>> Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

I'm taking a DEEP breath in between visits. Travis, Sofie and Lohgan will be arriving early in the morning as Sofie had to work today and was not able to get off at her regularly scheduled time. Sofie has just recently received her Cosmetology license and is now cutting and styling hair. Today, the walk-ins were numerous, so she stayed to oblige them!

I SOOOO need to get my hair down before Joan's wedding and might ask Sofie while she is here tomorrow what she thinks would look best on me. April gave me a couple of ideas while she was here. April is a natural and has been doing hair and makeup since I can remember. She did have an interest in going to Cosmetology school, but I think she burnt out early as EVERYONE wanted her to do their hair and/or makeup!!! Oddly enough, she does work for a beauty enhancement center!!! She also works for an allergist. The best of BOTH worlds for her as she suffers from allergies and she has finally been tested extensively. They seem to be getting worse for her as she gets older she told me.

So how is EVERYBODY??? Thank you SO much to those of you who have added your MASTERPIECES to the sliding gallery! I just LOVE them and cannot wait to see MORE!!! (hint, hint ....) He, he ....

Tonight is Part Eight of *Summer Wedding*. April peeked at what I've done so far and I knew exactly what she would say. I've already mentioned to y'all that Joan will NOT be wearing pearls and April did like the diamond-studded frames, one of which you will get in tonight's download. She also thought the greenery on the journal frame/book looked Christmasy! I understand her thought, but I told her that the GREEN stuff is REALLY trendy right now!!! ROFL! What do y'all think??? I've not heard anyone comment in that direction so I assume y'all are okay with it!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day and I should be back tomorrow night with Part Nine of *Summer Wedding*. I've not had time to work on my bouquet yet!!! I am SOOOO not a florist!!! I do love to arrange flowers, but not sure how they are going to turn out digitally. I shall give it my best and hope they are to your liking!

I am headed to bed so as to be up EARLY in the morning!!! Wait ... it is morning .... okay, I am headed to bed so that I can sleep for 4-5 hours!!!

SWEET DREAMS, G'DAY .... see y'all later!

Linda :)


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