>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

I shall BOLDLY proclaim .... IT'S RUM-DUMMY HOUR for this girl!!! I am TOO pooped to POP, or should that be, TOO pooped to POST!!!

Just a quick note to announce to you my NEWEST designs for sale at 3Scrapateers and Treasures To Scrap. I have posted images on my sidebar with DIRECT LINKS attached so that you may take a closer look at all of the INCREDIBLY beautiful contributions to each project!!! Below is a larger image of my *Fresh Cut Flowers*, which some of you will remember from National Scrapbooking Day. MANY of you were not able to participate and had asked if I would ever be selling any of the mini's I was giving out for challenges. Well, here are my favorite pieces plus NEW additions for your SUMMER scrapping pleasure!!! Actually, *Fresh Cut Flowers* is FABULOUS for scrapping spring through summer photos. As you will see in my previews below, I have once again captured our niece Kimmi coming down the aisle. Another SPLENDID option for summer wedding photos!!! This mini-kit is really VERY versatile and it presents MANY different scrapping options!

I am also showing you my preview for my contribution to the July Treasure Chest at Treasures To Scrap. This designer collaboration is HUGE and priced at ONLY $5.99!!! I just LOVED this color palette and welcomed the challenge of putting something together! I have used some INCREDIBLE rustic styles and given my part a bit of Southwestern flavor I am thinking!!!

Thank you SO much for looking and for your CONTINUED support of my designs. Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

My daughter, April and her REALLY nice new beau left early this evening to visit her dad before her and Ethan head back to Washington. Mark and Jessica came down with Kaleb love for a DELICIOUS brunch prepared by April (letting my girls in the kitchen at a young age was one of the BEST things I ever did as a mom as they both can cook the socks off of me!). What a spread! I don't think my dining room table has seen that much food since Thanksgiving!!! It was really like going to a buffet! We had eggs, with and without cheese, bacon, toast, assorted fruits, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee and EVEN champagne mixed with orange juice!!! Poor Robert had to work! He arrived home just in time to say farewell. Only one month until Joan's wedding day and we are ALL together again!!!

This next month will be a bit stressful for me as I have much to do in preparation for the wedding. These next few days I need to sort through photos for the reception. April helped me start, however, we barely made a dent in it!!! I have TONS of photos from the past 30+ years!!! With my health issues, I really need to pace myself and I am STUBBORN and really overdid myself this past week in preparation of April and Ethan's visit, but it was SOOOOOO worth it!!!

I shall return to *Summer Wedding* tomorrow! Scared ya didn't I??? ROFL! Y'all are TOO smart and know me WAY too well by now! I would only LEAVE a wedding to pick up some *Fresh Cut Flowers* to bring back to the wedding!!! This reminds me, I am working on putting together a bridal bouquet for *Summer Wedding*. Wish me luck!

Night all ... sorry for being a BLOGGY-POOPER tonight!!!

Wishing you ALL a MOST wonderful weekend!!! Tomorrow, Travis (Robert's #3 son, his wife, Sofie and baby Lohgan ( now almost ten months) are coming up to visit as we've not seen them in several months. I am SO excited to see them as well!!! My camera sure is getting a workout this week!!! ROFL! WOO HOO!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

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