>> Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hellooooooooooooooo everybody!!! I cannot tell you JUST how excited I am getting as the hours pass by quickly and we are ON the road in 4-1/2 hours and headed NORTH to Vancouver (Washington!).

I am SO thrilled to bring you my SECOND commercial-use item, which I hinted at several days ago. Now these LOVELY toasting glasses, as I have named them since they are etched with the words, BRIDE and GROOM, can be used in ANY way you wish (just don't claim them as your own and don't forget to read my VERY user-friendly TOU which also has instructions for newbies). I have included two "fluid" (LOL! - didn't know what else to call them!) templates for you to customize with your favorite beverage.

BE CREATIVE! Add a glitter style, a filter, recolor, run an action or MAKE bubbles!!! You will notice a slight improvement in these individual glasses as I have added an extra piece to the top to give them a more 3-dimensional appearance.

I have added my blog link to the TOU - thank you RAGAN for catching that for me and commenting!!! I was on my way back in to do so and got TOTALLY sidetracked!!! WHO? ME??? Of course!

BTW - Since I mentioned Ragan's name, I have just added her blinkie to my sidebar! Ragan is a SAHM, now WAHM who has recently started a blog designing business and she ... well ... uhm ... SHE ROCKS!!! Go take a peek and see for yourself! I am REALLY excited as well because Ragan thinks enough of my designs to have asked if she may use them for clients to choose from for her to do her INCREDIBLE magic in giving them a TOTALLY customized blog presence to reflect their business, their families and so on!!! Well, I shant ramble on any more, just GO SEE RAGAN! LOL! Oh, and tell her I sent you, K? THANK YOU!

Well, I'd better get this posted and get my bootsky in gear so the caravan leaves on time! I am not only excited to be attending my daughter's wedding and getting to hear my olderst daughter sing, but I will be on the road with Kaleb love and we will all be staying together so I shall get some GOOD quality Grandma time in as well! Yes, I will post pictures as time allows!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of the WONDERFUL well-wishes, prayers and hopes for safe travels. Y'all are SO special and really know how to SHOW ME THE LOVE!!!

I shall miss you, but then you might not even think I had left if I come and visit you late at night while the boys are all down in the media room gaming!!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone and BE INSPIRED!

Much love and some BIG 'ol hugs (yes "old" because I am! - NOT!),
Linda :) "mwah"


The time is 1:35 pm PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! I hope y'all ENJOY these and I'd
LOVE to see how you use them! Thank you for posting
your comments here on my blog - you are WONDERFUL!
If you have any questions, please post here as well as I 'm
not sure that I will be able to access my e-mail while away.

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