>> Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Firstly, I would like to thank you ALL for such LOVELY comments and making me feel comfy in the commercial-use arena!!! I hope to gift you with a few more VERY soon! And you can bet your SWEET BIPPY that my camera will be honing in on NEW textures. Hmmm ... wonder what I shall find in Washington???

I am WAY behind schedule and am simply dropping off tonight's DELIGHTS!!! These are for "personal-use, scrap-for-hire/scrap-for-others" use ONLY until I am able to have an opportunity to make sure that making one or ALL of them a CU item is permissible by the designers whose resources I have used. I shall be able to give you the wine/champagne glasses as a commercial-use item and may do so tomorrow night and they will be single glasses rather than the two attached "toasting" glasses so that you may do with them whatever you like, except claim them as your own of course! LOL! But then, I know y'all respect the hard work of designers and that is why I shall be revamping my TOU's, making them MUCH more USER-FRIENDLY!

DEAREST COLETTE - cheeky is GOOD! LOL! One must admire one who is able to speak up and make her/his desires known!!! Okay, who let you into MY mind today??? Hmmmm??? I was just sitting here last night saying to myself that since I am going to be SO consumed with preparations for our trip and then the wedding itself, that I ought to give out some of the embellishments used in the buttons so that y'all can be creative and use them to suit your OWN needs and tastes! SO .... VOILA .... tonight you are receiving two versions of the wedding cake; one with flowers and ribbon on top and the other without so that you can decorate to your liking. You are receiving the BRIDE and GROOM toasting glasses filled with champagne, Martinelli's or your choice of beverage AND you are also receiving both the GOLD and WHITE-GOLD wedding rings. The ring files have been specified as 18K - this is in HONOR of my DEAR friend Nancy from Conneticut!!! Thanks Nancy as it really gives them a little more class, eh? *wink*

ENJOY *Summer Wedding, #25* y'all and I sure would LOVE to see some MORE of your MASTERPIECES added to the slide show whilst I am away!!! I am taking Robert's laptop with us so I am HOPING to have a few minutes here and there to keep up with y'all and to post a few things for you from our destination - BEAUTIFUL Vancouver, Washington!!! I'm getting SO excited now!!! Spoke with the bride-to-be earlier in the day and she sounds SO good, calm and relaxed!!! Guess who will fall apart??? MOI? NAH ... I'll just simply MELT! LOL!

Night all and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and keep SCRAPPIN' HAPPY!!!

Linda :)

P.S. Mary Lou and Beth, I've NOT forgotten you, but will have to catch up when I return. Thank you again for being so patient!


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