>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

And one of them is a fairly NEW commercial designer in SCRAPLAND, Brandy O'Neal aka Mega Doodle Inspired!!!

OMGosh, OMGosh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh!!! I just created an alpha for y'all that would have normally taken me between 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete, as I crop and trim each one into a separate PNG file to make it easier for everyone, especially those who do not have a program that allows them to do so. Well, anyhoo, I finished it in just under 30 minutes!!! WOO HOOOOOOOO!!! I am SO thrilled to have FINALLY found an action that works simply and efficiently! I have spent GOOD money on two others that just left me frustrated so I am REALLY excited!!!

Now, for the GOOD news for those of you who are designers, designer wannabe's or for those of you who just like making your own alphas from a designer's papers to coordinate with your layout. Brandy has included a TIMESAVER action in her current GRAG BAG #4 that helps in three different areas. Thus far, I've only used the TRIM AND SAVE MY PNG and it is just FABULOUS, BAR NONE!!! Brandy goes through all of the steps that I normally do on my own, except that she uses the CROP TOOL and I've always used the MARQUEE TOOL, but her way is better and I've learned something new to boot!!! By her incorporating many of my tedious steps into the action, she literally has cut my time to a fraction of what I am used to spending on any given alpha. Hmmmm .... guess ya know what this means, eh??? Uh, huh ... I'll be creating MORE alphas now!!! BTW - this action works for elements as well. Basically any PNG files that you have grouped on one canvas and wish to separate such as ribbons, buttons and such.

The other two TIMESAVERS included in this particular action are one to resize your previews and one to save files in any format you wish to while creating, say, multiple papers within the same workspace, which I do ALL the time! Her instructions are very detailed and explain thoroughly what you need to do for each action. MORE than worth the price tag of $5 FOR SURE and that is not all!!! Brandy has included THREE more actions. One is an ENVELOPE MAKER (I've SO wanted one of these for some time but have not seen one that I've really been thrilled about. Here, Brandy gives the consumer the option of two types of envelopes (one standard and one manilla) and both open and closed. You can make them from any color or any paper. She has EVEN included two grayscale wax seals. Now, I'll tell you a little secret. Brandy sells a wax seal action that if memory servers me correctly, is sold for $5.00. Have I sold you yet??? ROFL! Y'all know I don't do this VERY often, so if I find an ABSOLUTELY incredible bargain, you can bet your SWEET bippy that I am going to share it with you!!! That is ONLY two actions and there are TWO more in GRAB BAG #4!!!

Next up, we have MEGA PAPER ACTION #3. This action will help you to create 12 papers with 7 UNIQUE patterns! And the final action in this SUPERB bag is a PAPER FOLDING action!!! Okay, now I bet you just might wish to know where you can find this SUPER, DUPER, MOST incredible GRAB BAG, eh??? Are you sure? REALLY, REALLY, REALLY??? Okay, I'll point the way. I am going to send you to Brandy's blog, MEGA DOODLE INSPIRED where she tells you ALL about her NEWEST goodies and I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it if you would tell her that I've sent you, okay. She has NOT a clue I'm doing this and we do NOT know each other ..... YET! He, he ... Oh, and you must have PSCS to run these, however, Brandy is working on creating actions for PSE as well!!! WOO HOO!

***If y'all can come back and tell me WHERE Brandy got her designer name from, I'll give you a little EXTRA treat this weekend! I would prefer you tell me here on my blog rather than 4-shared as it is easier for me to keep track! Thanks!***

Remember my *Jeanealogy of a Man* scrapkit??? Well, the ties in that kit were made using another one of Mega Doodle Inspired's GENIUS actions!!! Brandy also makes some NICE preveiw actions for any of you who may not like to or have a difficult time showcasing your papers in a preview. PHEW!!! I'm out of breath!!! ROTFLMBO!!! NOT!!! My fingers hurt!!! Combo of the Fibro thingy and typing this so quickly as to get it posted at a decent time!!!

I hope everyone is having a FUN and PRODUCTIVE week and are winding down for a nice relaxing weekend. LOL! Robert is picking Wyatt and Garret up after work tomorrow and they will be with me for the entire week upcoming so I know I will be ONE tired girl come a week from this Monday!!! I am looking forward to their company as we've not seen them for a while.

Have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY y'all and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL of your WONDERUL lovin' when downloading - it makes me feel SOOOO warm inside and inspires me to keep on creating!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. I've ONLY shared with you the contents of Brandy's grab bag because it has already been revealed at "Strictly Reveal"! I was just over at her blog and she also has a FREEBIE up for any of you PURPLE LOVERS!!! Ten patterned and textured PURPLE papers for FREE. You will be linked over to her store at My Scrap Shop to download. Well worth a moment to register! Okay, I'm finished. Need to hit my OFF button!!! XOXO


The time is 4:15 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! HAPPY FRIDAY y'all!!! XOXO

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