>> Friday, August 1, 2008

OMGosh!!! I've been missin' y'all!!! Where is everybody??? It's SOOOOO quiet around here, one could hear a ring drop ... or two ... ROFL!

How is everyone??? ENJOYING the beginning of a GREAT weekend I hope!

I'm just dropping by to give you some goodies and then I am off to bed!!! I've been SO proud of myself the past several nights for actually getting my sorry self under the covers before MIDNIGHT!!! I was up at 6:30 this morning and ALMOST did not know what to do with myself!!!

Any of y'all TWITTER??? You like it? Think it's COOL? Or do you think it's DUMB? Well, I was over at Digital Scrap Connection yesterday and was welcoming some new members when I noticed on one of the designer blogs I was checking out, she TWITTERED!!! Of course, I have seen it around before but have never checked it out. Well, this time I did and I could not resist the temptation to become TWITTERFIED!!! LOL! Just hope no one ever shortens the name and calls us TWITTERS, TWITS! I remember that being a NOT so nice name years ago. Probably means something like, you dummy, so if y'all think TWITTER is DUMB, then I guess it works, eh? Have I lost my ever loving mind??? You be the judge!!! You know what time it is!!! He, he ...

Oh, lookey here at what I have found via a GOOGLEY! "Twit" can mean: A British slang word for an insignificant, foolish or annoying person. NO, NO, NO .... PLEASE! I am a TWITTER, not a TWIT! Annoying on occasion, but NOT insignificant or foolish! Ha, ha, ha .... Be nice! :)

Anyhoo, if you wish to know what I am up to and I've been good about posting to TWITTER, you can check me out over on my sidebar below the Amercian flag!!! TWITTER really is pretty cool. It's almost like a MINI instant message as you can post what you are doing and those following you, can reply! You can TWITTER from your IM on out on the town with your mobile phone!!!

The boys are all headed up the hill to have their measurements taken for their suit rentals from Mr. Formal in Vancouver. Joan is NOT missing a trick and will make sure that everything is in order! I have an appointment to have my hair cut and styled next Thursday. This girl has not been through salon doors in well over a decade!!! Robert usually cuts my hair, but I've been wanting to do something different for some time now and what better time than the present??? Wish me luck! Krista is the name of the young lady who's hands will, hopefully, be performing some magic on me!!! ROFL!

I'm having a difficult time now remembering what I've already told you here and what I've posted to TWITTER!!! He, he ... well, just in case, Joan informed me that the guys are ALL (including the groom and his posse) wearing black slacks, black jackets, BROWN vests and ties! So, I've created some MORE buttons to coordinate with my scheme and will post those tomorrow. I'm thinking that I ought to include some with GREEN ties as well - whatcha think???

Tonight's goodies include two more buttons - both HUSBAND and WIFE with the set of wedding rings now intertwined, of course, representing that the TWO have become ONE! One with white-gold rings and the other with gold. I've also created a couple of "word arts" for lack of a better term, but not really. You will find, "Follow Your Heart" and "Always and Forever". I've left them plain so that y'all can embellish them as you wish. You can even cut the words apart for custom placement on your layouts.

Somebody asked me, I am thinking it was Nancy but I may be WAY off, what the name of the font is that I've been using for the DECO BUTTONS. Don't laugh, but as soon as I typed a word out with it I knew it was the one!!! It is called, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ROFL! None of the "wedding-ish" fonts I normally use would do and I just LOVE the way this one flows, don't you?

I am still going to include another alpha. I have so many things running around in my head and I'm hoping to be able to create what I envision myself. I know that I'm going to really be challenged with flowers and I may just end up doing a bouqet of roses. I don't have access to photograph any of the others Joan is using and will try to look around to see if I can find some made commercially if I have some time to do so. My brain is on overload, so if y'all have any ideas on that, I shall greatly appreciate them.

PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL ON MY SIDEBAR!!! Are there ONLY 25 of you interested in some quick pages to make albums with??? The poll is open until noon tomorrow (Saturday), however, if I miss Maria's pick up tonight, then I will extend it through the entire day tomorrow. I wish to get started on them now so they will all be finished before we leave for Washington. THANK YOU!!!

I still have LOTS of buttons to make as well and those will come to you as I am able to get them finished! I can't wait to scrap Travis and Joan's wedding photos!!! Right now, I am trying to figure out how I am going to manage taking photos!!! I did so at my oldest daughter's wedding so I am sure I'll figure it all out when I get situated. LOL!

SANDY dearest, if you see this by chance, I just purchased the 3S Scrap Style E-zine (June/July) so that I can take a look at those layouts you told me about FOREVER ago! Thanks for being SO patient with me!

Thank you for your continued support of my designs y'all - means A LOT to me! I will start working on some NEW goodies when we return from Washington.


Love and hugs,
Linda :)


The time is 1:45 am PST - link has been checked and is in
proper working order! PLEASE - don't forget to vote in the
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