>> Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ROTFLMBO!!! NOT! I come bearing MORE buttons in brown, green and black and tomorrow I will have for you a couple of NEW buttons. I have already created THE VOWS and I am hoping for some "smooth" design time tomorrow so that I can work on the THE FLOWER GIRL and to get started on the the "wedding bouquet". I'm not sure yet whether I will actually create a bouquet, depends on the availability of MOJO and finding the right greenery. I SO wish we had a floral shop here in town so I could take some photos!!! I do, however, have some WONDERFUL photos sent to me by Sharon before she left for Ireland. THANK YOU SHARON! Hey, you are back, aren't you??? Do we get to see some photos of Ireland??? Pretty please!!!

My post is brief tonight (you don't really believe that do you?) as I'm really rather uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time today. I'm just not understanding this constant battle with bloating. Everything I eat is healthy, unprocessed and unrefined and I've even been cleansing. At this point, I can't help but feel it is just hormonal imbalance and the slow down of estrogen production.

At the recommendation of a GOOD friend, I have started taking Estroven in hopes that it will help to relieve some of the effects of the lack of estrogen production. I'm ALL ears, or in this case, EYES, if anyone has something to share that has worked for them ASIDE from HRT's. Thank you in advance! I just LOVE it when y'all share yourselves!!! The wonderment of SISTERHOOD - I LOVE IT!

I have recently received more blog awards and tags, which I simply do not have time to post at this time. I am MOST honored and hope to get those passed along as quickly as possible. The TAGS, however, are numerous and I've not yet created my "TAG FREE ZONE" blinkie to post at the top of my blog - ROFL! So, I thought what I would do really quick is to thank the ladies who have tagged me over the past few days and I will post here tonight 7 things about myself that may be random and/or weird!!! (I'll let y'all be the judges of that!!!)

1. I ABSOLUTELY love buttermilk, although I do not drink it but on a VERY rare occasion anymore due to the fat content! Oh, and I have put numerous things into a glass of ice cold buttermilk throughout my lifetime. Having been raised on buttermilk and cornbread, if I don't have cornbread handy, I have been known to fill my glass with popcorn (light) or Frito's corn chips! Now you know why I don't indulge but once every year or two - VERY fattening!!!

2. I homeschooled ALL six of my children for six years. I received the BEST education of a lifetime and would JOYFULLY do it all over again. Uhm .... as long as I could be the same age again!!! LOL!

3. I come from a family of prolific writers and hope one day to actually write that book that so many have told me I should!

4. I have NEVER been a bridesmaid or maid/maton of honor! Now that right there is WEIRD, eh??? :) The reasons are all logical if you have the facts! LOL!

5. I have ten siblings, but am an only child from the union of my mother and father!

6. I LOVE to write poetry, but it comes in seasons and I've been in a dry season now for a couple of years. Either that or preoccupied with everything digi!

7. I was going to college to become a computer programmer back in the latter 70's but hung that up when called to motherhood!!! Programmed the kids instead!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I mean, raised them up and, hopefully, taught them a thing or two, however, I think the roles have reversed as I now learn SO much from them!!! They are ALL wonderful human beings!

I was tagged by Brandy (Mega Doodle Inspired) and Anna (Delicous Scraps), both of whom I have linked on my sidebar as WONDERFUL designer resources as they both offer AWESOME commercial-use goodies as well as goodies for ALL of us DIGI-SCRAPPERS! Thanks ladies - y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! (UPDATE: I've just been to BOTH of these blogs and WOW, have I been missing!!! Head on over as they BOTH have LOTS of goodies for the downloading and Brandy has some COOL new designer help actions in her stores as well as her GENEROUS freebies. If you LOVE bling, then Anna will have you WELL stocked in NO time)

Dear Ms. Kyra, Vicki, and Lisa ... I shall address the WONDERFUL awards you have presented me with sometime this week, God willing!

Patti - I have already received the Brillante Blog Award and have failed to post it, so I apologize for that and I thank you from the heart for nominating me! I SO miss your layouts!!! EVERYBODY - if you wish some INCREDIBLE inspiration for HERITAGE layouts, you will HAVE to check out Patti's blog, Reflections of NW Lady! Patti's work would beckon to me in the gallery at 3S!!! I knew her work so well just by it's appearance, but would linger getting all caught up in her FABULOUS journaling and latest Photoshop techniques!!!


