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Robert and I just returned from a WONDERFUL barbecue with my son, Luke and his roommate, Aaron and family that were able to make it. We live in a SMALL town so, although we don't see Aaron's family often, we ALL know each other and had a GOOD time socializing and sharing family stories! Boy, do we ALL have some men that can COOK!!! WOO HOO!!!

I have watched a daughter get married, a son leave home and am about to watch the last two leave as well all in the matter of a week's time. Bittersweet comes to mind! With eleven children between us, Robert and I are ready for some alone time!!! You know, a quiet house ... just the two of us. Oh, be still my heart ... I am tearing up as I type. It's been a LONG road with my boys and while I am somewhat sad to see them all leaving the nest, I am EVER joyful that they are moving on with their lives and in a positive manner!

Carole, my dear sweet friend, THANK YOU so much for reaffirming to me the fact that a GREAT part of who my boys are is from me and the fact that I've ALWAYS been here for them through the good and the bad, thick and thin, will be something they will be thankful for down the road. I have learned over the years that the male gender takes a bit longer to work through childhood issues than does the female gender! From my own findings, I'd say right around the mid-thirties is the MAGIC age for the lights to go on!!!

I am sure that there are some of you here in SCRAPLAND that have raised children on your own and while it can surely be exasperating at times, the REWARD of watching them spread their wings and fly safely from the nest is immeasurable! LOL! I can't help but chuckle in that half of them are not having to fly far!!! My girls are both in Washington, however, my four boys will all be close enough to visit on weekends. :) Go figure as it is typically the boys that need Mama's assistance more often than the girls!

My oldest son, who moved back home over a year and a half ago, will soon be moving into the home we just came from with his brother, Luke, for which I am SO thrilled. Not just because I feel that at the age of nearly 26 he needs to be on his own, but because he will still be nearby and living with one of his younger twin brothers! It is SO difficult for the younger generation today to move out on their own without having to have seveal roommates to help share the expenses. Luke and Aaron both work together and have been friends for MANY years. Matt works down the street from where they work and they ALL three live close enough to their jobs that they can walk or ride a bike if the need ever arise! Luke and Aaron were even discussing the possibility of the both jogging to work but then laughed and admitted that they are TOO lazy that early in the morning!!! Their job is VERY physical anyhow, so no biggie!

I had such a FABULOUS time just observing and listening to the boys tonight! Luke would not let me do a thing, but I snuck in and cleaned the kitchen while he was still outside entertaining guests!!! I WILL miss my son yet I am SO very HAPPY and SO very PROUD of him for making up his mind SO quickly and for following through with it. He is TICKLED .... er, uhm ... BLUE!

I apoligize if I'm babbling on ... I had not intended to talk about this evening, but my fingers wouldn't have it any other way!!! ROTFLMBO!!! Now you just KNOW that I will LOVE to hear any of your "empty nest" stories, right??? Uh, huh!!! I'm ALL eyes!!! MWAH!

Please find below, Sandy's BEAUTIFUL brag book pages number five and six from *Summer Wedding* and a couple of photos of Zeke missing his boys and Robert and Luke in Luke's new home. Have a SUPER SUNDAY y'all!!!

Linda :)

Zeke waiting for one of the boys to call! He, he ... I was
actually sitting right next to him watching the Olympics
with one of the boys, looked over and found him fast asleep
on the phone which I had set down beside me! SO sweet!

I snagged a few pics on our way out. This is Luke and
MY Robert in Luke and Aaron's living room! I was SO amazed
to see how nicely
this house was decorated for a couple of
young men
living here! TOUCHE'!

NICE kitchen too! LOVE the counter and tiled backsplashes!
Wanna trade houses Luke??? ROFL!
Robert and Luke
looking handsome!


The time is 1:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! I have downloaded and unzipped
this file and it WORKS y'all!!! Not sure what happened
yesterday, but still think it was a HITCH or HICCUP in
4-Shared :) Thanks for your patience!

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