>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OMGosh!!! I would LOVE to say that I danced my butt off at Travis and Joan's wedding reception, however, IT followed me home so that would be a FALSE statement!!! ROFL!

Nancy, you attended your nephew's wedding this past weekend as well - did you overdo???

I SO badly wanted to accomplish something yesterday and to post more photos, but I simply could not! NO energy, but then it turns out to be that LOVELY time of the month on top of everything else. I was SO delighted that I was spared until AFTER the wedding!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL of your INCREDIBLE support, well-wishes and LOVING COMMENTS! I .... AM ..... OVERWHELMED!!! However, VERY nicely so! Y'all are just THE SWEETEST and I wish you could have been there, but you were in spirit!

A few things I wanted to note Monday night but was too tired to do so:

I was not able to gain Internet access on our laptop and did not have time to try and figure out why not, so I was only able to post to Twitter after arriving on Monday! Y'all were SORELY missed and I was kept VERY busy!!!

The other obstacle was a quirky mishap with my camera's media cards. VERY strange this was and I am still mystified!!! Joan and Travis gave me their camera to take photos with and rather than trying to use both their's and mine, I decided to use their's since it was the same make only TONS better quality - or so I thought!!! LOL!

Travis had extra batteries, filters and one media card already loaded and ready-to-go. I had two media cards from my camera and with the laptop in hand was prepared to download when I'd filled all three of them up. I took photos of Joan throughout the day before the wedding including rehearsal and reahearsal dinner. On the day of the wedding, I took photos in the Presdiential Suite at the Hilton, which was directly across the street from the park they were to be married in. Travis surprised Joan with the Presidential Suite as he is a GRAND barterer and with some pretty impressive connections, secured that room for less than one might spend on a regular room at an upscale hotel just about anywhere!!!

Anyhoo, I snapped lots of photos of the girls all getting their hair and makeup done and putting their dresses on and such. I then snapped a few right before the ceremony, which is one of the ones that I am in with all six of my babies. I then walked across the street and made it just in time to capture the bride being walked down the aisle and to the alter!

I went back to the Hilton after the wedding for family photos to be taken by Rebecca, the wedding photographer and followed her around a bit and snapped away some more. We then headed to the reception where I immediately began to download so that all cards would be empty. I was SO bummed to find that each card when put back into the camera was still reading as a FULL card. I tried several times to correct the situation, but to no avail. At this point, I was getting the message LOUD and CLEAR - ENJOY your daughter's wedding!!! He, he ... Rebecca was such a sweetheart and told me not to worry about it. I am SO hoping for photos on a CD/DVD!!! WOO HOO!

So, the reason the photo below is blurry - I used a camera I was not familiar with that had an incredible 10x optical zoom, but for some reason, DITZO here could not figure out how to make them appear focused!

I shall now have to wait until I get photos from Rebecca to scrap The First Dance, The Toast, The Cake, etc!!!

Baci e abbracci mi amicas,
Linda :)




The time is 12:35 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! I would like to thank Sandy Coggins
for her heartfelt gift of brag book pages for me to scrap some
of my daughter's wedding photos with! Sandy does awesome
work and I am hoping that she will let me share them with
y'all!!! PRETTY PLEASE Ms. Sandy! She SO rocks and so
do y'all!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE for your lovin'! XOXO

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