>> Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can you believe it??? *Summer Wedding*, Part One has been downloaded 3,008 times as I type this!!! WHOA! Wait until my boys, who were skeptical of their sister's choice in wedding colors, hear about this!!! These colors are HOT! Thank you ALL so much for making this an even MORE special event in my daughter's life!!!

And yes, that poor lead-in to tonight's post let's you know that I am totally OFF my rocker and INTO my computer chair!!! ROFL! Oh, what the RUM DUMMY hour does to this poor older gal!!! Two minutes til midnight and I'm a basket case, although I'd much rather be put to bed than into a basket!!! HELP! Somebody put me out of my misery!!! NO WAIT ... that would be YOUR misery!!!

Okay, I'm IN, I'm OUT. Just wanted you to have a companion page to go with Scrapatit #2 and don't ask me why, but I struggled with this one as SIMPLE as it is!!! I changed up the papers several times. What if they put it on this side? NO, but what if they put it on the other side??? LOL! Again, I am trying to leave plenty of room for y'all to add your own finishing touches and special journaling.

It's been a rather strange day for me today! Somebody sent their Aunt Flo to my house to visit and I'm ready for her to leave and mosey on to the next of my kin!! I was just commenting on someone's blog today after she had told of a rather embarrassing moment with her Aunt Flo and I commented to her that we surely have to ALL be related as MOST all of us women have the SAME Aunt Flo. I also told her that I would MOST likely be losing my Aunt Flo sometime this year!!! ROTFLMBO!

I'm helpless tonight. Forgive me. Just in one of those CRAZY moods where the SILLIES have completely overtaken me!

NUFF said, I'm off to bed and will hopefully awake a bit more grounded in the morning - for YOUR sake anyhoo!

Thank you my darlings for making this series SO much FUN to put together. I have really had a GOOD time thus far trying to guess what my daughter's wedding party might look like! OH, and I just found out that they have a change of venue and are going to be married in a gazebo in a park in Vancouver, Washington. Esther Short Park, if memory is serving me correctly! So now, the wheels are turning and I wish to create the illusion of a gazebo. I don't actually wish a gazebo, but perhaps some white wooden lattice or something like that. I shall see what I can come up with tomorrow. Still need to work on the flowers!!!


Linda :)

P.S. To avoid any further confusion on my part or yours, I number the "scrapatits" separately from the mini's. I did BOO-BOO day before yesterday and repeated Part Ten! The "scrapatits" generally go up to about ten. Thank you to those of you trying to keep me straight! God knows I need it!!! MWAH!


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