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Sometimes I wonder just HOW much more y'all can take, but seeing as how this IS a tribute to the marriage of my daughter, Joan, I just HAVE to put into it what I hope to scrap with when I return from Washington!

Cathy, I was chuckling when I read your comment asking for a button either plain or with the word "ring bearer". Now, how did you know that was the next one in line for posting??? Hmmm .... reading my mind were you? Or, perhaps I yours? ROFL! Anyhoo, I had just been on David's Bridal website as this is where my daughter has had the girls all order their dresses from and was looking at a photo of a ring bearer and a flower girl! That is where I received the inspiration for adding a BOW TIE to the scheme of things so that it will cover just about every one's needs I hope!

The young male model was sporting a bow tie, which I think is SO adorable on little men! I already have in mind what I wish to do for the flower girl's button and hope to have that one ready for posting in the next day or two. I am sure y'all have figured out by now that I hope to include buttons for all of the HIGHLIGHT moments that one would traditionally find at a wedding!!! If you think towards the end that I have missed anything, please feel free to comment and I shall try my best to oblige your requests! I just ask that they be fairly simple at his juncture as I'm going to have a lot going on prior to our departure two weeks from tomorrow (actually today but I am started posting yesterday!!!).

MICHELLE - would you please e-mail me a photo or a color swatch of the dark and light blue you used at your wedding last month? (lindawalton (at) caltel (dot) com. If I can do some simple recoloring that comes close, I shall try and put a few things together for you. What program are you using? This is all leading up to a question for everyone - how many of you would be interested and/or would benefit greatly from learning how to recolor kit components to your needs? RAISE THOSE HANDS HIGH!!! He, he ... see, I even get y'all to do a little exercise while at the computer!!! LOL! Pre-requisite is using either Adobe Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. If you know your program well, you should be able to adapt some of the things I show you to most any of them.

I forgot to mention anything about Joan's selections for flowers last night. Joan's bouquet will be MOSTLY white flowers with "splashes" of green. She will carry Hydrangea, Roses (mostly white with perhaps a few green ones), a few green Orchids, Bells of Ireland, Freesia as a filler, Hypericum Berry and one other that she mentioned but was not sure what it is called!!!

The girls will carry bouquets of either green roses or green Orchids accompanied by mini-mums and green berries.

The guys will don boutonnieres of either green roses or orchids. All final selections will be based on availability and cost effectiveness!

The table arrangements at the reception will be made with Hydrangeas, Bells of Ireland and Willow Branches.

Now, I am not sure how I will go about trying to put together a bouquet, but I am going to give it a go!

I had given out the Calla Lilies when my daughter had first mentioned them, however, they were not mentioned once after she had met with the florist and we spoke Sunday!

I am going to post a POLL, my first one, tomorrow sometime as to which you'd rather have as I wrap up *Summer Wedding* over the next week or so. I would either like to work on some "scrapatits" (this rather feeds my desperate need to do some scrapping!) or some brag book pages and would like your input. ROFL! Heck, I may do both but will work on the most popular selection first!

Well, the 'ol eyeballs are rebelling so I'd better give in and let them close for the night!!! Take care everyone, have a GRAND day and may you scrap in abundance throughout the upcoming weekend!!!


Linda :)

P.S. A couple of important announcements: I would like to wish my dear and sweet friend, TINK of TINK'S TRIBULATIONS and her WONDERFUL husband, Pan, a VERY Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary. If y'all LOVE a GOOD blog read, Tink's blog is a must!!!

Also, I have a update on my DEAREST friend, Carole Nordyke. Thank y'all for your thoughts, well-wishes and prayers. I spoke with Carole earlier in the day and she sounds WONDERFUL!!! She is getting up and around rather well but has learned that she MUST get LOTS of rest too!!! Carole goes in tomorrow to have her staples removed - all 18 of them as she says!!!


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