>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nope, I am not referring to the money back when making a purchase!!! ROTFLMBO!

I am just stopping by to let y'all know that I will be back later tonight to post the next installment of *Summer Wedding*. The boys will NOT be camping at Lake Alpine after all. They will be camping right here at home! My DARLING Robert, bless his heart, is laying low until he can get to a dentist, hopefully, on Monday.

Robert went to a clinic earlier today as he'd been dealing with THROBBING pain (most all of us have experienced this at least once I'm sure!) from a broken crown and the right side of his face has been swelling on and off. The doctor gave him two prescriptions for antibiotics and one for pain. We laughed when reading the literature that comes with your medications when the Tylenol/Codiene was listed as being for mild to moderate pain!!! Have ANY of you dealt with a tooth gone bad and it be mild or EVEN moderate pain??? EEEEEKS! Poor babe! He says the Ibuprofen does more for him than the pain med prescribed!!! Go figure!

Anyhoo, we are hoping that the swelling will be down by later today. If it gets any worse then it will be a trip to the ER. I am SO praying for the pain to subside enough for him to make it to Monday!

So, that leaves MOI playing nurse and in charge of the boys for the weekend WHILE I start digging through photos for Joan!

Wyatt and Garret are really sweethearts and VERY forgiving when things don't pan out. They've watched their daddy sleep from the time he arrived home yesterday so they KNOW he's not feeling well. Hmmmm .... wonder if we have enough floor space to pitch a tent in the house??? ROFL! I better think about this one for a bit before presenting the idea to the guys!!! Actually, I think it would be LOTS of FUN! Although, I'm not quite sure I can figure a way for them to get that "boat ride"!!!

Night all, see you later. Wishing y'all a WILD and WACKY weekend!!! He, he ... NOT!!! Here's to a QUIET and RELAXING one ... that is of course, unless you are desiring a WILD and WACKY one!!! WOO HOO!!!

Linda :)

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