you are preparing for your own this month!!! I shall see what I can come up with. Please feel free to toss some song titles my way!!! Thank you!

I'm IN, I'm OUT and I am scurrying ABOUT! I shall try my VERY hardest to catch up with y'all a bit in the next couple of days as today, I have been OVERWHELMED with kindness by some e-mails from some of you and let's just say I've been DEEPLY touched!

Before I forget, as I've not posted it on site yet, THANK YOU to those of you who have presented me with a blog award. I hope that y'all will understand that I just don't have time to pass it on more than once, but wish you to know HOW very special you have made me feel - MWAH!!!

I actually have been presented with another VERY special award created by a faithful blog reader that I shall share with y'all ASAP!!! The CREATIVE sparks are a flyin' in SCRAPLAND and I'm SO very fortunate to be able to witness and partake in SO many of them. Y'all ROCK ... and then some!!!

I shall bid you all farwell, good night, good morning until next we meet!

Keep on scrappin' ...

Linda :)

P.S. As I am trying my best to listen to the popular wishes of digital scrapbookers, I have included both an embellished and non-embellished frame. Most of my designs are so that YOU, the consumer, may add your own creative touches, although I do like to add a few things already put together for those who are new and are not yet familiar with how to do so. XOXO



>> Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

I'm taking a DEEP breath in between visits. Travis, Sofie and Lohgan will be arriving early in the morning as Sofie had to work today and was not able to get off at her regularly scheduled time. Sofie has just recently received her Cosmetology license and is now cutting and styling hair. Today, the walk-ins were numerous, so she stayed to oblige them!

I SOOOO need to get my hair down before Joan's wedding and might ask Sofie while she is here tomorrow what she thinks would look best on me. April gave me a couple of ideas while she was here. April is a natural and has been doing hair and makeup since I can remember. She did have an interest in going to Cosmetology school, but I think she burnt out early as EVERYONE wanted her to do their hair and/or makeup!!! Oddly enough, she does work for a beauty enhancement center!!! She also works for an allergist. The best of BOTH worlds for her as she suffers from allergies and she has finally been tested extensively. They seem to be getting worse for her as she gets older she told me.

So how is EVERYBODY??? Thank you SO much to those of you who have added your MASTERPIECES to the sliding gallery! I just LOVE them and cannot wait to see MORE!!! (hint, hint ....) He, he ....

Tonight is Part Eight of *Summer Wedding*. April peeked at what I've done so far and I knew exactly what she would say. I've already mentioned to y'all that Joan will NOT be wearing pearls and April did like the diamond-studded frames, one of which you will get in tonight's download. She also thought the greenery on the journal frame/book looked Christmasy! I understand her thought, but I told her that the GREEN stuff is REALLY trendy right now!!! ROFL! What do y'all think??? I've not heard anyone comment in that direction so I assume y'all are okay with it!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day and I should be back tomorrow night with Part Nine of *Summer Wedding*. I've not had time to work on my bouquet yet!!! I am SOOOO not a florist!!! I do love to arrange flowers, but not sure how they are going to turn out digitally. I shall give it my best and hope they are to your liking!

I am headed to bed so as to be up EARLY in the morning!!! Wait ... it is morning .... okay, I am headed to bed so that I can sleep for 4-5 hours!!!

SWEET DREAMS, G'DAY .... see y'all later!

Linda :)


The time is 2:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! Have a SCRAPTASTIC day y'all!



>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

I shall BOLDLY proclaim .... IT'S RUM-DUMMY HOUR for this girl!!! I am TOO pooped to POP, or should that be, TOO pooped to POST!!!

Just a quick note to announce to you my NEWEST designs for sale at 3Scrapateers and Treasures To Scrap. I have posted images on my sidebar with DIRECT LINKS attached so that you may take a closer look at all of the INCREDIBLY beautiful contributions to each project!!! Below is a larger image of my *Fresh Cut Flowers*, which some of you will remember from National Scrapbooking Day. MANY of you were not able to participate and had asked if I would ever be selling any of the mini's I was giving out for challenges. Well, here are my favorite pieces plus NEW additions for your SUMMER scrapping pleasure!!! Actually, *Fresh Cut Flowers* is FABULOUS for scrapping spring through summer photos. As you will see in my previews below, I have once again captured our niece Kimmi coming down the aisle. Another SPLENDID option for summer wedding photos!!! This mini-kit is really VERY versatile and it presents MANY different scrapping options!

I am also showing you my preview for my contribution to the July Treasure Chest at Treasures To Scrap. This designer collaboration is HUGE and priced at ONLY $5.99!!! I just LOVED this color palette and welcomed the challenge of putting something together! I have used some INCREDIBLE rustic styles and given my part a bit of Southwestern flavor I am thinking!!!

Thank you SO much for looking and for your CONTINUED support of my designs. Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

My daughter, April and her REALLY nice new beau left early this evening to visit her dad before her and Ethan head back to Washington. Mark and Jessica came down with Kaleb love for a DELICIOUS brunch prepared by April (letting my girls in the kitchen at a young age was one of the BEST things I ever did as a mom as they both can cook the socks off of me!). What a spread! I don't think my dining room table has seen that much food since Thanksgiving!!! It was really like going to a buffet! We had eggs, with and without cheese, bacon, toast, assorted fruits, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee and EVEN champagne mixed with orange juice!!! Poor Robert had to work! He arrived home just in time to say farewell. Only one month until Joan's wedding day and we are ALL together again!!!

This next month will be a bit stressful for me as I have much to do in preparation for the wedding. These next few days I need to sort through photos for the reception. April helped me start, however, we barely made a dent in it!!! I have TONS of photos from the past 30+ years!!! With my health issues, I really need to pace myself and I am STUBBORN and really overdid myself this past week in preparation of April and Ethan's visit, but it was SOOOOOO worth it!!!

I shall return to *Summer Wedding* tomorrow! Scared ya didn't I??? ROFL! Y'all are TOO smart and know me WAY too well by now! I would only LEAVE a wedding to pick up some *Fresh Cut Flowers* to bring back to the wedding!!! This reminds me, I am working on putting together a bridal bouquet for *Summer Wedding*. Wish me luck!

Night all ... sorry for being a BLOGGY-POOPER tonight!!!

Wishing you ALL a MOST wonderful weekend!!! Tomorrow, Travis (Robert's #3 son, his wife, Sofie and baby Lohgan ( now almost ten months) are coming up to visit as we've not seen them in several months. I am SO excited to see them as well!!! My camera sure is getting a workout this week!!! ROFL! WOO HOO!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


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