>> Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WOW, how many times have you every heard (okay, READ) me saying, "GOOD AFTERNOON"??? ROFL! That is because I normally begin my work late at night and end up posting in the wee hours of the morning while still considering it the night before!!!

I am here quickly to leave you with something I started on before getting too sleepy and having to give it up and go to bed last night! I will have you know that I put in EIGHT solid hours on the house yesterday. That is SIX hours beyond my limit, but I was on a roll and y'all KNOW how that goes, right? LOL! Anyhoo, I have a lot more to do today (yes, I am that FAR behind due to my health issues and remember I live with FOUR men) and wanted to post this for you lest I forget altogether!

I had this "scrapatit" in mind when creating the white lace background using an AWESOME overlay by Heather Manning and the white satin background using an overlay by Osten Wilkins.

I describe myself as a fan of "simple elegance". Simplicity with subtle touches of elegance. Here I have tried to emulate the lace bodice and the satiny skirt of a wedding dress adorned with a silver diamond-studded frame. I REALLY, REALLY love FafBr's new *My Fair Wrap Bow* action. While it is not OVERLY feminine, I I think it lends a good example of realism to one's designs and/or layouts! Well, at least to mine! For some reason as I wrote those words, I had a flashback to childhood and my stepmom rolling, twisting and tying. She was an incredible seamstress, although she favored upholstering, making beautiful curtains, pillows and the like! She even re-upholstered the cushions in a used motor home that my father had purchased on somewhat of a whim!!! There was NO end to her creativity. I am sure this is where my desire to be an interior decorator came from at such a young age!!! Nope, never pursued it, became a full-time mother instead and one of these days I hope to be afforded the pleasure of redorating my own home!

I hope that y'all are having a LOVELY beginning to your week and RoseAddict, thank you for your post in my CBox. I am now rethinking my basis for a TOU and just might convert over to a "simple" text file, which will not allow for inclusion of any imagery. I am not concerned about this as those that download my freebies or purchase my scrapkits KNOW who I am and where to find me, right???

LOL! I am really paying attention to what the consumer likes and does not and while it has been said by some of y'all as well as myself, we are not every going to be able to please EVERYONE, but I do wish to simplify the process on the consumer's end as much as I am able to.

I wish to thank you ALL for your uplifting and encouraging comments AND for sharing yourselves with me. I am QUITE honored that some of you who have just been married or are getting married this summer and using the same colors as my daughter, will also be scrapping memories of YOUR special day with my designs. I cannot wait to see your layouts added to the slideshow!!! AND, I am still looking forward to seeing some heritage or outdoor scrapping from y'all as well. THANK YOU!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day y'all and I may be back later tonight or tomorrow morning with another part to *Summer Wedding*. Designing helps to relax me, especially IF I've overdone myself physically! He, he ....

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Our niece, Kimmi, on her way to the alter in a BEAUTIFUL
outdoor wedding at a nearby country club. I was surrounded
by photographers and needed to stay out of their way, but was
fortunate enough to capture this one LOVELY photo! Kimmi
and Patrick just celebrated their FIRST wedding anniversary
yesterday. Yes, they were amongst many of the "fortunate"
couples around the world to reserve 07/07/07 for their union!


The time is 1:20 pm PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Have a HAPPY one y'all!!! :)

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