>> Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay, let's make that *Summer Wedding*, Part Nine, but the song title fits it all fairly well too, dont' ya think??? I think MOST all of us will admit to being under the influence of a love potion a time or two, eh? LOL! Hey, it got us to the alter now didn't it??? ROFL! I sure miss all of those OLDIE GOLDIES and you know, I should be playing some of those songs throughout the rest of the month as I prepare for Joan's wedding next month and some of you are preparing for your own this month!!! I shall see what I can come up with. Please feel free to toss some song titles my way!!! Thank you!

I'm IN, I'm OUT and I am scurrying ABOUT! I shall try my VERY hardest to catch up with y'all a bit in the next couple of days as today, I have been OVERWHELMED with kindness by some e-mails from some of you and let's just say I've been DEEPLY touched!

Before I forget, as I've not posted it on site yet, THANK YOU to those of you who have presented me with a blog award. I hope that y'all will understand that I just don't have time to pass it on more than once, but wish you to know HOW very special you have made me feel - MWAH!!!

I actually have been presented with another VERY special award created by a faithful blog reader that I shall share with y'all ASAP!!! The CREATIVE sparks are a flyin' in SCRAPLAND and I'm SO very fortunate to be able to witness and partake in SO many of them. Y'all ROCK ... and then some!!!

I shall bid you all farwell, good night, good morning until next we meet!

Keep on scrappin' ...

Linda :)

P.S. As I am trying my best to listen to the popular wishes of digital scrapbookers, I have included both an embellished and non-embellished frame. Most of my designs are so that YOU, the consumer, may add your own creative touches, although I do like to add a few things already put together for those who are new and are not yet familiar with how to do so. XOXO

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