I would like to thank y'all for reading the italic post script at the bottom of my last post!!! I am in AWE and wish you to know how much easier it is for me to respond when you post your comments here on my blog. Sometimes I am unable to get to the 4-shared comments for several days and it REALLY, REALLY helps to keep me inspired and motivated to keep on creating and sharing! THANK YOU! I love y'all!!!

NANCY - the only regret I have had in using the HAPPY BIRTHDAY font is with the letter "r". Each word I have created using that letter has had to be altered to avoid an unsightly jag in the upswing leading to the top of the letter. BTW - you are a HOOT girl! Just read your comment about the 18k gold rings!!! And how do you know that I did NOT bring out my teeny-tiny paint brush??? LOL! MWAH!

MUM005 - that is WAY too cool about the chocolate satin dresses. I do believe that is what Joan's bridesmaids are wearing as well! How YUMMY! Hope to see some of those layouts!!!

NANCY ANN - thank you to Beth who asked me to check the link to my last download! Bless your heart and thank you for such a LOVELY and HEARTFELT comment. It is for the VERY reason that you have described that I remain SO passionate about sharing my designs. MWAH!

BETH - the link is lagging a bit but it is working! Gotta LOVE 4-shared, I'd be lost without them at the moment! Oh, and I ALMOST posted a bit of a tutorial for y'all on how to recolor the buttons, only it would also recolor the gold trim around the word art so I did not. I am going to be working on some video tutorials after I return from Washington, which will be for PSCS/PSE. I will give some guidance on this in the next day or two. I could kick myself for not tagging my posts as I've given a tutorial on this quite some time ago. I shall try to locate it and tag it under tutorials!

KARYN - LOL! That makes two of us in need of a NEW EHD!!! I've just about maxxed out my second one! HELP!

LARA - WELCOME to SCRAPLAND and to the world of the digitally addicted! Thank you SO much for sharing with me/us. I am quite honored that you will be getting those PRICELESS memories "out of the box" and into an album using *Summer Wedding*!!! Please share with us!

GINNIE - I WELCOME you to SCRAPLAND as well and BRAVO on the video tutorials!!! If you have any questions about anything, please ask and I shall help in any way I am able. My heart has always been for NEWBIES and I strive to make it a successful experience for all that I can. I can't wait to see your FIRST layout girl! Let me know and I would LOVE to post it here for you. Thank you for sharing and for the VERY kind words.

MARY LOU - thank you! Are you wishing the tuxedo portion to be the same color brown? I can whip those up, no problem. Let me know below tonight's post.

This also brings about a little something that just might turn out to be my VERY first "commercial-use" freebie!!! STAY-TUNED y'all!!!

ELIZABETH - LOL!!! Hmmm ... are we dating ourselves! My ex-husband and I were married in baby blue. I shall have to post a layout I did a few years ago, but I'm not sure whether that shows my baby blue fingernail polish and eyeshadow!!! What was I thinking??? Uhm .... I was only 22, that explains it!!! LOL!

CAROLYN - getting notification in our inboxes is a BIG reason why I prefer comments on my blog rather than 4-shared. I actually see each e-mail and who it is from as it comes in if I am sitting at the computer. It really does help me in preparing my blog post without having to take a considerable amount of time going back and forth from site-to-site! I appreciate your input - thank you!

I am OVERWHELMED with how many of you are going to be using *Summer Wedding* for scrapping your OWN weddings or those of your LOVED ones!!! WOW, my boys will REALLY have to "eat crow" now over their disapproval of their sister's choice of colors!!! I am LOVIN' this!!! Not sure about the "crow"!!! LOL!

Thank you SO very much for you continued support and encouragement, it TRULY means a lot!!!

Love to all,

P.S. I hope that y'all continue to post here on my blog. As you can see, it makes it much easier for me to keep up with you and to answer any questions or requests. Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! THANK YOU!!! XOXO


The time is 11:00 pm PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Have a GORGEOUS day y'all!!!

Reminder: the Ring Bearer buttons in this download are
to replace the originals due to my spelling it as one word
rather than the correct way, which is two! Silly me!

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