>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of course you are, otherwise you would NOT be here reading my nonsense, right??? I must admit, it's been a busy day with the little guys thus far and I'm, well, TIRED! LOL! The cleanse I'm on is kicking my backside, which is a good thing, just means it's doing it's job!

I would like to take a moment to mention my DEAREST friend Carole Nordyke, whom if y'all remember I was requesting your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes prior to her back surgery this past Friday morning. Carole and I go back 3-1/2 years and speak on the phone nearly every week. She is TRULY one of my dearest Internet friends and I have learned thus far that after her surgery she was sitting up and talking! All VERY good indications of a SMOOTH operation and what I am believing to be a SPEEDY recovery that will allow my dear friend to resume her normal activities and then some! I LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!!!

I would also like to inform all of those who may not already know of the INCREDIBLE outpouring from SCRAPLAND in this MOST needful time for Jazzy (Linda) who is a CT for the INFAMOUS Kim B's Designs. I found out via Ginger's blog, made a trip to Jazzy's blog and read all about the loss of her 16-year-old grandson, Andrew, who had nearly drowned at the age of 4. I was in tears. Jazzy had just lost her daughter, Lori, Andrew's mother, about three months ago while Jazzy herself was in the hospital dealing with health issues. This I had read about on Kim's blog not so long ago when she had created a SPECIAL scrapkit for Jazzy to scrap photos of Lori with for an album.

Andrew required LOTS of SPECIAL care and Jazzy was there to fight the courts to keep him at home where he did INDEED receive that care along with ALL the love one could ever hope for. Andrew passed away in Jazzy's arms. Oh, oh, oh ... I can only imagine the heartache that she must be experiencing. Just breaks my heart.

Anyhoo, if you wish to read what Kim has written on Jazzy's blog, please do so and leave Jazzy some loving words of encouragement, a hug or just say hello and introduce yourself. THANK YOU!

I just LOVE my digital family. There just IS no other one like it and to see SOOOOO many people coming together to assist a digi-sister in her time of need is beyond words for me. SCRAPLAND is the MOST phenomenal network of LOVING and COMASSIONATE women that I've ever encountered and I am EVER thankful for each and EVERY one that is a part of it. If you have not already been and would like to extend your condolences, thoughts and such, please click on Jazzy's blog name to be taken straight over to WORDS TO DELITE. I have not known Jazzy personally and found that she creates BEAUTIFUL word art, so I have linked her here on my blog so that I, as well as y'all, can visit her blog to say hello, enjoy her wit and charm and, of course, her WONDERFUL word art creations!!!

Jesse - I chuckled OUT LOUD, thank you!!!

Shauna - Thank you sweetie. I feel the same way about y'all and LOVE getting to know you personally. I hope to visit your BEAUTIFUL country "down under" one day!!!

Dusty - I am SO happy that your creative block has been broken, WOO HOO!!! Thank you for your sweet comments each time you download. You are your mama's daughter!!! Everyone, I'd like to meet Dusty who is the youngest daughter of my BFF, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon's Design. Dawn has pointed the way for Dusty in digital scrapbooking and the young lady has taken to it like a duck to water. Dusty love, I can't wait to see some of your layouts up yonder in the slideshow!!! Dusty has three GORGEOUS little boys, works part-time with her mom and is also taking the same online college courses as her mom. BUSY, BUSY ladies! You GO girls!

Sharon (Shutterbug) - I am DEFINITELY with you girl!!! Sharon's reply to the question about diamonds being a girl's best friend was as follows: "In real life, I'd probably prefer a dog to diamonds, with the exception of my wedding ring"! I have posted Sharon's reply as that would be just about "word-for-word" my reply!!! Actually, at the moment, I am not wearing a diamond although that will change in the VERY near future!

I think MOST all of us will agree that we LOVE the DIGITAL BLING, but in "real" life, we LOVE our furbabies MORE!!! Now, notice I said MOST of us!!! ROFL! I know that there are some that LOVE their diamonds and that is quite all right! He, he ... just that as one of you mentioned, the dog LOVES you back!!! Good point and well-taken!!!

Phyllis - I hope that ALL is well with you darlin' and that your stay in the hospital was a pleasant one. You can count on my FREEBIES being available for a longtime unless otherwise posted for any one in particular or until I start maxing out my 4-shared account!!! :)

Southern Belle - I am guessing you are Candy!!! Love the layouts and I am looking forward to MORE coming in from ALL of you!!! I know, I'm SUCH a SLAVE DRIVER aren't I??? At least I'm asking you to do something FUN and REWARDING, eh??? He, he ...

Makeyesup - Thank you for the kind words as they are GREATLY appreciated.


Hey, I've posted EARLY today!!! WOWSERS! Better take my temperature, eh? ROTFLMBO!!! Your FREEBIE for today is more BLING for your *Summer Wedding* collection! A HEART-SHAPED diamond frame and a DECO BUTTON - THE BRIDE! Of course you can use these DELIGHTFUL jeweled frames with just about anything you desire to!!!

And just what do you think MIGHT be coming your way tomorrow??? Hmmm .... could I be POINTING you in the RIGHT direction???

Have a SPLENDERFIIC day y'all and I'll see you tomorrow!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


The time is 2:55 pm PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! SCRAP HAPPY darlins'!!! XOXO

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