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ROFL!!! Oh, oh, I could be opening up the proverbial can of worms now couldn't I??? NAH!!! Y'all know me well enough by now, I hope, that I want the truth from you and NOTHING BUT the truth!!!

What am I eluding to you wonder??? Hmmmm .... Has she gone and finally lost her ever lovin' mind??? NOT! Although at times I seriously wonder!!!

For the girl here that does not get out much, I was e-mailed a link by two good friends, one a CT and one a designer to Digi Shop Talk and a thread entitled "Pet Peeve Time". I had a WONDERFUL time reading and replying to a few posts and I have to say, I'm glad it was there as I am sure that MOST all, if not ALL designers TRULY care what their customers think.

So, without any further ado, tell me what your "pet peeves" are in purchasing a scrapkit. Do you struggle with too many download links? Inconsistent file names? Stray pixels? I'm just warming you up, but here is the clencher. I pretty much know what the consumer likes and dislikes but would like to know what I can do to improve YOUR scrapping experience.

One thing I've come to understand is that MOST of you dislike duplicate files, such as previews, anti-piracy notifications (I, personally, do not include these in my scrapkits), TOU's, etc. Now, being that I am giving out a different download nearly everyday as a freebie, I have no choice but to include a preview and a TOU as it might be someone's first time to collect that portion and I'm not really so much talking about FREEBIES as scrapkits for sale. One thing I know that I do is add previews and TOU's into each zip file, however, I am required to do so where I sell my scrapkits.

I don't know about y'all, but when I download scrapkits and/or freebies (I use the zip program built into XP and I LOVE it!) and go to unzip more than one file from the same designer, which is usually the case, it throws me a window asking if I wish to replace the files that are being duplicated. I click on "no" and proceed. In other words, I don't get more than one set of previews, TOU, anti-piracy, blinkie, url, etc. when unzipping my downloaded files.

Okay, I am rambling on and VERY tired to boot so without boring you to tears or sleep, just let me know what you think I might be able to improve upon to make things at your end run more smoothly and I shall read all feedback and then let you know what I am able to do and not.

It is my goal, after my daughter's wedding has come and gone, to start working on tutorials for y'all that will include some basics in digital scrapbooking. These will be to help those of you who are new to achieve a more realistic/professional looking layout and for those of you interested in designing some of your own papers and elements, some basic yet VERY important steps in creating each of those items.

Tonight's freebie is *Summer Wedding*, Part Six!!! Of course, you are not the least bit surprised now are you??? ROFL!

Good night dearest ones, sweet dreams to those bedding down and GOOD MORNING to those up catching the worm!!! YUCK! To those of y'all who are just arising or soon will be - have yourselves a FUN and RELAXING day with those you love!

Linda :)

P.S. I forgot to mention that I appreciate an e-mail if you find anything awry in your downloads. For example, stray pixels, which I work VERY hard to make sure there are not but being human, I miss at some point!!! Also, in the event you find something missing that is in the preview. LOL!!! I have actually put extra goodies in files before and not shown them in the preview so that is almost like an extra surprise I would imagine! Even though these are freebies here on my blog, I still wish to know if I've BOOFED!!! Thank you for your support and continued encouragement via your WONDERFUL comments!!! It really, REALLY does keep me motivated!!! I also thank you for all of the WONDERFUL well-wishes!!! Y'all are just TOOOOOOO sweet! *blush, blush*

Ms. Sandy - HOW exciting to have your layout published in the "ScrapStyle" e-zine!!! I am ABSOLUTLEY honored that you have used one of my scrapkits!!! Thank you and I shall try to remember to go into the store tomorrow to purchase a copy so I can take a peek!!! WOO HOO!!!


The time is 3:15 am PST - link has been tested and is in proper
working order!!! ENJOY!!! XOXO

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