>> Monday, July 28, 2008

He, he ... mornin' y'all!!! I think you know me well enough to know that even if I say I am not going to "say" anything, I certainly shall do so anyhow!!!

I am ONLY halfway through the photos I wish to have scanned for Joan and need to have zipped, uploaded and link sent to her at work tomorrow!!! I am dropping off your buttons for tonight, heading to bed and will be up BRIGHT and EARLY in the morning to SCAN, BABY, SCAN!!!

Thank you for the continuing SWEET comments. I shall address some of them over the next few days as well as work on e-mails. Y'all are just SO kind and I LOVE reading your shares!!! I LOVE y'all!!! MWAH!!!

I would SURE love to see some more layouts gracing OUR slideshow up yonder!!! REMEMBER: they do NOT have to be wedding layouts. Use your imagination and SURPRISE me!!!

I called Joan early in the evening yesterday and she had just finished with her Bridal Shower and was in HIGH spirits. She had her last fitting for her dress on Saturday and finally has been able to pick her flowers. I will share what they are with you tomorrow night when I have a bit more time. Oh my, it is ALL going to be SO beautiful!!!

Tonight's FREEBIE is a DECO BUTTON for "The Rings" and for "The Bridesmaids"! I've created the bridesmaids in both green and brown. Joan's maid of honor and bridesmaids will be in brown but I remember several of you sharing that green was used or is going to be used in your weddings.

While the "rings" look very simplistic, I am embarrassed to say how much time I've actually spent on creating them. The plain band was a no-brainer, however, I may be good at setting diamonds but I've found that I'm not the greatest at cutting them!!! ROFL! I know a setting for a diamond this large would, obviously, need a mounting to hold it but I just could not break away from scanning to get that detailed!!!! I hope the way it is will find itself useful for y'all. I worked and reworked that silly solitaire!!! I LOVE doing this as it causes for me to really use my imagination in recreating things without having them in front of me!!!

Travis and Joan's rings are "white-gold" so I have created these to go along with the pages I will scrap after the wedding. If ANY of you would like to see them in GOLD, please raise your hands WAY UP HIGH so that I can see them - PRETTY please!!! LOL!

My eyes are ready for me to say good night, good morning and may you have a WONDERFUL day, a FABULOUS week and enough creativity to keep you HAPPILY scrapping!!!

Ciao bellas,
Linda :)


The time is 1:15 am PST - link has been checked and is in
proper working order! HAVE an AWESOME week y'all!

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